Welcome to the Stafford Academy! (OOC Info)

"Strength has always been a trait of the Kadzait, from the dawning of our creation. We are built to endure, built to fight and to run. But strength alone cannot save you, cannot always feed your mate and her pups, cannot predict the coming storms. So be strong, my friend, but be wise and cunning as well. Have the knowledge to be aware of when it is time for strength, and when it is time to look to other avenues for your survival."

~Liam Xephier, Kadzait Alpha circa. 1910-1971~

The Stafford Academy of Science is a fully accredited four year college founded by Liam Xephier in 1943. Originally built in Canberra, Xeph has opened a small campus here as well. From the outside it presents itself as a small private college with a modest student population. The truth of the matter is that it is, of course, a school for the Kadzait.

The Academy's primary focus is, as indicated, science. All fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathemetics are taught here as well as some of the 'softer' sciences: Astronomy, for example. Every course has a good emphasis on environmental consciousness, as the Kadzait have always believed in living in harmony with their environment.

The Academy itself is comprised of two buildings. The first, called the Academy, is the building where all of the classes take place. It is a large, four-story building of smooth grey stone that sits on the left of the Tikerak as you enter the compound. There is an observatory at the top with a fairly powerful telescope that can be reached from the fourth story.

The fourth story of the Academy is not for classes, but holds the offices of the professors as well as the Dean. The windows on this story are not simple, serviceable windows, but are made of stained glass. The outsider might think these simply nature-inspired, but the Kadzait will recognize each stained-glass office window as a representation of some facet of their own nature. There is at least one in each office, two in the corners.

The third story of this building consists of very well-protected laboratories, and the first and second hold classrooms. There is one lecture hall on the first floor, as well as a large library.

The second building in the Academy is called the Castle, and sits across the Tikerak from the Academy, on the right hand side as you enter. It is a small representation of a medieval castle, complete with winding staircases and crenellated battlements. This is the structure that was originally on the property when Xeph purchased it from its former eccentric owner. It is the smallest building on the property at the moment, but very beautifully built, and has been converted from a home into an administrative center. Any and all paperwork, HR, etc., involving the Academy and the Kadzait themselves takes place here. It is floored with both wood and stone, and carpeted in deep blue. Like the Academy, the walls are adorned with beautiful artwork and tapestries depicting scenes from nature; arctic nights, the mountains of Tibet, the flats of Siberia.

(OOC: Teachers, please feel free to write up an office description if it applies to you here.)