New Businesses

We are aware that there are some very enterprising people out there, mortal and immortal alike. If you would like to obtain a business license and be your own boss in Nachton this is what you need to do.

1. Have 100 legitimate posts. (By legitimate we mean no post padding. The reason for the post count is to ensure that you are active, post padding defeats that purpose.)

2. Post a write up of your business idea in the correct forum.

From there the Staff will review your idea and vote on whether or not your business will work well in Nachton. Be aware that we may decide that your business idea is not suitable for a variety of reasons such as playability, believability, or redundancy (If we have 3 nightclubs in town...try running something else)

Once your business has been approved we will give you a forum in the Streets of Nachton and make you a moderator of that forum. Set up shop and keep it active. If your business fails to be active it will be reviewed and the license might be revoked. ( We want a variety of places and enjoy player created shops but if the owner no longer wants it or seems incapable of running it then we must tear it down to make way for something new.)

Meegan 15 years ago
I am curious if anyone will be running a martial arts dojo of any kind.

Also as a side note, I do not think I will be making Gothic-ah into an interactive business, it will just be kind of in her back ground, "this is where she goes and what she does sort of thing.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
I have sent a discription of my bussiness to Mai before we had this forum. Are there any thoughts on it and shall i rewrite it in here? I don't want to reference it in my rp'ing if its innapropiate 8)
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Could you go ahead and post your idea as a new thread here, Chryseis? Thanks =)