Back in Eternity (attn. Panos)

Pulling up in front of Club Eternity, Älex parked her car in one of the private spots, looking over at Panos she gave him a weak smile, they had to talk, she had to tell him about Sam.. she had no idea how he would react to it.. reaching for her purse which was laying on the tiny backseat she opened the cardoor.

"Ready to go?"

Taking hold of his arm she headed to the door, smiling at the bouncer they made their way inside, heading straight for the bar she spoke to the barman for a moment, blowing him a kiss as he handed her the keys to one of the backrooms she turned back to Panos.

"Would you like anything to drink before we head there? dance? I just want to find somewhere quiet to talk, I think we have a lot of catching up to do"

She could tell he was tense from his body language and the look on his face, he probably wanted to know who the him was she mentioned when they left the museum, feeling a little uncomfortable she looked around the club, it was a busy as any night, people mingling and dancing, having a good time.

Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Panos walked beside Alexandra quietly, only nodding in answer to her question if he was ready to go.

He was in the mood for wine and he wanted something old and dark. Leaning over the bar he gave his order to the bartender.

Do you have any Seppelt 100 Year Old Para Liqueur?

The bartender nodded and bent down under the bar. Standing back up he produced a bottle and two glasses. Panos handed him a credit card in exchange.

Just put it on that and start a tab incase the lady wished to drink something else. He turned back to Alexandra. Is this ok or would you like something else? I'll pass on the dancing, i'd rather catch up as well. I am a bit eager to hear what you've been waiting to tell me.

She seemed somewhat on edge but not in a hyper way. It's was more sad and somber. He feared a storm ahead.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Smiling at his choice of wine Alex waited till the barman handed over the bottle and two glasses, watching the exchange she gave him another smile as he asked her if she was ok with the wine, nodding her head she stepped closer to him putting her hand on his arm, guiding him to the private room.

Unlocking the door she held it open for him to step inside, closing it behind them she locked it again so they wouldn't be disturped by anyone.

"You have good taste in wine"

Taking a seat on the couch she gestured for him to sit next to her, she knew this evening wouldn't be about relaxation and idle chit chat, she had no idea how he would react to Sam, would he feel treathend by the other man, even if he was human, he was a big part of her life now and she would protect him no matter what.

Brushing a lock of hair out of her face she sighed softly, she didn't want to loose Panos, she cared for him, if that was what it was.. they had been together only once.. but there had been something between them, something she couldn't deny to herself and she wanted to know what that something was.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He took a seat on the couch next to her.

Thanks, I've been to Austrialia only a few times and each time the Seppelt's have never let me down. It's a treat to be able to get it here really. So where do we begin?

What he really wanted to say was who the hell was this him she kept mentioning. He wasn't very good at being patient but he was trying. It didn't matter if they were human or vampire, it always turned out the same. He alway ultimately messed up and then they'd turn to another. That was his problem. He would get attached to quickly and when things didnt go well, usually because of him, he would do more stupid things to complicate the matter more. Well not this time. He'd keep his anger in check. He cared about Alexandra in a different way than the others. This feeling was foreign to him and right now he really didn't like it. It only made the knot in his stomach larger.

He poured them each a glass of the wine and handed hers to her. Setting the bottle down on the fancy glass table in front of them he looked back to Alexandra.

You start because as you might be able to tell, i'm a bit antsy. You'll have to excuse me.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Taking the glass from him she inhaled the scent of the wine, closing her eyes she took a small sip letting the aroma and boquet flood her senses, opening her eyes back up she smiled at him.

"It's lovely"

You start because as you might be able to tell, i'm a bit antsy. You'll have to excuse me.

Nodding her head she put her glass down, moving a lock of hair behind her ear she looked into his eyes.

"I've met someone, now please let me finish because it's nothing like you might think.. for one he's human, how much do you know about human familiars?"

Licking her lips she awaited his reaction, he could take this in so many ways, he could get very upset or he could be totally ok with all of this.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
"I've met someone" It was all he heard at first and the nagging voice in his head started to pipe in all the worst case scenarios. He quickly put the voice in check and let the rest of her words sink past the negativity going on inside of him.

Familiars? Just a little. They make for a good feeding source. It's what Fallon was supposed to be. It's a little like bonding i think. And, being human doesn't necessarly mean anything.

He was trying to not jump to conclusions and give her a chance to speak. But he knew first hand person that being a human didnt stop an attraction. Familiars were objects to some, mates to others. What was Alexandra's?
Alexandra 17 years ago
Nodding her head at his remark about them being a good feeding source she smiled, she wasn't sure what Sam was to her, she didn't love him, attracted to him.. yes that she was.

