Making Heads Turn

Swiftly the ladies found themselves in front of the very exclusive club that boasted several burly security guards and a long line to get in. Giggling amongst themselves as Ginger pulled the rear door up to the entrance and raced around to open it for the ladies. Suki emerged first, scanning the area carefully and winking at James. Moving carefully to the side, out of the way for Fallon and Ana to emerge as she continued to scan the crowd who gawked at them. Gracefully the other ladies emerged and Ginger shut the door after promising to return at her call.

Swaying up to James with a mysterious smile, she hoped the other ladies followed her.
"How are you tonight James?"

"Much better now that your here pretty Suki. And what lovely companions you have brought too." His gruff voice was quiet but loud enough to cause her to blush.

"Well, you did say that if I wanted to have a good time to find you, so here we are." She was barely able to keep a straight face with that one. Luckily she knew James was happily married and simply complimented women like there was no tomorrow.

His face split into a lazy satisfied smile before he answered. "I think I can accomodate three beautiful women." Rising off his stool to an impressive height before opening the door for them with a small bow.

Suki waved her friends in first before rising up on tip toe to kiss his cheek.
"Thanks James. If I dont see you again, catch ya on Tuesday."

The club was ritzy, loud enough to need to speak up, but not unbearably noisy. Elegantly dressed people moved around the room like a glittering tide swirling and eddying to the music. Discrete security personel made Suki smile, the likelyhood of these people getting out of line enough to need the muscled guys was slim. Spotting an empty tall table with several stools around it had Suki making a beeline for it before it was snatched up. A waiter appeared to clean it off just as the familiar got to it. With a smile she ordered a glass of Reisling for herself before looking for her companions.

Fallon 17 years ago
The ride from the marina into the uptown area didn't take long at all, and while they rode along Fallon inhaled the faint scent of her mate. It was obvious that Cyrus had used the limo not long before, and even though she was still learning how to hone her feline skills, his scent was one she easily recognized. Catching herself with a silly grin she refocused on her two companions and the friendly chatter between them.

When they arrived at the club, she had to brace herself against the throng of people waiting to get in. How special she felt to be ushered inside like a celebrity, though she had to admit she also felt a little bad that some other people who'd been waiting long would never get in now. It was a short lived worry though as she watched Suki great her friend, and walked through the door he opened for them.

Holding tight to Ana's hand, and following closely behind Suki, Fallon tried not to let the cacophony around them intimidate her. She liked the tall table Suki found, and slid effortlessly onto the stool. As she looked around the room she gazed at all the pretty people, then nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Aishe!!!" She quickly stood up and waved at her friend, across the room in another group. When she remembered where she was, she withdrew her hand right away, and blushed.

"Sorry ladies...but I saw someone I haven't seen in ages." Looking to Ana, Fallon nodded towards where Aishe was. "Ana...Aishe is over there!" Aishe seemed to be in the company of a man Fallon didn't recognize, as well as speaking to two people Fallon thought she might have met at some time, but couldn't remember for sure. She thought Aishe looked fantastic in her gown, and was pleased to see her friend looking so well.

Regaining her bearings, Fallon sat back down on the stool. She couldn't be sure if Aishe had seen her wave or not, but would try to keep track of her, and hope for an opportunity to at least say hi to her long lost sister.
Montana 17 years ago
When Ana had gotten into the limo, she dutifully buckled herself into the seat. Watching the streets of Nachton go by sideways played a bit of havoc on her equilibrium, but focusing on her two companions helped steady her. The nausea was a dull tickle as she chattered back and forth with Suki and Fallon.

Suki climbed out first, then Fallon. Fallon's hand stuck through the doorway of the open limo, opening and closing as if she wanted to help Ana from the car.

Ana pushed her feet down to stand and, with a grunt and thud, was painfully restrained by her seatbelt, hitting her head on the window. Grumbling to herself, she unbuckled it with a snap and, flinging it to the side, reached for her purse with one hand and Fallon's assistance with the other.

