Xeph's Office (description)

The sign on the door says 'Aidan Xephier, DVM, MD, PhD.' Xeph has tried to take measures to get rid of the fancy etchings so that one might only see 'Xeph' on the door but so far all that's gotten him is a good deal of permanent sharpie marker scribbling that just seems to make a mess, and a bit of duct tape here and there.

It isn't that the Kadzait Alpha is incompetent, so much as the Kadzait Alpha has a way of ignoring convention and doing things his way. His students might see it as an indicator of his sense of humor; Hammerthynn might roll his eyes; Lily would most certainly chide him for his sloppiness, but Xeph insists that the scribbles remain, and has considered trying to add some white-out to the mix as well.

Inside the office, however, a lovely corner space at the top of the Stafford Academy, everything is meticulously arranged. Xeph teaches biology, which is quite apparent by the selection of books on the wall-to-wall shelves. They span every possible subfield of biology; although Xeph himself doesn't teach such classes, and the Academy doesn't ncessarily offer those courses, Xeph is a knowledge addict and figures it should be available to anyone who comes looking.

Several plastic skeletons are spaced between the shelves where they can fit. Two are of the human body - one musculo-skeletal, and the other simply skeletal. One is obviously a small feline of some sort, and the last a representation of a wolf. All of them have movable and removable parts, perfect for teaching. If they sometimes end up in odd positions with bones and joints out of place, Xeph is quick to blame gremlins.

Xeph's office is open to anyone when he's in, but he is generally more often to be found beneath the Academy in the Hall. However, if he is in his office, the stereo on one of the shelves by the large desk will be on and the strains of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, or the Moody Blues will be floating out towards the hallway.