Blowing off... (Attn. Sam)

It had been done, parking her car outside of Club E she looked herself over in the car mirror, she had gone home after taking care of the job Taiji had provided her with.

Opening the cardoor she smoothed down her outfit, the black pants and matching top showing off all her curvers, matched with a pair of 4" stiletto boots she looked dressed to go out and party.

Giving the doorman a brilliant smile she entered the club, after her recent job she had used her contact at the HoP, the bouncer knew all the other doormen around town and made sure Alex wouldn't have any trouble getting in.

Heading straight to the DJ booth she asked him to play her a song, blowing him a kiss as he did as she asked she began to dance, her body moving in fluid motions to Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"

Sam 17 years ago
Sam wasnt suprised to see that Ginnie had left, and the night took on its usual pace until another woman entered. This one seemed more sure of herself and went straight to the DJ, most likely to request a song which soon started playing, and she started dancing to the beat. He liked her outfit - the way it revealed parts of her flesh as she moved - and found his eyes drawn more to her then anyone else in the club. He supposed the lack of rowdy people was starting to have its effect on him.

He stood, arms folded once more, sunglasses hiding what he was looking at, as he watched her dance. He was due off in a little over an hour, and would be able to make his move on who he chose by then for sure.
Alexandra 17 years ago
She felt someone watching her, closing her eyes she kept on dancing, her senses told her there was a man to her left and some people dancing to her right, opening her eyes she looked straight at the man on her left, his sunglasses hiding his eyes but she knew he was the one watching her. he was one of the Security guards watching the club.

As another song began to play she walked of off the dance floor, heading to the bar she ordered her signature wine, taking the wineglass from the barman she took a sip, ahhhh chilled Merloux.. just the way she liked it.

Holding the glass in one hand she walked towards the man who had been watching her, taking another sip she stood next to him for a moment, she could smell traces of blood on his skin.. either he had been hurt or cut himself during shaving.. or maybe ran into something with fangs.

Grinning she watched the people dance.

"Tell me... should i feel all safe with your around?"

Taking another sip she looked up at him, her almost black eyes sparkling with mischief.
Sam 17 years ago
He felt another shill go racing down his body when she stared straight at him. Was he really being that obvious tonight that people knew he was staring at them? What was going on...

His eyes locked on her as she walked over to the Bar. He noticed she ordered some sort of wine - a fact that would come into play once he got if he decided to pursue her - which, while not unusual, was not something ordered by some one alone very often in a club like this. To each her own. He was suprised when she came over to stand by him for several seconds with out speaking. Perhaps she was playing games with him now? Her question was very suggestive.

"If i was you, i'd feel pretty safe." He responds, though he keep his eyes focused on the dance floor. "I have a calming effect on rowdy people."
Alexandra 17 years ago
"If i was you, i'd feel pretty safe." He responds, though he keep his eyes focused on the dance floor. "I have a calming effect on rowdy people."

Laughing out loud at his remark she moved so she was standing in front of him, poking his chest with her free hand and then squeezing his arm she gave him a naughty smile.

"My my mister Security Guard, what big muscles you have"

Handing her now empty glass to a passing waitress she placed her hands on her hips, looking him over she tossed her long hair back, just then one of her favourite songs began to play, giving him a wink she headed back to the dance floor, moving to the beat she never took her eyes of him, each move of her body being more sensual then the other.
Sam 17 years ago
He grinned as she squeezed his muscles, flexing it against her hand to prove it was more then just for show (like a body-builders muscles). To hell with work, he says as she tantalisingly backs away, keeping her eyes on him. All thoughts of his encounter with Ginnie, and the oddity of what had happened with her, had flown from his mind as he watched her. He moved after her.

"I dont think i caught your name, but i'm Sam...and i get off in a short while if you'd care to hang around."
Alexandra 17 years ago
She saw him coming towards her, moving around his as he spoke to her she took in his appearance, this man was in shape, really good shape.


Leaning into him she whispered in his ear.

"But you can call me Alex and I would love to hang around"

Moving back she looked at his neck, narrowing his eyes at what she saw, there were 2 small bruises on his neck, clearly vamp bites, this man had been bitten not too long ago.. but by who? and had he even realized what happend to him?

"Interesting bruise you have there"

Walking back to the bar she looked over her shoulder at him, crooking her finger she urged him to follow her there.
Sam 17 years ago
It was a pleasing response. It looked like this one would work out. For some reason, when he thought about Ginnie, everything didnt add up right. And the bruise on his neck was interesting, as Alex just pointed out. He followed her off the dance floor to the bar, rubbing at the bruise before responding to her question.

Yeah, i'm not sure where it came from to be honest. Its not a hickey, i dont think." He says, a grin spreading across his face. "Can i get you a drink?"
Alexandra 17 years ago
Reaching out she touched the bruise, yes was a vamp bite, no doubt about it, looking back at his face she smiled.

"You didn't run into a vampire now did you"

Smirking she croocked her head to the side as he asked her if she wanted to have a drink, thinking for a moment she decided it would be best to keep her head together tonight.

"Iced water would be lovely, how long before you get off duty?"
Sam 17 years ago
Sam quirks a brow at her response. For some reason it didnt sound all that funny to he shrugs it off, and orders her an Ice Water. Not what he had been expecting, but the bartender obliged him and made it free of charge.

"Now, if you'd like. Pretty quiet night tonight, and i'm off pretty soon as it is. Wouldnt hurt to cut out a little early. There are plenty of Security here as it is."
Alexandra 17 years ago
She watched his responce to her remark, she had the feeling that who ever did this to him let him know she or he was a vampire, taking the glass of iced water from him she nodded her thanks.

Hooking her arm trough his she led him towards one of the booths, taking a seat she patted the couch next to her.

