Xeph's Rooms

One might think that being the Alpha of the Kadzait has its perks, but if that's the case, you couldn't tell by looking at Xeph's rooms. Tucked near the front of the Den out of convenience, the only concession Xeph has made to his status has been to appropriate one of the upper-level rooms with many skylights.

Upon entering from the hallway, you will find yourself in a rather spartan environment, though not unattractive. Wood floors are polished to a soft golden glow, with area rugs in deep blue here and there. The walls are adorned with various posters, most in simple frames to keep them neat, all vintage rock posters from the 60's and 70s. A comfortable couch sits along one wall, opposite an entertainment center complete with TV, DVD, and several game systems. There's a desk in one corner with a personal computer on it, and a recliner on the far wall.

Behind the living room is a dining area, with a small circular table and four chairs, a wooden cabinet, and a set of shelves that holds a few ancient-looking plates with faded decorations on them. A set of sliding glass doors leads to a balcony, and the doors are covered by a set of blinds. A kitchen is off the dining room, but is oddly devoid of anything but the very basics; knives and a few pots, some measuring cups and spoons. The refrigerator holds the occasional thawing steak, or sushi-grade fish. There are a few snack items and munchies.

A hallway between the living room and dining room leads to the back of Xeph's suite. There's a closet in the hallway where basic cleaning supplies are stored, as well as a washer and dryer. At the back of the suite is a master bedroom and a full bathroom. The bedroom is fairly small and appears far less lived-in than the living room. The full-sized bed is an afterthought more than anything, a mattress on a very low platform in the corner beneath a skylight. The bed is no more than 6 inches above the ground, and the covers always seem rumpled. Another desk stays against the far wall as you enter, this one covered with paperwork and writing utensils, a small desk lamp atop it.

Xeph's rooms are spare, and it is obvious that his lifestyle leaves him little opportunity to really spend much time here. The skylights in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom seem to have been the main attraction for him to choose this set of rooms as his own. The front door, most will find, is always unlocked and is often open, save for the few hours a night Xeph reserves for what passes as sleep. At that point the door remains closed and locked, leaving any passers-by to wonder at the noises within.