"Right, well i've made myself one, his name is Sam"

Picking her glass back up she took a sip from it, twisting the stem in between her fingers she watched the wine move around in the glass.

"I won't deny that he's special to me, there is a bond between us, I don't love him, but I can't say there isn't an attraction on my part, that is why i want to talk to you, I care for you Panos, I'm not sure where we stand but I don't want to end whatever is there"

Reaching out she touched his hand running her tumb across the back of his hand.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Well at least she wasn't giving him a warning that someone else wanted his head and she hadn't told him she wanted nothing more to do with him. It was the opposite and he was mildly suprised.

He sat thinking for a moment before he placed his other free hand ontop of hers.

I am glad to hear that. I won't lie, I was worried and even jealous at first when you only had mentioned him. He sighed and smiled slightly.

I have anger problems and generally I don't handle situations well, but i'm trying. So you have a familiar, what do they do? Does he live with you? Does he have to report back to you?

So maybe he would could live with the fact there would be another man around. They were vampires, how many mates had they each had over the many years? What was another, that was only human?

Also, I understand bonds, I'm bonded to Chryseis. Not by feelings or whatever but i guess by blood. More so than she's my aunt. Funny story on that one. I kind of attacked her, kidnapped her and then snuck her into the Tacharan compound annnd that's how i got kicked out. Somewhere in between all that we ended up becomming bonded because of another one of my little 'mistakes'. So having a bond with someone without being in love, I can understand.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Looking down at their hands she couldn't help but smile, he didn't hate her for what she had done, looking back up as he spoke she felt so much better now that she had told him, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted of her shoulders.

"No he doesn't live with me, he has his own aparment in Nachton, he's a security guard, big manly type, not the kind of person you would think to become a vampires familiar and that's what attracks me to him, he's strong, as far as reporting back to me, I haven't seen him in a couple of days, i left when he was sleeping, he's probably wondering where the hell i went to"

Laughing softly she tangled their fingers together while he spoke about the bond with Chyrseis, wait he had kidnapped her and brought her into Tacharan? well yes that would get anyone kicked out, thinking about the place made her tense up for a moment, she was thinking about leaving more and more these days, especially now with Sam in the picture, maybe she should just find herself a nice apartment in Nachton and settle there.

"You don't have to be jealous of Sam, he's my familair, I will use him for my own pleasure and yes the bond is there, it's still pretty new and growing but I can feel him in some way, it's like he's calling out to me"
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
A thought occured to him.

I appologize again for not telling you about the Fallon thing sooner. Can I ask something of you though? It's not something i'm terribly proud of and I hadn't told anyone but you and Chryseis, but there is someone who i'd like not to find out. Shay. I really don't think she'd understand and the situation to begin with wasn't a very good one. Plus it would give her little friend Mathias even more fuel for his fire. Also, i'm sorry about earlier tonight with Chryseis. I hope she didn't bother you too much with her rightous clan tiraid.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Smiling at him she looked down at their hands.

"It's ok, we haven't seen eachother in a long time and don't worry I won't tell Shay, haven't seen her in a while either.. to be honest, haven't seen any Tacharan members in a while, life's been a bit complex for me lately and no Chryseis didn't bother me at all, I can handle women like her, i've been around for some time you know"

Winking at him she leaned back a bit, it was good to talk to him again, she really had missed him.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
She looked al ittle more relaxed now and he was glad. In fact both of them had been a little taunt to begin with. Maybe it was the wine or just the fact that they weren't worrying what the other would think.

Sam is his name? What will your Sam have to say about me now? Is he the jealous type?

He grinned at her. He wasn't really worried about a jealous human but the chance for drama was still there. He didn't want there to be any kind of strain between the two of them.

He noticed her glass wasn't nearly as full as it should be and he reached for the wine bottle and filled her up.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Him mentioning Sam and how he would react to Panos made Alex wrinkle her nose, she honestly had no idea..

"To be honest, I have no clue how he will react.. I don't think he will like you that much, but that is his problem"

Watching him fill up her wineglass she grinned at him.

"You're not trying to get me drunk are you"

Laughing she kicked off her pumps, pulling her legs up on the couch she sat back while watching him, waiting for him to fill up his own glass she held hers up in a toasting gesture.

"To friends, lovers and good sex"

Taking a sip she kept her eyes on him, mischief clearly readable on her face.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He returned her toast with equal impishness.

Who me? Trying to get you...naw never! He laughed and placed his arm around her shoulders pulling her closer.

Ah, i've missed you. Scarey and at the same time exhilarating. When I was out and about i'd think I see you but it always turned out some be someone far less attractive. It's was always quite dissapointing.

