Walking just to walk

Wesley stepped out of his flat that is four blocks from campus central. He looked up the street towards the campus and down the street to where he had not gone. He was new to this town and he had become cautious sense the accident. He chooses the familiar and headed toward the campus.

His I-Pod is always his companion on his walks, loudly playing something to his taste and mood at the time. Sometimes it was old school rock, others jazz, and still other times blues. It is all there in that little techno-jukebox.

Block 1

He found the three discount-thrift stores to be an amusement in his quest in bad taste dressing. "Loads of color clashing stuff to shock the senses in them,"Â? he thought.

Further down the block was a pub. It was a dive of a place called, The Top Hat. Some damn strange people were always hanging around it. Wesley always picked up his pace going by it.

Block 2

Not a bad block as they go. The two-screen cinema is at the center of the block, and a deli is right across the street from it. Now what sets it apart is Rooks, a coffee shop with chess as the game of the house. Wesley is A-ok at the game.

Block 3

The next two blocks a park toward the campus runs one side and a verity of shops including three book stores, two sandwich shops, two art galleries, and a stupid prank shop.

Around the campus is a green strip with large old oak trees. The campus was closed in by a eight-foot wall dividing it from the outside world. It was like a fortified bunker. It suited Wesley to a tee. After all of Wesley's oddities was his way to force people away. He had no idea he was doing it, it just was manifested that way.

He set on a bench, pulled out a pocket mystery novel, read for a half hour. Then he got up, put the book away and retraced his steps back to his flat. That was that.