It took some initiative to get Shay moving tonight, so content would she have been to have stayed at home, in her tank and shorts working on her book. But after her meeting with Kyle she decided she needed more ideas independent from her own experiences thus far, to flesh out certain sections of the book. Too many times she found herself reverting to the same phrases and words being used in descriptions...she needed either a more objective eye, or just an entirely new take on things.

She was sorry she hadn't been able to get in touch with Paul. It had been ages since she'd seen him, and she had a world of questions she could as him now. She hoped her friend was doing okay, and that he would get in touch with her soon, if for no other reason than to just say hello. In the back of her mind she hoped he and Alex had hit it off and were becoming as happy as she and Alexi were.

Alexi. She wished he had been able to join her tonight, but his new job seemed to be taking up a lot of his time these days. Selfishly she had to admit she had needed to make quite an adjustment with him being gone so much, but she knew it was so much better for him to have something to focus on, and to give him a sense of purpose. Besides that, she hoped it would continue to help him get back on track with his clan.

Getting out of the house tonight was also an attempt to regain some of her own independence. No matter how much she loved Alexi, she needed to maintain her life as well, and not get so lost in him that she lost herself in the process. She had come perilously close in the past, and was on constant alert now to avoid that.

Sipping her scotch, Shay watched as people passed by her little booth. Couples with eyes only for themselves, singles with eyes out for anyone else...everyone seemed to have an agenda tonight. She wondered if she appeared approachable or not, and if not, how she could make herself seem more friendly, without becoming TOO friendly.

Nicholae 17 years ago
"Thanks." Nic left a large bill on the bar as he picked up his beer, drank it, then scanned the crowd for someone who might want to dance. Then too, if he could find another girl like Alex, he wouldn't be upset. He was horny, and since he wasn't looking for any ties, decided against calling Val. He liked Val, a lot, but needed to keep some distance between them at the moment. He still needed to get his house in order before asking anyone to consider him for more than a brief fling.

Yet he still had needs.

Moving up to one rather voluptuous young woman at the other end of the bar, Nic was just about to ask her to dance when another guy moved between the two, gave Nic a dirty look, and turned the woman away from Nic's view. Shrugging to himself he wasn't concerned. There were several other women about the club, who appeared unattached. He had to believe he'd find one who would find his easy manner, and soft wit appealing.

He felt good tonight...and was sure he looked every bit as good in his deep gray suede slacks, and slate blue silk shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and the body tucked in around his trim abs. The pants were snug enough to showcase his ass, but he didn't care if he appeared an entree, or even an appetizer, as long as someone was as hungry as he was.

Beer in hand he circled the room, pausing to eye a prospective woman, make a note of her pros and cons, planning on circling back again and making his decision. Turned out he didn't need to circle back, when his gaze struck the honey blond sitting alone in a booth. Casually, without appearing predatory at all, Nic moved towards her side of the room, and paused to look out over the dance floor just next to where she sat.
Sam 17 years ago
Sams motor roared as he sped through the streets, his sunglasses protecting him from the wind. It wasnt long before he pulled up outside Club Eternity, turning down the side alley that was part of the clubs property. He drove down to the back, where the garage door opened up for him, the Bouncer back there nodding his head as he recognises Sam. Sam turns the engine off and hops off his bike, making his way into the back entrance of the club. He clocks in and checks the schedule. Floor duty tonight, it seems. He had noticed the three bouncers out front, which was typical of the club.

Passing through a door, the light visibly dimmer with flashes of other colors, the first sounds of music greet his ears. His glasses hide his eyes as he keeps a serious look on his face, bobbing his head to the music until he reaches the last door, at which point he stops all such movement before stepping through the doorway and into the club.

Multicolored lights and noise bombard his senses, but they might as well be arrows bouncing off a castle wall. The lights cause the white writing
Security to glow on his shirt - in large letters on the back of his skin tight shirt and in small letters over his left breast on the front. As if it wasnt obvious that he wasnt there to party.

His eyes scan the crowd quickly, taking note of any potential trouble makers in the packed house. There rarely were any, but it also gave him a chance to spot out any potential 'quickies' or girls to take home wih him. Surverying the dance floor from one spot, his back to a pillar, he turns to glance down the booths. It wouldnt be long before the alcohol and drugs began to flow more freely, and thats when things would heat up a little. He folded his arms across his chest as his unseen eyes dart about, always alert. He hardly listens to the chatter on his ear piece.
Shay 17 years ago
Shay was immediately aware of the young man who had come to stand almost directly in front of her table. At first it irritated her, as she had been enjoying her view of the people dancing, and now he all but cut that off completely. Aside from thinking it rude, it was now also going to be annoying when she had to ask him to move.