Standing before Suki's friend, she felt the angry eyes of potential entrants on her as she waited nervously to enter the club. She'd never been to such an establishment, and to have a secret friend assist them with their entrance was... enticing. The groans of the waiting patrons made her grin into Fallon's back as they walked into the darkness.

Ana's hand was suddenly let go, and Fallon yelled, then she followed her friend's gaze to spy Aishe, standing with some folks she recognized somewhat. "I hope we can catch up to her... It's been so long!" Ana thought as she counted months since Aishe had spent most of a night with her.

When they all ended up standing around the table, Ana asked loudly enough to be heard,
"So what do we do now? Just dance? Or mingle? I've never been good at mingling." The waiter at her shoulder looked at her and said, "Do whatever you want to have fun, ma'am, but is there a drink I can get you?"

Indecisive, on the spot, and thirsty for almost anything, Ana ordered, "Ice tea please."
Suki Langston 17 years ago
Suki was quite surprised at Fallon's exuberance at meeting someone, but she did recognize the name as someone the two had talked about prior. While the vampire tried to get her friends attention, Ana was giving her order to the waiter made her stop and think for a moment. Waving him over she asked for waters for everyone before leaning over to Fallon to ask her about her friend.

"Thats kind of strange your friend Aishe is here. Who is she? Can you point her out?"

Looking around she pondered if anyone she knew was here tonight. Much to her surprise there were about a half dozen people she knew and could spot easily. One in particular she needed to introduce to Fallon. Amanda was a frequent House of Pain customer that went to be bitten, she was quite addicted to it. The poor girl did not look like she was having any fun here at all, slumped at a table with her chin in hand.

Nudging the vampire with her elbow she asked as quietly as possible in her ear.
"Are you hungry? Cus I could have dessert lined up for you right now if you wish."
Fallon 17 years ago
Fallon wondered. "You think it's strange Aishe is here? Why?" The only thing Fallon thought was strange was the length of time it had been since she'd seen Aishe...which wasn't really all THAT much, but since they'd grown close, and Fallon really had started thinking of the other woman as a sister, any time at all was too much time.

Pointing in the direction of where Aishe sat, as discreetly as she could... "There she is...over at that table, there. I don't know the man she's sitting next to, but the other two...the man and woman I think I've seen before. I guess she didn't see my wave though." Fallon pouted briefly, but then decided she was just glad to see Aishe looking well, and hoped maybe before the evening was over she could at least say hi.

At Suki's nudge, Fallon let go of her focus on Aishe and smile in question.

"I'm getting a little bit, yes, but I'm in no rush...I can wait a bit. However, dessert you say?" Fallon glanced over at Ana, and remembered their time together, not so long ago. She would always be forever in Ana's debt, and loved her even more for her sacrifice that night, but she didn't think she'd ever feel totally comfortable taking from her friend in that way.

Looking back at Suki, she wondered who her friend had chosen for her, and how she had made her choice.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana watched Suki and Fallon comment about Aishe... At least, she thought it was Aishe, since both of her companions had turned to look at the stunning dark-skinned beauty. Ana couldn't quite tell, from watching their lips... Aishe or eggs, she wasn't entirely sure.

Then Suki leaned in and spoke into Fallon's ear. "Dessert lime cup," Suki seemed to say. Fallon responded, "I'm getting a little bit..." but she lost some of the words.

Then, "Dessert, juicy?" And Fallon's glance turned to Ana. Ana tilted her head minutely, and brushed the hair back on the right side of her head, just baring her neck a little. Quirking an eyebrow, she waited for a reaction.

Their drinks appeared on the table, and Ana reached for the sugar, still looking at her friend.

(( permission to read lips given ))
Fallon 17 years ago
It didn't go unnoticed when Ana exposed her neck, and Fallon knew she must have been blushing furiously. Her friend was just too generous for words sometimes, but Fallon had to admit she was more than slightly interested in sharing their connection again. It didn't seem nearly as forbidden or dishonorable as it had the first time, probably because it had ultimately gone so well. But she had convinced Fallon that she had enjoyed the experience, so how could Fallon really not want to share with her again?

