Around the Campfire - In Character Introductions

/ooc – This is a thread to introduce yourself to the pack. It is not an RP thread and can be considered as outside the timeline of the board. Nothing fancy is required – we’d just like to know who you are in terms of Vyusher R’asa. Share what your pack needs to know about you. Suggestions might include your name, any titles you might have earned, information about your family and/or your gifter, what you do or would like to do for the pack, and any personal quirks, pet peeves, or proclivities you wish to share.

The scene is a typical campfire in a non specific time and place, surrounded by your pack mates with the open sky overhead and nature all around you. Again, this is not an RP thread and individual introductions may take place in totally different times and locations from each other.

Thanos made his way through the small crowd huddled around the fire, stepping over a sleeping child to stand very nearly in the flames. An unlit cigarette dangled from his lips, and he remedied this by picking up a stray stick and stealing a few flames for his own purposes.

That done, he stepped back, watching his step around the poor exhausted kid, and sat back down, a little further from the group than he was before.

The way word spread through the pack, he wouldn’t be surprised if his smoking was introduction enough. Still, not everyone knew his face – he wasn’t the visual icon that Loretta was and didn’t have V’s widespread publicity. And so, probably unnecessarily, he spoke, his voice a rasp through the cigarette smoke.

“For those of you who don’t know me…I’m the Jiro. I answer to Thanos.”

Half the people here would still call him Jiro; the purists, the traditionalists. Ironically, the ones who resented a base born werewolf having the title in the first place would be the ones most meticulous about using it. Thanos didn’t mind much either way.

For the benefit of the poor confused bastards who had no idea what a Jiro –was-, he added:

“The second in command. Most pack related issues go through me.”

That said, he turned to one side to tap his ashes in the grass. When he turned back, the sleeping child was now not even a foot from him, staring at him with wide blue eyes that looked very much awake. Heh, sly little fellow, Thanos wondered how long he had listened to the adults around the campfire and hoped none of the stories had been too raunchy. He gave the little boy a solemn wink and took a drag from his cigarette. The kid’s expression turned surprisingly wise as he spoke, whispering so the grownups wouldn’t hear him.

‘You’re a –Nothos-,’ he said, in his little childish voice.

Thanos gave the boy a smile that might have frighted the bejeebus out of a human. The youngster squirmed but did not look away.

Cool kid.

“Yes. I am.”

Tobi Emiliano 16 years ago
Tobi sat at the fire with his chin rested on one knee, the other long leg stuck out at an awkward angle that looked far more uncomfortable than it felt. Not that he was noticing much of anything in the way of physical discomfort, wrapped up as he was in his blackberry. He was, as usual, pretty much oblivious to the outside world until the inevitable happened and someone tripped over his leg.

‘Oh, crap, I’m sorry dude!’

Tobi looked up from his carefully study of the screen to regard a guy who looked about his age but was in all likelihood way younger, and was, at the moment, in a pile just off to one side. He gave the kid an amiable grin.

“Guess I shouldn’t be so ‘in the way’. Kinda tough finding a way to sit without bothering anyone when you’re…you know.” He gestured toward his long legs to finish the sentence, then offered a hand to help the guy up. Dude seemed pretty embarrassed – Tobi was turning on the ‘good boy’ charm and imagined he’d probably managed to make the guy forget that the entire incident was his fault.

It turned out the kid was pretty friendly, compensating for Tobi’s own slightly antisocial tendencies. He introduced himself as Brian and sat down, asking Tobi about his blackberry with the air of someone who knew a thing or two about such devices. Nothos, Tobi figured, and probably had no idea who he was talking to. That was sort of nice actually. He bullshitted a little bit about his IT job with his mom, doing archiving and genealogy, and offhandedly mentioned some of the Highway stuff he did on the side. Brian seemed impressed by his work with falsifying documents and asked how one might get into that sort of deal. Tobi nodded knowingly, smirking a little.


Brian blinked and Tobi decided to put him out of his misery.

“Tobi Emiliano. Mom and Dad run the show around here.”

He winced a little as Brian flubbed over what to say in response to that, then held up one hand.

“Geez, chill, dude.” He gave his friendliest Beaver smile. “I’ll put in a good word for ya.”

Tobi was usually good for that – it was no skin off his nose to get motivated people where they wanted to be and it tended to be a good way to judge the sort of friend he was making.
Diane 16 years ago
She nervously doodled meaningless designs into the dirt around her now dirty white sneakers. It was the first time she had ever seen these people and they all seemed to know each other well. It made her uncomfortable. She had thought what drew her to Nachton was the random pick of the city on the map. The old Ennie Meanie Miney Moe thing. But now that she saw how many of them there really were here in this town, she thought that maybe it had been something else that drew her attention. She was afraid of these people, her only run in with a were was the evil man who had gifted her. "These People", they were her people now.

She checked her watch, the babysitter had to be home in two hours. The guy across the fire had just finished introducing himself, she took his sittingback down as a cue to stand up. Everyones gazes swung to meet her face.

Hi, I'm Diane. I...I just moved here from Michigan with my son. From what I understand so far, I'm a..Nothos? I haven't been like this for long. By like this I everyone else here.

She was stumbling with her words. SHe didn't know what to say and didnt want to insult them.

Um, I don't know who Gifted me really, it was a man, I don't know where he is. Hopefully not here. Um, i'm a waitress and i'm looking for a job right now. Um....I'm sorry i'm really new to this all. Maybe if anyone has any questions i could answer them, otherwise thats pretty much me at this point. New and a bit lost to this city and everything else.

