About the Hall of Echoes (OOC Info)

"Let me tell you of a time, my son, when the world was cold and quite dark, and the snow seemed endless and vast. Close your eyes, and see it in your mind, in your memories. Feel the chill in your feet, and then know the warmth and the glow of a comforting den, a sanctuary. Imagine yourself there, surrounded by stone and earth under the gaze of the moon. Imagine, and you will be there, in the memories of your ancestors."Â?

~Lily Xephier to Aidan Xephier, circa 1960~

The Hall of Echoes is the foundation of the Stafford Academy. It can be entered and exited most commonly by a set of thick cedar doors in the northwest corner, but also, lesser-known to most weres, through a tunnel that surfaces in the shed at the front of the Tikerak.

The Hall itself has been built entirely of stones shipped to Nachton from the various Kadzait Packs around the world, all wanting to be a part of the new, the Alpha, Den. The stones have been carefully inlaid all around the huge room, reminders of the Kadzaits' homes, historically built in places where wood is rare but stone is all over. Each stone bears the marks of handprints in deep rusty-red, superimposed with a brighter red pawprint, hallmarks of previous Uitayoks.

The Hall of Echoes, although one single room spanning the entire length and width of the Academy, is dotted regularly with thick stone pillars. It is lit with wall-sconces around the wall and on some of the pillars, and the shadows cast make it look a good deal like a honeycomb. The entire room has an otherworldly feel to it, as if you have just walked into your inherited memories. Amaroq and Illamar alike can be heard in this room on special occasions, lifting their voices in eerie howls.

Xeph can often be found here, as he considers the cleaning and upkeep of this ceremonial 'heart' of the Kadzait his duty.

This board is off-limits unless requested specifically and approved by the Alpha or Beta, invited by the Alpha or Beta, or a Pack event is being held.