She wasn't sure if she should discuss things of this nature with Suki though...not sure how her other friend would feel about such a thing. She guessed maybe if Ana had been Fallon's familiar it would be much the same thing, though Fallon was no where near ready for that kind of responsibility. But maybe by phrasing it as such, Suki would understand. And Fallon could still take advantage of Suki's offer, as she really didn't want to make Ana too weak tonight. If she only took a little from her friend, and then more from her 'dessert', it might work out the best for everyone.

After asking the waiter for an ice tea as well...or a Long Island Ice Tea, Fallon set her small clutch bag on the table, and stood up.

"So who wants to dance first? Ana?" For all her reservations about dancing, Fallon hoped Suki didn't mind that she had decided she really needed to get out on the dance floor now. She would talk to Ana there, and resolve their issue, then give Suki a brief explanation, and take her up on her offer as well. Then she could sit back and watch the other two shake their booties, without further worry.
Suki Langston 17 years ago
"It just struck me as an odd coincidence that we were speaking of her over dinner and here she is!" While she was not superstitious it sometimes struck Suki as eerie how things like this happened. Still she kept any odd feelings to herself as she mentally placed Aishe's face with her name under her "Friends of Fallon" category. Good facial and name recognition kept all those people she met and made friends with much easier.

Just as she was about to explain about the young woman she noticed Ana's actions. Eyes going wide she tried not to respond and draw attention to them more than they already probably had. Regretably Fallon scooted off to the dance floor with the human before she could comment. Smacking her forehead with her palm Suki wondered just what to do. After a moment the waiter brought Fallon's drink and she thanked him after handing over her credit card to run a tab.

Drink in hand she peered onto the dance floor trying to spy her friends but did not see them in the crowd. Shruging slightly she made her way to Amanda and stood chatting for a while. Soon the other girl was following her back to her table thrilled to get away from her cousin apparently and the two chatted about mutual acquaintances while they awaited the return of the other ladies.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana caught the sudden flush of color in Fallon's cheeks and felt bad herself. Not only was her estimation of the date correct since their last... giving... but she'd embarassed Fallon. Then there was the complete lack of privacy in the club...

Then Fallon asked her if she wanted to dance. Looking at Suki inquiringly, who seemed a little shellshocked with her mouth hanging slightly open, Ana shrugged and stood, then offered her hand to Fallon.

Ana waited for her friend to stand, then moved with her through the crowd, virtually dragging the teacher behind her. The music had been a set of faster songs as they'd entered, but luckily a slower melody was being pumped through the sound system. When they reached the dance floor, Ana stood face to face with Fallon. Unsure what to do, she raised her hands to Fallon's shoulders, then dropped them down to her waist, then knocked her hands against her friend's. Giggling, she took charge and placed her hands squarely on Fallon's hips. "There."

As they started to move to the song, Ana leaned forward to whisper in the vampire's ear. "If you need a snack, obviously take Suki's offer, but if you can wait, we can get you squared away once the limo drops us off."
Fallon 17 years ago
Giggling at the issue of who was to 'lead', and then the confusion of where the other was to place their hands, Fallon was glad when Ana settled it. Being that Ana was slightly taller, Fallon placed her hands around the librarian's neck, and moved closer, moving with the softer music. It felt a little odd, but only for a minute or so, and then it became second nature. The fact that Ana was a woman really didn't matter...they were just two people enjoying the music and the closeness of dancing together.

"Later? Oh...alright." Ana had taken the issue and resolved it in a matter of seconds, and Fallon relaxed against her in the dance. "Okay hon...if you're sure. You know I don't want to take any of this for granted."

Kissing the spot on Ana's neck that she had flashed earlier, Fallon turned her attention on just swaying and moving in step with her partner. As they slowly rotated, she noticed Suki had company at their table now, and guessed that was 'dessert'.

"It looks like Suki has made her offer impossible to refuse." Thinking now would be a good time to clear up an earlier discussion, Fallon briefly explained Suki's position to Ana. She had no doubt Ana would remain discreet, and that the information would travel no further.

