Paper Zoology 101 (lock please)

Mai knelt near the entrance to the cathedral, her white kimono tucked neatly under her legs as she busily made various origami animals out of the pages of a book that sat on the floor next to her. Her hair had been tied back hastily with a strip of cloth and seems to have been done less for decoration than because it had become an annoyance. Stray strands fell into her eyes but she did not seem to notice. Lions, monkies, birds and other creatures surrounded her and she seemed deeply focused on the piece in her hand which looked to be a giraffe in the making.

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Talon 17 years ago
The roar of the motorcycles engine was loud, easily heard from outside the cathedral. 'Guess this is the place' Talon thought to himself. 'lets see if anyones home'
The large being climbed off of the now silent mototcycle and approached the double doors, his long stride clearing the steps easily.
He paused briefly then pulled both doors open wide and stepped inside.

scanning the interior he noted the girl child sitting in the floor of the main chamber, Lifted his head and began to sniff the air. His senses first picked out the distant Tang of blood, prevelant in most havens, then candle wax and a hint of inscence. Detecting no immeadiate threats he approached the child on the floor
"hey Kid, who's in charge around here?" he said while scanning the large open chamber.
Mai 17 years ago
If Mai had heard the sound of the vehicle or the entrance of the man she showed no signs of it. Her giraffe was nearly completed. Setting, it down with great care amongst the rest of the zoo, Mai stood slowly.

Tilting her head backwards, she smiled serenly at the man in front of her. He looked quite fierce. She wondered whether he was a decent hunter. Lashing out with one foot she entwined it around the stranger's own. Time to find out.

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Talon 17 years ago
For the first time in a long while Talon was caught off guard, perhaps it was the unfamiliar surroundings or the presence of the ...child? it didnt really matter since he was now looking up at the girl from the floor.

quickly rolling and springing to his feet once again he reached out to grab ahold of the girl 'Mind your manners frail, or I might take you over my knee'

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Mai 17 years ago
Mai's laughter rang like chimes echoing off the stone walls and vaulted cathedral. She jumped into the air and seemed to defy gravity as she landed lightly on the back of the nearest pew.

He was quicker than she had thought. Excellent! She wondered if he would reach for her again. Smiling, she beckoned him with one small hand.

((Gliding is one of her powers, Slippery wench. ))
Talon 17 years ago
"Hmph!" he snorted, 'the little slip of a thing wants to play does she? ..heh good, been awhile since I had some fun' he thought to himself
a slight growl in his throat and a quick bend at the knees, he sprung at her with his arms out-stretched to the sides, to prevent her from dodging right or left..
Mai 17 years ago
He was much like a bear, she decided. Especially with his arms out in such a way. Bears were formidable animals. She liked bears. Mai decided she liked this one also. Hopping slightly, She lept into the arms coming for her. He had asked a question earlier, perhaps she should answer it.

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Talon 17 years ago
When the ...girl jumped into his arms, Talons expression changed from playful angry to surprised, it was then he realized he hadn't really expected to catch her and hadn't thought this through, he was crashing tword the pews, now with this young girl in his arms, On instinct Talon pivioted and threw himself back first, into the pews, shielding the girl from being mashed between him and the solid wood obstacles. With Mai now held against his chest Talon's back Crashed into the pew, causing it to spinter and shatter under his momentum and weight. "Ugh!" he gruned as the wind was knocked out of him.. he looked down at the girl "You okay?" he said, a faint light of concern in his eyes..

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Mai 17 years ago
Mai looked up at the man in surprise, white eyes wide in momentary confusion. What an odd thing to do. He could have pinned her to the floor. Or at least he could have tried. She had expected that but not this. Mulling over the action in her head, she came to a conclusion which caused her to decide that she liked him even better. Obviously he was protecting a member of his clan. His question to her stated as much, did it not? Very admirable in her eyes. Mai slide down to stand in front of him once more. She gave him a formal bow, something very few people received fully, for Mai tended to think most people not in a position that she should honor.

"I am well, Kuma-san." She smiled slightly and then answered his previous question. "The Triad is three. I am one of the three."

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Talon 17 years ago
Slowly he climbed to his feet, rubbing his back for a few moments, he watched her get to her feet and bow, after seeing that she was un-injured he nodded in recogination of her bow.. "Heh.. been awhile since anyones called me Kuma, but when they did it was always suiyo kuma"
he smirked..

his eyes widened when she identified herself as one of the three lords of the city.. then a grin crossed his face
"Od's Beard Little one, its good to meet an Elder who's not too busy plotting some scheme or another!" he bellowed and affected a deep formal Bow.."I am Called Talon, Child of Vanni.. at your service"

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Mai 17 years ago
Mai smiled slightly at the name and then nodded. Elders did tend to plot endlessly. She knew this all too well. How often did they wish to hole her up in some small room to speak endlessly about such matters? Mai much preferred simply to decide and do quickly. Still that is why there were others, She would acknowledge their strengths and use to her family even if it were not her way.

"Asahi Mai, Talon-san. Do you seek to stay with us long?"

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Talon 17 years ago
Talon was busy glancing side to side and up at the ceiling, for the first time really taking in the cahedral when she spoke again...

