In and out..

Finally! Amberelle breathed a sigh of relief when she pulled into the parking lot. Louis' constant cries as he paced around on the seat beside her turning little circles was starting to really get to her. OK OK.. enough already! Hopefully this one will have the brand you like. Stay put! 'Yeah like HE will get out in this pouring rain if he doesn't have to.' she grumbled to herself and climbed out quickly, dashing inside the store. Just inside she stopped and shook and brushed off the rain. Her hair was a mess now, damp and starting to curl some from the humidity. She brushed it back over her shoulders and pulled all of the clinging strands off her arms and face. Humming softly to herself she started down the aisles looking first for the elusive cat food for her pet then after victory she made her way to the candy aisle to stock up.

Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Perusing the chocolate confections before her, she didn' glance up when the door chimed softly that someone had entered.. but the initial rush of fresh air billowing in wafed her way, carrying the rich musk of the giant that had entered. Her nostrils flared wide, sniffing. Recognizing the scent vaguely, she glanced up and stiffened when she spied Talon glancing around. She quickly ducked and crouched as he made his way towards the coolers on the store's side. Quietly she picked up the small bag of cat food beside her and moved to the front counter, throwing some money at the clerk with a glare that spoke her hurry. She stood there wanting to strangle him as he slowly scanned and rescanned the bag with loud beep-beep-beeps until a responding boop came from the register and he finished the sale. Spinning on one heel she strode out of the store in fast long strides, clicking her remote to start the car before she was even half out the swooshing doors. She didn;t know if he'd seen her, she wasn;t looking back to find out.. The engine roared and came to life under her foot as she backed out and sped onto the highway.

((Amby out!))