"I'm not sure if you understood earlier, but Suki, though an increasingly dear friend, is also much more important in our household. Suki is Cyrus' you know that term, or what it means?" Fallon wasn't being condescending, but really wasn't aware of how far Ana's schooling on vampires and their habits went.
Montana 17 years ago
"If you did start to take anything for granted, Fallon my dear, I shall be glad to introduce you to a wonderful librarian tool. We call it a clue-by-four." Winking mischievously, she swayed gently against the smaller vampire.

When her friend kissed the skin of her neck, she shivered minutely. When Fallon began to speak, though difficult to hear her friend, Ana listened intently. Familiar? Her brain processed the word.
"It has its roots in the word family, obviously. While I admit I've read up a bit on ... that lore ... I don't think I've come across that specific word. Are you sure," she asked, suddenly nervous, "that we should discuss this here on the dance floor? Can't we just... dance?" The song sounded like it was building to a crescendo, and Ana announced, "Dipping you, hon," and carefully swung her friend as she turned them to face the opposite direction.
Fallon 17 years ago
Giggling at the 'clue-by-four' comment, Fallon resigned herself to the idea that Ana was going to win this argument always, and from now on she'd just go with whatever her friend wanted to do. It was quite a pleasant experience for Fallon, so...what the heck.

Because she had been speaking quietly, and the music, though slow was still loud, Fallon hadn't thought it inappropriate to discuss such things now. Not that it was really the kind of dance floor conversation that was ideal to the moment, but she was afraid she would forget otherwise. At least not she'd cleared up what she could for the time being, and would trust Ana to bring it up again at a later time if she had any more questions.

The dip took her completely by surprise, even with the quick warning. It was as the words 'dipping you' sunk in that she was going backwards and clinging to Ana, while laughing.

Once they straightened up, Fallon gave Ana a slightly admonishing look, and then pulled her close again to finish the dance. Once the music changed into something a lot more upbeat, Fallon moved apart, and took her friend's hand before turning back towards the table.

"That was're a good dancer...I guess all that dusting and vacuuming has really paid off!"

Upon arriving at the table, Fallon looked at the addition, and then to Suki for introductions.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana had the grace to feign admonishment when Fallon veritably glared at her. Stifling a giggle, she enjoyed swinging her friend slowly about, moving close to her.

Squeezing Fallon's hand gently in thanks as they left the table, she laughed at her friend's comment about the dusting and vacuuming.
"Girl's gotta pick up tricks somewhere!"

She was surprised, though, to find Suki at the table with someone else. "Hello!" she offered congenially.
Suki Langston 17 years ago
Amanda had perked up at the sight of someone she knew in this strange place. Apparently her mother had insisted she attend and wear the rather dowdy dress. The gray creation was a tank dress but with a high neck and shapeless style. It did nothing for the young lady and was certainly a far cry from her usual pink and black goth wear.

The song ended and shortly thereafter Fallon and Ana emereged from the crowd back at their table. With a smile she introduced them all around.
"Fallon, Ana this is Amanda, a friend of mine from work. Amanda, these are my friends Fallon and Ana."

Her polite gestures indicating who was who were done and her hand returned to her lap. Smiling at everyone she tried to get the conversation started. "Amanda was dragged here by her cousin and this is not really her scene. I thought that maybe a friendly face or two would cheer her up some."

Turning slightly to Amanda she filled her in on their evening. "We had a lovely dinner at the Marina and decided to extend the 'Girls Night Out' to include dancing."
Fallon 17 years ago
"Hi Amanda!" Fallon greeted, sincere in her friendly attitude. She had erroneously assumed the new girl was the one Suki had spoken to Fallon about earlier, but now had doubts. Surely Suki wouldn't offer up a co-worker as Fallon's evening meal...or dessert, as she had teased.

Fallon took the girl's hand in her's and squeezed before releasing it. The dress the girl wore seemed totally out of place in the House of Pain, but having been in a situation where you had little choice of clothing, she had to feel a little sorry for the girl. She still managed to look attractive, not really needing clothing to enhance her 'cuteness'.

