About This Forum (OOC)

The Vyusher R’asa believe that all matters of importance should be resolved beneath the open sky. In fact, the words ‘will you walk with me?’ have come to mean that someone wishes to have a discussion of significance – to make an important announcement, perhaps. To propose marriage. To participate in a most solemn agreement. Many of these things require a measure of privacy, even solitude, which is why this forum is private. Any thread meant for pack eyes only that takes place in the outdoors may be posted here. For example, your character may wish to visit the Andre Tree* in secret. Internal pack meetings** will also be posted here. You may, of course, use this forum at your discretion, as long as the activities within are outside.

*From “Welcome to the Machine”

She took the first path she came to, winding around the exploratory walkway, which eventually led to a small roundabout on which a very different tree was planted. Its bark was very smooth and reddish, with long limbs and tiny translucent green leaves in the shape of tears. Some of the bark had been stripped away and bleached, leaving shapes and forms in stark contrast all along the trunk. Wolves and moons were popular themes, but Loretta could also see dancing people, flames, an owl's eye (she made a disapproving face at this – how morbid!)

Otherwise the tree was empty, though soon small objects would rest at its feet and hang from its limbs. This was the Andre tree, where Vyusher R'asa on their journey would drop some small trinket or other and, when they left, take some other item to remember this Kumpania. Anywhere Vyusher gathered, one could find this unique tree, distinguished by its red bark and artistic carvings – and, of course, the pile of objects ranging from stones to small works of art to more modern items like sunglasses and CDs. Loretta took off her lavender scarf and tied it around a limb, and thus her homage to home was paid. Then she continued on, glancing at colorful flower beds and herb gardens mixed in with elegantly formed rocks.

**From “Welcome to the Machine”
The pathways were meant to converge into one, which led further out from the building. Though she knew where this main walkway led, she followed it anyway, wanting to see how well their designs had come to fruition.

She was well pleased with what she saw; the path seemed to lead directly into a row of pines, though as one approached a latticed archway through which visitors could step was clearly visible. On the other side of this line of trees there was a large rectangular mall, framed on all sides by a border of evergreens.

This would be their meeting hall, with the sky as their ceiling and the woods for their walls. This was where all matters of importance would be dictated. Already she could see their gatherings – The Legion’s honor guard marching down the center aisle, their banner flying out behind them. The crowds of families clustered together, and her at the head of it all, standing beside the Sarkis, the Jiro just behind her, Tobi and Octavia off to one side. And there they would stand, bearing whatever weather nature chose to bestow on them, to hear the Alphas speak.