The Cathedral looks to have be taken straight from medieval Europe and placed on American soil in the midst of beautiful rolling hills and forests. The grounds have a small cemetery with grave markers dating from before the American Revolution and large mausoleums holding memorials for vampires of times past. Though very little tends to be left when a vampire dies Anantya traditionally holds ceremonies to remember their passing.
The front facade of the Cathedral is dominated by its three doors. The central door has rose work decorations sculpted across its high arches. The side doors have night scenes on the left door archway and scenes of the hunt on the right. The doors open to the central nave which is astounding in its length and pillared height. The floor plan is shaped in a long cross, typical of many medieval cathedrals. There are a dozen small side chambers along the length of the nave, little alcoves for more quiet conversation. These have statuary of various important personages of Anantya in the place of the saints that would normally dominate these small areas. Towards the front of the nave there is a cross piece that extends both east and west. There are six small bays on each side of these. Three to the north and three to the south of the cross piece.
An iron gate at the center of transept section blocks off the northern most end of the nave from easy view of the entrance. Balconies line the sides providing easy view of the floor below.
The Northern section of the nave is rounded in shape at the northern end and dominated by large stained glass windows depicting the activities of the three Orders. Side rooms provide private meeting areas. There are balconies along the northern nave as well, typically set aside for a choir. A large pipe organ can be seen in the center.
The bell tower is hardly used though the bells toll each night at dusk. It has become part of Nachton lore that the bells of the cathedral toll to signal the coming night.
The catacombs hold many more secrets and has tunnels which connect to the Nachton sewer system, well guarded at all times by the Order of the Hunt.

((OOC: Loosely based on Amiens Cathedral ))