Beer and .....More Beer

The Rain that he fear would pickup had arrived, and was now falling down in sheets soaking him to the bone, it was uncomfortable, but not an uncommon problem 'Figures' he thought while reaching and zipping up his coat, and pulling on a pair of wrap around shades to keep the rain from blinding him.. then he spotted the store, your standard stop and rob..
'any port in a storm' he thought and pulled in..

pulling his huge motorcycle along side the sleek ride parked out front 'is that a fucking Astin Martin?' he said and killed the engine..

"I must be in the wrong part of town" he muttered to himself..

push both doors open he strode into the store, hair slicked down and blown about making him look like some kind of wild-man.. he pushed his shades up and scanned the store..

Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon stood at the beer section with the glass door open, perusing the labels. What little rain had gotten on him had darkened the shoulders of his leather jacket. He heard the tell tale jingle of the door signaling that someone had just walked in. He stiffened. Turning his head to the side, he saw the large man who had come in and had zero doubts that he was a vampire.

'Great. A newcomer,' he said softly. Simon made a selection, a dark ale, and slammed the glass door, letting his presence be known.
Talon 19 years ago
The store was everything he expected, except he could sense ther Vampires here.. like the one slamming the the beer cooler door..
he took a second to size him up, then walked over to the cooler as well, standing there in front of the the cooler and near the vampire.. waiting to see how he would react to his presence.. and to get near the beer which was his real target..
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon watched the other vampire walk towards him and the beer selection. Waiting, he relaxed but looked the vampire in the eyes as he approached. He's beefy, was the first thing that Simon thought and he smiled. He hoped his smile was as disarming as it seemed. Simon wasn't much for immediate confrontation like Ellis was. He really just wanted some beer.

Simon stepped back and gave the vampire a wide berth to choose his selection of beer from. He looked at the newcomer. He was, for lack of a better description, fucking huge. He guessed his weight at approximately 400 pounds, if not more and it was all muscle. This one's age, however, was probably close to his own. He would be a formidable opponent. Simon decided that tonight would not be the night to find out.

With a polite nod, 'Evening.'
Talon 19 years ago
He regarded the Vampire for another moment and then turned his attention to the case, he opened the door and ulled a pack of Fosters from ner the back, 'ahh.. nice and cold'..

"Evening" he replied. then continued "hows it going," he replied while casually searching the mans face for some hint to his origins..
finding nothing directly discrenable he relaxed his shoulders and made sure his posture was neutral.. beer tucked under one arm
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon nodded. 'You're new in town.' He looked at the beast, from head to toe. Clearly he was near ancient like Simon and didnt look the business type. Ahh, Simon thought, must be one of Anantya's new crop that just came into town. Although he was confused as to why Anantya would incorporate such an obvious hunter. He wagered he'd do well for their hunting order, but would be more suited for Tacharan, at least physcially. Simon wondered how firm this one's loyalites were.

With a slight nod of his head he introduced himself. 'I am Simon Huntington, of Clan Tacharan. I would imagine you have heard about us by now. We're considered...' Simon paused, searching for the correct phrase, 'the 'uncivilized' ranks of our nation here in Nachton. Are you aware of the other clans in the city, brother?' Simon grinned slowly. 'We're an interesting bunch, us Nachton Vampires.'
Talon 19 years ago
Talon regarded the other Vampire, 'he's open and straight forward, good.. the last thing i want to do right now is play word games.. seems like an okay guy.. ' "heh, nice ta meet ya Simon, Names Talon...of Anantya.." he shifted the beer out from under his arm and offered his hand..

"Yeah I know all about you guys.. some of the best parties I've been to have been Tacky ones.. but I hear Nachtons like a little slice of Fang-face heaven"
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon laughed and reached out, shaking Talon's offered hand. He silently thanked whomever that Ellis wasn't here, she would've tried...something. Simon mentally rolled his eyes. 'Nachton's...interesting, yes. Have you been to the clubs yet? There are 2 major ones. Club Eternity, which is frequented by more Evenhet and Anantya and then there's House of Pain.' Simon looked at the 6'8 beast and chuckled. 'I'm wagering you might like the latter more.'

Simon moved towards the cashier and paid for his ale. 'I'll be there later, if you like, you could come as my guest. Meet the rest of, as it were.' He pocketed his change and nodded at the blank faced attendant. 'Ellis should be there later as well.' He grinned just then, wondering how Ellis would react to such a Tacharan-ish Anantya. Oh yeah, he was looking forward to it.
Talon 19 years ago
Talon shook the man's hand 'good grip, those are a warriors hands' he noted to himself..
when he walked off Talon waited a few seconds for him to conclude his buisness, so not to appear to be right on his back.. then approached the clerk to check out as well..

"Sounds good, I'm always up for a party.. where do I find the place?"

he paid the clerk, the just for fun he reached over the counter and roared in the clerks now stunned face "GIMME A JELLY DONUT! ...TO GO!" then released the man and bellowed out a huge gut shaking laugh, and walked twords the door.
Simon Huntington 19 years ago
Simon stiffled a snort as he watched Talon scare the clerk. Half laughing, 'House of pain is east of downtown, that large gray building that looks abandoned. Its a free for all vampire club so the entrance is underground and the main floor is 20 floors up. Are you familiar with the Sewers yet? There are markings down there and guards at the entrance but just tell them Simon sent you.'

Holding the door open Simon looked out and saw that the rain had tapered off. He continued, 'There's an elevator bank at the bottom that'll take you straight up but be wary of leaving the main floor for your first night. Like I said, its free for all and you'll notice more younger, reckless vampires. Not that I dont think you can handle yourself, but the ancient right to kill humans is an old law that holds no weight...for some. See you later, Talon of Anantya.'

With a nod, Simon walked out into the night.

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Clerk 19 years ago
The clerk looked up at the large man and blankly handed him his change and then...


The clerk was nearly startled out of his poor wits. He dropped the bag in his hand and took an involuntary step backwards. Jelly donut... jelly donut...

He went over to the case all the while muttering in his head. [I don't need this shit. The pay is lousy and the customers... some were just plain scary. His father had wanted him to get a job and pay for his car. The bus was looking better and better all the time.

Damn it! What kind of jelly donut?!?

"S..Sir.. w..what kind of jelly would you like?" The clerk clamped his mouth shut. Did he just stammer? Man, he hated this place.
Talon 19 years ago
Talon watched the color drain from the clerks face, for a moment he almost felt bad for the guy..

"S..Sir.. w..what kind of jelly would you like?"

e thought about this for a moment and then with an evil grin said
"Fig" knowing full well they wouldn't have anything so silly as a fig flavored jelly donut...

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Clerk 19 years ago
Fig... that does it.. he was getting another job! Removing the expression from his face lest he be complained about later. The clerk said in as polite a voice as he could manage.

"Sir, we don't have fig."

Why must the always want to mess with the cashiers? Did he go to their job and harass them? No.. of course not, well.. maybe but this guy.. He looked like a wrestler or a bouncer at some bar. Not the kind anyone with any sense would mess with.

He picked up a reasonably clean rag and began to wipe of the counter, waiting for the large man to leave.
Talon 19 years ago
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