The Clans of Sanguine Affliction

Rumor has it that anything can happen in Nachton. Anything at all. The vast city holds many opportunities for those with ambition. Like any metropolis, Nachton has its secrets. Only the secrets in Nachton are swift and deadly. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Human, Vampire or Werewolf - there is much intrigue to be found in the night.

The vampire nation consists of two major clans, one rogue.

Clan Anantya
- The oldest and most traditional of the clans. Their lineage spans centuries and they rule their part of the world with a firm and unchanging grasp. Anantya typically values culture and abhors change. They are the elite of vampire society, both noble and proud. They believe that as immortals they have superior vision and understanding than their shorter lived kin.

Clan Evenhet - The future holds strengths that go untapped by most of vampire kind but Clan Evenhet understands and uses this advantage to its fullest. They also believe in forging an alliance between humans and vampires in order to strengthen both species.

Clan Tacharan - Not even recognized as a legitimate clan by the other two, Tacharan carves out its place in the city with all the brazen courage and recklessness of youth but don't be fooled, the members of Tacharan are fierce survivors with more on their mind than just ruling the streets.

In the werewolf world, there are two ruling packs.

Vyusher R'asa - Governed by rage and the desire for vengance against their vampire oppressors from the past. Strong, powerful and ruthless, this pack will have nothing short of global retribution.

The Kadazait - Ruled by their spiritual sense of right and wrong, this pack longs to live peacfully amongst their human and vampire neighbors, but will not hesistate to defend its family or way of life.

Come join us and see if you have what it takes to survive in Nachton with its Sanguine Affliction.