"And your cousin...she just up and left you sitting alone? Well, we're glad to have you join us...and actually, as long as you don't mind dancing with a bunch of girls, you've helped even out our little group so that we can now all have partners."

Also having felt like a complete outsider before, Fallon was trying to show that Amanda didn't need to consider herself like that while with them.

Putting a casual arm around Ana's shoulders, and drawing her friend in for a quick hug, Fallon smiled.

"And Ana...even though she'd try and make you believe otherwise, is a really wonderful dancer."

Funnily enough, Fallon suddenly felt a little odd. Part of the reason for her feelings, she assumed, was because of the closeness she, and Ana, and Suki had been growing to all evening, and how there was now a new factor being added, that didn't quite match up. Another part was her uncertainty as to the real reason for Amanda being there. It was one thing, this arrangement she had with Ana, and their mutual agreement on the issue of sharing and feeding. But Fallon had never really gotten into making friends with her meals. Even the girl at the convenience store stopped being used, once Fallon began being interested in the girl and her life, and had started having legitimate conversations with her.

No. For Fallon it was a lot less disturbing to just make the bite, feed, and then release the victim back into their own world, without any ties of familiarity becoming an issue.

The trick here was to find a way to impart that information to Suki, and again avoid any hurt feelings. Or, find out that Amanda wasn't the 'dessert', and quit worrying.

"Suki...did you want to dance now, or should I kidnap Ana again?"

The dance floor seemed to be the best place for any kind of private conversation, and Fallon had no qualms about leaving Ana and Amanda alone to chat.
Montana 17 years ago
Shaking Amanda's hand gently, Ana smiled openly at her. "A pleasure."

Fallon seemed to be leading the 'I don't want to monopolize' part of the conversation quite well, though the librarian did feel her cheeks and ears heat up when the 'wonderful dancer' part was mentioned. "I wouldn't say I'm 'wonderful' really but I can shake my hips to a rhythm. That's dancing, right?" She looked around hopefully for validation.

"Then again," she mused, "Maybe dancing is more than that, too. Anyway, I'm not picky, but I do respectfully request a dance with both Suki and Amanda, as soon as I get my drink." Furrowing her brow at the iced tea-less table, she looked around for the man who had been their server.
Suki Langston 17 years ago
Suki hoped that Amanda didnt mind being left at the table with Ana. Though the two could go dance, which would avoid her earlier situation of sitting bored. A faster song was playing now and she knew that dancing to this one would be fun so she slipped off her stool.

"If you dont mind fast songs, I would love to!" The familiar said to Fallon. Though they all four could have danced to this one together in a group, there were several of those such circles happening on the floor already.

As she walked away from the table she leaned close to Ana to inform her about the drink.
"He brought a Long Island Iced Tea and I sent it back requesting a non-alcoholic Iced Tea. I hope that was ok."

Walking out onto the dance floor Suki swayed to the beat, raising her arms and shaking her hips. It was not quite like the music played at the House but it was an interesting techno dance mix that she could move with. Looking over her shoulder she tried to see if Fallon had followed her out here, it was easy to get lost in the crowd even if it was not crushingly packed.
Fallon 17 years ago
Understanding Ana's slight discomfort at compliments, usually feeling the same way, Fallon still refused to let her friend blow it off, and gave her a hug. She also wondered why Ana's ice tea was no where to be seen, and looked for the waiter. But before Fallon could do anything more, Suki was accepting the invitation to dance. Fallon refrained from frowning when she noticed the current music was too fast and boisterous to slow dance to. Further conversations would need to be put on hold it appeared.

"No, I love dancing to anything, fast, slow..." She confirmed, a bit over the din, and then heard bits of the explanation of Ana's drink. Since Ana didn't have her drink, and Fallon wasn't going to be able to talk to Suki, she didn't see any reason why all four of them couldn't dance together. As Suki led the way, Fallon grabbed Ana's hand, and nodded to Amanda, in an attempt so suggest Ana do the same.