She sat back down with a nervous smile and nod.
Bastian 16 years ago
Sitting down next to the woman who introduced herself as Diane, Bastian nodded in veiled understanding. When it was his turn to speak, he did not stand up.

"I am Sebastian Romallo, and news of my 'gifter's' lineage..." the word was spoken with heavy sarcasm. "...was only recently found out, through the assistance of a private investigator. I am, apparently, a Nothos, but I'm afraid that is the only term I've picked up since sitting down here."

Crossing his ankle over his knee, Bastian leaned back on his hands and took in the people sitting around him. His face showed no emotion...just rather blas'e.

"It's been about ten years or so since I was turned, by a man I knew only very casually. I was not aware that he was a werewolf until he attacked me, and never did see him again. However, my tale is a bit different from Diane's here in that I had resources and opportunity to eventually find out who my 'gifter' was. That news was literally dropped in my hands just days ago, and it led me here. Considering the coincidence of receiving the pack information just after I had arrived in Nachton for other reasons, I have decided to accept that as a good omen.

I would be more than happy to discuss my possible future with the pack leaders at a later date if that is required, or requested. I do have one immediate priority that will be taking up most of my time for the immediate future, but I would gladly offer my services to the pack when that goal has been attained.

I apologize if I have not followed proper protocol here, but plan to make a concentrated effort to learn what I can about you, and the history of the pack. I have no problems with my gift and have had several years to not only understand how it effects me physically, but mentally as well. The time seems right to now find out how being part of a pack will effect me, and what, if anything, I can do for you.

I've been a lone wolf for so many years, it may take me some time to adjust to pack life. In truth, I may never be able to, but I would like to try. I am a doctor of veterinary medicine, and have a knack with animals, especially dogs."

Not sure what else to add, without going into his entire life story, Bastian paused. He then finally smiled, just a small smile at Diane. He wasn't sure if she was nervous, or just naturally timid, but because she was new like him, he felt a small twinge of familiarity.

"And like Diane, if anyone has any questions, I will be happy to answer them if I can."

That said, Bastian looked at the small child who sat near the man called 'Thanos', and finally broke the seriousness from his face altogether. Though he hadn't made it part of his introduction, Bastian had always been fond of children, and normally had a winning way with them as well. But just as soon his eyes flickered back over the fire, and his thoughts drifted.
Kiril Turasca 16 years ago
Kiril decided it was time to give the fire a rest from all of those city slickers. It couldn't appreciate the smell of exhaust. It was for'shava hearing that more were being converted to their banner, but the details were a bit concerning. Diane, not knowing the identity of her gifter? Sebastian, discovering only after a decade? He certainly hoped that the individuals lived up to the chance that had been taken on them. Still, city slickers, both. Maybe in time they would walk a cleaner path. The Jiro, though...that was a different story. He'd walked the line already, and been through hell to earn his spot. Maybe these peregrinus were coming together through the baxt of their mixed blood - driven together by higher purpose. Squatting beside the campfire, he fed it some dry twigs and smirked in its light.

"To the R'asa, I am Kiril Turasca, to the gaje, I am currently Carlos Torres. I am a storvandre, here on foot from the Northwest in response to the conclave here near Nachton. Unlike the peregrinus you have met this night, I am paterna...though my mother was te' of our few medical doctors. My gifting was from our clachan's alpha female of the time, Baba Jhienve. I am curious about such a large gathering of the family near such a populous region and am here for understanding and to lend hand if I can be of use. My kumpania used me as a guide. I worked in towns as a rabble rouser and bureaucratic irritant to halt the expansion of industry into the wilds. What I will be here remains to be seen. Gestena."

Walking away from the fire, he squatted again near the back of the gathering. It was important for the locals to know that not all of their kind would be coming with tales of opportunistic or unpleasant gifting...that some of the old practices were still adhered to.
Mosi 16 years ago
Silently making his way to the campfire was easy, Mosi had lots of practice. Still those with sensitive ears of his R'asa perhaps noted his arrival. Squatting by the fire to warm his hands he nodded to those around him.

"Mosi from Esperance, Australia. My clachan sent me to support and strengthen ties and loyalties to our Sarkis. Craftsman skills in stone and minor gems. Hunter, protector and paterna. I am attending the college here as my kumpania requested."

Rubbing his warmed fingers together he stayed close to the fire, wishing the cold would go away. He knew his introduction was brief but the cold and the strange blue electronic glow from the red head kids device unnerved him. Still the stars and moon were soothing as were the thick copse of trees behind him. Nothing like his home, but comforting in an alien way nonetheless.

Picking up a stick he stirred the fire, coaxing it to ever greater heights and heat.
Alyshia 16 years ago
Alyshia had been quietly listening to the others introduce themselves, looking into the fire for a moment she watched the flames dance, looking at the others around the campfire she began to speak.

"I'm Alyshia Devon, both my parents where Vyusher R'asa too, they died when i was 15"

Pausing for a moment she looked back in to the fire cought up in the painful memories of her youth, managing a faint smile she began to speak again.

"Don't let my looks fool you, I'm not as young as I look, I'm 25 and I've always lived with my kumpania moving here from Budapest with the others to join the rest of the pack here in Nachton"

Chewing on her bottom lip for a moment she thought about what more to tell about herself, people mostly judged her by her appearance treating her like a teenager instead of the grown woman she really was.

"I work at a clothing store on the Strip, if anyone needs trendy fashion i'm your girl, I love chocolate so if you feel like sharing any you know who to call"

Laughing she looked over at the people around her once more, everyone looked friendly and nice, she would take time to get to know each and every person here.