Meeting (Oh, Ellis!)

Mai followed the rat down into the sewers. It carried something shiny in its mouth that it had found and this sparked her interest. She could smell it even over the normal stench of waste and garbage. This really wasn't the best part of the sewer system but it did come out under one of the dance clubs a lot of the young ones liked to visit. She payed the thought little attention and concentrated on her prey instead. Briefly the thought of changing form came to mind, she looked down at her white kimono. It was going to get dirty, shrugging to herself, she continued onward.

Taking a slight hop over some trash and water, she crouched beside a pile of debris. Quietly listening, the chittering and scratching sounds confirmed her quarry was inside. Closing her eyes, she got a sense of the area and then thrust her hand quickly inside. A smile spread across her face as she pulled a large struggling rat up from the pile and held it out before her.

Ellis Duban 18 years ago
'What's a pretty little vampire like you doing with a rat, when there are so many humans up there for the taking?' A soft female voice behind Mai asked.

With an unlit cigarette in her mouth, the woman reached up and lit it, letting the flame from her lighter illuminate her face in a soft orange glow. Inhaling deeply on the death stick, Clan Tacharan's leader, Ellis Duban, smiled slowly. 'Hail, lassy.'
Mai 18 years ago
Mai tilted her head to the side at the sound of the other's voice. Someone familiar. Yes. She inhaled slightly, lit cigarette and that particular scent. Ellis. The girl had grown to be quite interesting over the years. She mused a moment and then remembered there was a question. Oh, the rat. Mai tossed the rat casually aside. It had never been her true interest, she merely followed it for its prize.

"Konban wa, Ellis" Mai's voice was quiet. She stood up and nodded her head slightly to the woman. "He is nothing." She indicated the rat that had ran as soon as she had released him.

((OOC: Konban wa is good evening))
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis straightened and dipped her head at Mai, then chuckling she resumed her easy stance. She looked at the asian and admired her beauty and equally mesmerizing indifference. Mai was Anantya and an ancient like her. She decided many years ago that she respected the asian woman and had always been an arms length ally.

'If the rat doesn't interest you, Mai, then what brings you to this neck of the woods?' Ellis could hear the thumping of the music just meters away from them. A guard would be near, no doubt guarding the entrance to House of Pain. Frequent hang out of the younger crowd. Curious place for an ancient to be.

Again Ellis takes a drag from her cigarette and then offers it to Mai.
Mai 18 years ago
Mai looked at the smoking roll of herbs,tar and chemicals and at the woman in front of her. She sniffed once again and decided that she was not fond of the smell. Squatting down once more, she closed her eyes. Slowly this time, she pushed aside a few pieces of paper and a can, there it was. Mai wrapped her fingers around the prize and stood once more.

Turning back to Ellis, she opened her palm which now contained a large ruby ring.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis watched Mai dig around in the debris of the sewer and then stand. She was holding something. Taking a step forward she viewed the contents.

'A ring?' Then she gives Mai an incredulous smile. 'Are you proposing?' She snorted.
Mai 18 years ago
Mai's brow furrowed for a moment. Proposing what? She closed her fist around the ring and dropped her hand to her side. Tilting her head down in thought, Mai made certain that there was not an event that she had missed. No she did not recall Morrigan mentioning anything about speaking with the "others."

"There is nothing for me to propose, Ell-chan. Our peoples are not meeting. "
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
'Ahh,' Ellis nodded. Sometimes she would forget that Mai misinterprets her sense of humor. Taking a final drag of her cigarette, she put it out in a puddle of sewage next to her.

'Tell me something, Mai. What are your thoughts on the Ancient Elders decision on Tacharan? I'd very much like to know if you were part of the decision to not acknowledge the clan and not recognize me as an Elder on the Council.' Ellis shrugged. 'Just curious, of course.'
Mai 18 years ago
Mai paused to sense the woman in front of her. The apparant ease of the statement did not fool Mai into thinking that answer she gave would be taken lightly. Some of the "others" wanted yet another clan. Mai felt that the decision to allow Evenhet to exist outside of Anantya might have proven foolhardy. There had been strife amongst the "children". One of them stood before her at this very moment. The one who created her was of Evenhet before his demise but he wished to stray from their fold. Split and split again. Not good. Too much change, Mai hated change. Still, it was the combined decision of Anantya that had allowed Evenhet to become something seperate. Ellis and her people were not Anantya's concern but their's.

"I have not voiced my concern in this matter."
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis shrugged, 'That's fair. Although I think this strife between us is a sign that Anantya refuses to evolve. When you think about it, we're not even a pure species, but a hybrid.' The woman stared off for a moment, thinking her thoughts. 'But I suppose that's neither here nor there. The problem at hand is there are too many of us now, Mai. Too many for one old council to control. Just because our bodies cannot evolve...doesn't mean our minds dont have to.'

Ellis straightened and gave Mai a respectful bow.
'As always, Mai, its a pleasure to speak with you.'
Mai 18 years ago
"Ell-chan." Mai's quiet statement could have been an acknowledgement of the sentiment or something else. It seemed uncertain and perhaps thoughtful. Mai hated change. She frowned. No, the girl and her people were different; Mai agreed this was true. She saw it as an avoidable evolution caused by the young ones leaving Anantya. Always wanting change, Mai sighed to herself. In time they will learn that it was best to cling to the traditions that bound them all together yet honored their differences. Even now it was not too late for the others though they had become something else. Mai was repulsed by what their joining once more with Anantya would do to the clan but felt there was still hope for them and that Anantya could guide them for the better.

She nodded slightly to Ellis and then climbed the ladder leading to the surface.

((OOC: Mai out ))
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis watched the vampire as she climbed out. Listening to the music pounding from the club nearby, she turned and walked in the opposite direction. The recognizable flick of her lighter faded as she quietly moved back into the shadows.

((OOC: Ellis out))