"Sit, tell me more about Sam.. how did you get all thos nice muscles, you must work out alot"

Alex was in top shape herself, without being overly musclef for a woman, you could tell she took excelent care of her body, her bare arms were slightly muscled as was her abb showing just slightly.

Moving a strand of hair out of her face she took a sip of her water, enjoying the cool liquid she awaited his responce.
Sam 17 years ago
He went drinkless for now, and followed her to the booth. He appreciated a woman who took care of her body and worked out, and wasnt suprised by her question. It was something he got a lot from women. He smiles warmly at her.

"Martial Arts, lifting weights, and football. Played through college, so its kept me in shape so far."
Alexandra 17 years ago
Her eyes lit up, he did martial arts.. interesting, mabye she could spar with him sometimes.

"We should spar sometimes"

She couldn't resist, leaning into him she brussed her lips across the bruise, she knew that would give him a nice little effect as the bruise was still fresh, whispering in his ear she slowly pulled back.

"That is if you can take me"

Grinning she sat back taking another sip of her water, taking an icecube out of the glass she put it in her mouth, sucking on it till it melted.
Sam 17 years ago
Her touch sends shivers coursing through his body, in a good way. His neck and ear seemed to be a very sensitive spot for him. And he was willing to take on her challenge. When she leaned forwards towards him, he used the oppurtunity to peer down the front of her dress and the cleavage she showed.

"I wouldnt want to hurt some one like you." His words are spoken softly, no need to speak loudly, and it allows him to bend his head closer to hers. "I take it you practive martial arts too then?"
Alexandra 17 years ago
Noticing him staring down her top she smirked again, she liked this guy, for a human he was good company to be around.

"I'm not as fragile as you might think, I've been studying martial arts for years, believe me when I say this, I can stand my ground"

Placing her hand on his leg she began to rub little circles along his thigh, looking into his eyes she leaned into him once more, placing a soft kiss on his lips, letting her lips linger there for a moment before breaking the kiss, not moving she spoke softly.

"You might have to try me out some time"

Her words were almost a whisper, kissing him again she placed her hand on his chest bringing her body even closer to his until her breasts were pressed against his chest.
Sam 17 years ago
Tingles shot up his leg when she touched him, starting to stir his arousal once more. The booth was somewhat secluded, apart from those who would walk by the opening. His own hand went to her leg, though it didnt move anywhere. Instead, he kept it on her inner thigh as she leaned in to kiss him. It was just a peck on his lips, but left him with a sweat taste.

"I think i'd like too..." he was cut off in midsentance by a more passionate kiss and her body pressing up against his. He moved his other hand to her waist, holding her there against his large body, his lips pressing up against hers, his tongue snaking out to tangle with her tongue.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Deepening the kiss she let out a soft purr almost growl, this was the first time since a very long time that she had kissed a human, she had forgotten how warm it was, she could feel his blood pump trough his veins as they kissed, the urge to feed growing stronger by the minute.

Pulling back from the kiss she decided to be honest with him, for the first time she felt that if she was going to feed from this man she should let him know.

"Sam.. that bruise on your neck.. it's not a hicky.. it's a vampire bite, now.. please don't freak out, they do excist and most will kill you.. someone fed on you.. not too long ago"

Taking a deep breath she took hold of his hand, lifting it to her mouth she made his fingers connect with her fangs.

Sam 17 years ago
His arousal continued to harden as they kissed, but as he moved his hand up her side she broke the kiss off and said something that immediately reversed his arousal. If he thought about what she said, then some of the unanswered questions about Ginne could make more sense. And since it was the only recent period of time that seemed confusing to him, then perhaps she was the one who feasted on him.

"You're kidding, right?" He says, confusion on his face, only to pull back his hand in suprise when he feels her fangs. "Whoa...thats kinda creepy. So i've been bitten...does that mean i'm going to turn into one too?" The color had drained from his face, and if she could see his pupils, they had widened. For that, he was glad he was wearing sunglasses.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Shaking her head she surpressed a giggle, reaching out she took off his sunglasses.

"You won't turn into one, for that you have to drink the blood of a vampire and they have to drain you, if that had happend to you, you wouldn't be sitting here, you're human"

Pausing she smiled at him taking hold of his hand.

"I'm not"

Taking another deep breath she held onto his hand, somehow she felt that this man was special, too special to be just another random feed.. too special to let go of any time soon.

"Is there somewhere more private we can talk.. that is if you're not so freaked out by now you're going to throw me out of this club and run as fast as your legs will cary you"
Sam 17 years ago
She didnt look like a vampire to him. She didnt feel cold or anything like that. Nothing like what they were depicted like in the movies - and if he pushed the thoughts of her being a vampire out of his him, he'd definately still fuck her.

"Thats some pretty heavy stuff to think about. And i imagine you'd have no problem catching upt o me if i tried to run, right? You guys can like fly?" He shakes his head. This was some crazy stuff she was telling him. He stood up, picking up his glasses. "Follow me." He turns and takes her to the private room Ginnie had taken him to.
Alexandra 17 years ago
He tought vamps could fly, laughing out loud she shook her head.

"Forget what you've seen in horror movies ok, we don't turn into bats and we don't sleep in covins.. well most of us don't"

Grinning she followed him to the room, looking around she took a seat on the couch.

"Look this is all strange to you, most humans think we are a fantasy character, you've probably met 100's of vamps but you had no idea what they were, we don't look different and most of us like me have small fangs that aren't very noticable, other then not being able to go out into the sun and drink blood we're pretty much like any other human being"

She realized how much information this was to him, once again taking hold of his hand she moved closer to him.

"Can i bite you? it will hurt at first, i won't kill you.. just drink a little, believe me it's a good feeling from what i've been told, very euphoric"