"Come on ladies...lets all get out there..." Not one to usually give orders, it seemed very strange to be doing so now...not that they were orders per se, but the excitement of the evening seemed to bolster Fallon's confidence a little. "It'll be fun!"

Looking for Suki, with Ana in tow, Fallon saw the Asian cutie really bouncing to the music. Winding their way through the crowd, Fallon moved around to Suki's side, pulling Ana to her other side.

"We decided to move the party out here!" She laughed once Suki saw them, and Fallon began mimicking some of Suki's moves.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana was perfectly content to sit at their table to chat with Suki's friend Amanda. Her ear perked up when Suki explained her lack of beverage. Coloring embarassedly, she smiled and nodded her thanks. "That's perfect, thank you Suki." Ana had ordered the plain iced tea because after the emotions that ran high from dinner and the glass of wine she'd had, she wanted something 'bland' compared to alcohol.

She grinned lopsidedly when Fallon suggested they all go out to the dance floor, perfectly content to sit and wait for her drink. Squeaking in surprise when suddenly her hand was captured and her arm nearly yanked from her body, Ana reached out with her other hand and grabbed hold of Amanda's, tugging the fourth woman along with her.

She laughed at Fallon's announcement that the party moved to the floor, and bumped her friend's hip with her own as she started to wiggle. After a moment she realized that Fallon had asked Suki to dance, and gently nudged her towards the Asian woman, then turned her attention to the taller Amanda.
Suki Langston 17 years ago
Their group danced through several songs, all fast with a techno type beat. Nothing she truely recognized too well. Amanda appeared to be having fun at least now. She was not as free here as she normally was at the HoP but still her dancing was pretty. Soon enough, Suki wished to sip from her water. Catching Fallon's eyes quickly she made a quick drinking motion with her hand and tilted her head the direction of the table. She hoped to speak to the vampire alone. In a loud voice she leaned into the middle of their circle slightly and spoke.

"Will be right back!" Shaking her tush as she moved back towards the table she was relieved to find it just as they had left it, with one addition, an iced tea for Ana had appeared while they were away.
Fallon 17 years ago
Giving Ana a slightly odd look, Fallon wasn't sure why she was being bounced towards Suki, except that maybe Ana and Amanda had really hit it off during their short conversation, and this was Ana's way of getting a little privacy for herself.

Grinning, Fallon moved towards Suki, but didn't try to initiate any conversation. The music was too loud, and the dancing too erratic to get close enough to be heard. Luckily after a couple songs, Suki seemed to need a drink and moved back towards the table. Fallon gestured to the remaining two dancers, that she was going to follow Suki, and did. She giggled as the Asian girl's ass wiggled off the dance floor.

"Wow...that was fun. I keep forgetting just how much I like to dance, until I get onto a dance floor, and then I remember. It really gets your mood revved up, doesn't it?"

Fallon sipped her drink a few times, and let herself cool down a bit.

"So listen, Suki...this Amanda...she's dessert? I really appreciate you procuring her for me, and I definitely will take advantage, as I am getting a little hungry, but...what is her story? Does she come here looking for this...or is she really just here because she was dumped?"

Neither reason mattered, but Fallon just wanted a better handle on things before she proceeded. She also had a sudden question pop into her head, that made her feel a little uneasy. Would accepting such assistance from Suki go back to disrupting the balance between her and Cyrus? It wasn't like Fallon asked her to go secure her a meal, but still... Fallon would talk to Cyrus about that later, and see how he felt about it. For now, since things were already done, she'd have to hope for the best.

"And...there is something I need you to know, but only because of your position in the family." Living the way they were, and were going to continue to, Fallon didn't think it was right to keep some things from Suki.

"Ana and I are very close friends...she saved me once, shortly after I was turned, in a way I really can never hope to repay. But I love her dearly, and it means a lot for her to give herself to me 'this way', while I will drink from Amanda tonight, when Ginger takes us back to our cars later...Ana and I will leave together..." Fallon ended the statement in a way as she hoped Suki would understand what she had been getting at, but if she didn't she'd feel free to question it.