He took a sip of his wine and kissed her temple lightly.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, giving a soft sound of approval.

"You flatter me, do it again"

Feeling his lips on her temple made her smile, taking a sip of her wine she enjoyed the sillence for a moment, it was good just sitting here, two people enjoying eachothers company without any need for speach, turning her head she softly kissed his jaw.

"Missed you too, i'm glad we talked, we should do that more often, tell me what do you plan on doing about Fallon's boyfriend, he didn't look too happy to see you, what if he goes after you?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He thought about her question for a few moments. It was the first time he had really done so.

You know, I don't really know. I suposse fight back? I'm not going to let him just beat on me. But I wont make the first move. Before i relied on the fact that he's in the same clan as Chryseis. But I can hardly rely on her at the moment.

He shrugged.

i guess mostly I'm hoping she doesnt want him to do anything drastic so it wont come to that. Besides how could I walk with you if i was bruised and mangled? A beautiful woman such as yourself shouldn't be seen with a walking punching bag. You should be complimented by you partner not recieving horrified stares from passerbyers.

He wrapped his arms around her as she snuggled into him. She was soothing to the soul, enough so that he wasn't very worried about Cyrus. At least not right then.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Nodding at his words she was quiet, not sure what to say in this situation, how would she react if Cyrus did come after him, would she stand by his side, protect him? she wasn't sure, she did know that she didn't want to see him get hurt or worse.

She almost smiled at his comment about being complimented by her partner, turning in his embrace she looked at him, running a finger along the lines of his jaw before kissing him lightly.

"You compliment me just fine and you're not bruised and mangled now are you.. unless you're hiding something unde those clothes"

Pulling lightly at the hem of his shirt she smiled at him, last time they had been together had been all about passion and need, lust even, this time it was different, right now they were two people in need of companionship, a listening ear, someone to share your soul with.

So much had changed for her since she came to Nachton, she was sure many other changes would take place in the future, some for the good, some for the bad.. only time would tell, but right now she was with Panos, feeling secure and comfortable in his arms, right now nothing else matter but him, screw the rest of the world.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
You'll have to look and see in order to find out about those bruises. He laughed slyly.

How goes the clan no clan debate? Tacharan treating you well?

He thought about his run in with Ellis. He wanted to tell Alexandra about it but at the same time he wasnt sure if he could. What if she had gotten more involved with the clan? Her loyalty would be to the clan, not keeping his secret. And what if telling her put her in danger? He didn't want to chance that. But by not telling her, he was keeping another huge secret from her. How would she react when she found out? Maybe she wouldn't, Maybe he'd never see Ellis again.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Almost letting out a giggle at his reply she teasingly poked his side, at his question about Tacharan she shrugged, the clan was feeling less and less like a home to her, all that was left was her apartment there.

"They don't treat me at all, I don't come in contact with any of the members, I just have my apartment there and that is it.. I'm seriously considering leaving the clan Panos.. I just have to figure out a few things before I make my next move"

Looking at his face she saw a thoughtfull look cross his features, what was on his mind, was he worried about her well being if she did leave the clan, true she would be clanless.. a rough vampire out on her own, but she would be ok.. she was strong, maybe Tai would have another job for her.

Placing her hand on his leg she rubbed little circles across the material of his pants.

"I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself, I had a job recently.. that payed well, well enough to find an apartment and be on my own"
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He raised an eyebrow.

Oh ya? What kind of job would pay like that? Mostly thievery but thats more of an hobby than a job. My favorite kind of hobby even. And i know you can make it on your own, hell if i can anyone can. You wouldnt of gotten this far now would you of? These days see less rogue vampire hunters. Besides its not so easy to tell anyone more whos in what clan and whos not.

He watched her finger the tiny circles on his leg.

Now is it massuese or Wal-mart greater?
Alexandra 17 years ago
She had expected him to ask about her job, Alex wasn't one for lies, she found that the best way to tell things was just be straight and to the point.

"I'm an assassin, I had a job killing someone, someone else wanted dead, so I did"

It wasn't something she was ashamed of, being a vampire ment that you had to kill, kill humans, in her line of job that was what she did, one way or another and it payed pretty damn good, looking him straight in the eyes she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I'm not ashamed of what I do, I've been an assassin for years, I'm good at it too and you're right, I am strong I wouldn't have survived this long if I wasn't and if there are hunters out there.. well lets just say they haven't come across me yet"

Taking a sip from the glass she enjoyed the rich taste of the wine, swirling around she watched it cling to the glass, Alex wasn't the clingy type, sure she was enjoying Panos' company and she was sure he was enjoying hers, they'd see where the roud would lead them.