"It seems something has drawn me here, so I say why fight it.. so I suppose the answer for the time being is yes, I intend to stay"

he then reached into the interior of his leather coat and produced a metal container, from which he drew a cigar and went through the little ritual of lighting it before looking back up..

"Want one, half pint?"
he asked offering the container to Mai

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Mai 17 years ago
Mai smiled and accepted the cigar. She sniffed it once and then stuck it into the a fold of her kimono. Looking down over her animals, she did not find what she was looking for. Kneeling down once more, Mai carefully leaned over to the book and calmly tore another page out of it. She then began to fold the piece into a new shape.

Not looking up she replied to Talon.

"Morrigan will want to know you are here."

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Talon 17 years ago
Talon Grinned and Drew on his Cigar.
"Morrigan huh? sure I'll find her eventually.."

Talon glanced down at the book slowly being cannabilized for the paper and shrugged indifferently.. scanning the wreckage of the pew he landed on..
'not even here 5 minutes and I've already destroyed furniture..'
thinking back to the early event and shaking his head..
'No matter how experinced I am, people still surprise me..'
thinking back to Mai jumping into his arms instead of turning pale and running off like most do..
'interesting one she is, not frightened in the least, gotta respect that..'
he returned to drawing on his cigar and watching what Mai was working on so intently
Mai 17 years ago
Mai finished her little origami animal and stood back up. Solemnly, she extended the little paper bear out towards him. He gave her a gift and to her it would seem that a return was due in like kind.

"Morrigan is the Rose. Smells clean, dark red hair. Always stiff." To her that was all the description one needed to find the Elder of the Order of the Rose.
Talon 17 years ago
Talon reached out and took the offered gift and raised it up to get a better look at it..
The little paper sculpture with all its deft folds and creases brought back a host of memories, of times spent watching his friend Hideki make similar creations and how his small collection of the origami he once had was lost long ago in Nagasaki.. 'If she knew what something like this meant to me, I doubt it would have been offered so freely... or maybe it would have.. theres much more to learn here...'
he suddenly remebered himself and let the thoughtful expression wash from his face, being replaced by the half defiant, half amused grin he normally wore..

"Thanks Half Pint.. "

with that he turned and began walking deeper into the cathedral beginning his search for this Morrigan person.. 'a rose eh? heh.. A rose by any other name...'
Mai 17 years ago
Mai nodded once and then sat down to continue her methodical creation of origami creatures. Talon seemed lost in his own thoughts so she paid him no direct attention. She sensed where he was in his wanderings and that was plenty of information for her.

She smiled. [rip] another page. She began folding this new piece to be a cat this time.

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Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
After spending a lot longer than she needed at the rest stop outside of the city limits playing with Louis, Amberelle had finally gotten up the nerve to finish her long trip. As she slowed and parked before the massive cathedral she took a slow, deep, measured breath. Twisting, she unlatched the carrier beside her and swung it open. Leaning over so her eyes met the green ones looking up at her she spoke in a soft whisper. Now listen to me little fellow. If anything.. happens, you just go. Run run run. I don't want to have to worry about something happening to you. He meowed and pawed out at her hand, but she remained firm. He finally settled down and she could sense his acceptance of her orders. The settled, she grabbed her keys and stepped out of the car.

She was quite a sight.. tall, toned, and still retaining a rich golden glow from her mortal youth. Her long blonde streaked hair hung down and brushed the small of her back, thick and wild from hours of being wind blown. Long legs in tightly laced navy leather pants that rode low on her hips to show off the jeweled ring that glinted in her navel were tucked into matching soft leather boots that reached just under her knees. A small night cammo printed tank top strained across her chest, and was cut off just beneath her breasts leaving no doubt there was nothing on underneath it, and showing off her well muscled frame.

With a slight clench of the jaw and straightening of her shoulders she strode up the steps and pushed open the center doors to step inside...
Mai 17 years ago
Another one. Interesting. Mai did not look up from her task. Setting the cat down, she tore another page and began a new animal. Absently she pushed away the stray strand of hair that had fallen down in between her industrious hands.

"The rose is going to be quite busy this evening." She murmured quietly to herself.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amberelle's eyes surveyed the cathedral from just inside the doors. She sniffed softly, catching two scents. One of the young girl before her, and another.. male, not immediately visable. She shifted her weight slightly to a more defensive stance in case he was hidden, waiting. No reason to not expect Gustav to have anticipated her destination. She stepped inside softly, looking curiously at the girl before her. Her obvious lack of attention to the stranger approaching her was out of sorts for any other kindred she had met before..

Greetings... could you tell me who to speak to, about.. staying?
Mai 17 years ago
Mai did not look at first but continued the crab in her hand, working carefully on the tiny little legs. Once done, she set that one down before reaching over and tearing out another page.

She looked up towards the new stranger but stared somewhere above her head and slightly to the left. White eyes showed no hint of actually seeing the woman.

"Follow the man. He also searchs for the Rose. " Mai began to fold the sheet in her hand without looking back down at it. She smiled slightly, waiting to see what else might come of this new stranger.