First though, she shifted in her seat, a little to the left, and realized she could see fine. She could also see him better, and noticed then how good looking he was. Not that it mattered a whit. He could have been Keanu Reeves himself, and Shay wouldn't have been tempted. Well, okay, maybe just a little. She giggled but then shook the nonsense out of her head. Even Keanu Reeves wouldn't shake away the love she had for Alexi.

After dreaming about her love for several more minutes, Shay focused again on the dance floor, and then the young man. About the time she looked up at him, he looked back at her, and winked.

"I'm sorry...have you mistaken me for someone you know?" She wondered why the hell he was winking at her, and decided he must be thinking she was looking for a pick up maybe. Boy, was he ever wrong.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Damn, he thought. It was the wink that did it, and Nic mentally beat himself for it.

"I would never mistake you for anything but a beautiful woman who seemed to be enjoying her drink, and maybe a bit of people watching? No, it's my loss, but I would remember if I had ever met you, without doubt. Though I would happily rectify that name is Nic Lache, and really, pretty harmless."

She was a very attractive young woman, and a young woman who had what appeared to be a very sturdy backbone. Nic had no illusions that she would be an easy conquest, if he even attempted it. But he did want to at least have a shot...unless she was meeting someone, or previously attached. He didn't see any ring around her finger, but now days he'd learned that meant nothing.

He did also notice she had beautiful aqua colored eyes, and he had to wonder what they looked like under the right circumstances. He grinned.

"Could I buy you another?"

He nodded towards her less than half full glass.
Shay 17 years ago
Such a line, Shay thought, and nearly laughed. But his apparent sincerity stopped her. He really seemed to think she'd buy into his compliments.

But line or not, she didn't want to be rude. So far he hadn't done anything out of line, and hadn't she just considered the fact that maybe she was being less than friendly and too unapproachable? The least she could do was give him a chance, and see what he had to say.

Besides that...he was in Nachton...maybe he was a resident...maybe he was more than that.

"Shay O'Mannon, Mr. Lache...and yes, you most certainly would have remembered me, had we met before. I'll pass on the drink offer, but if you'd like to sit down, I wouldn't be adverse to a little conversation."

Shay gestured to the other side of the table, and as she spoke she caught sight of another young man who had just entered the club. Dressed all in black, Shay immediately thought he was probably someone who worked for the club, and wondered if he was expecting trouble, or just prepared in the event of it.

Turning her attentions back to Nic, Shay again gave a short wish for Alexi to suddenly appear and sweep her away from all this. But knowing that wouldn't happen she smiled at Nic, and waited to hear his next line.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Nic considered the offer to sit down. He was picking up a somewhat 'tough' vibe from Shay, and really wasn't in the mood to hassle. He was more in the mood to find a nice, agreeable young woman, who might really want his company for a while, and Shay didn't seem to be that woman, at all.

He nearly sighed, thinking of Alexandra again, but decided until he saw something better, he'd talk to this woman a bit. She really was quite lovely, and maybe if she saw he wasn't going to push to jump her, she'd relax a little, and they could still have an interesting evening.

"Thanks, and the offer for that drink stands, so if you change your mind, just let me know."

After he sat down, Nic took a swallow, gazed out around the room, then turned to Shay.

"So, what is it you do for employment Shay? Assuming you are employed, and not a wife and mother..."

His interest was genuine, though not strong...making conversation was his main agenda.
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie absolutely hated Club E. She liked it more than House of Pain, but that was not saying much. It was hard to find a decent meal there, unless you caught them early in the night and only took a little bit. But recon is recon and one must go were the bad people are. Rumor had it that one of her runners had gone and gotten hooked on the expensive wonder drug and she had to see for herself. She didn't employ drug addicts, especially ones hooked to drugs she helped make.

Sighing softly she pulled up to the valet and exchanged her keys for a ticket. She tucked the ticket into a gold sequened evening bag and smoothed the skirt of her little black dress over her hips.

A few words and a deft exchange of cash got her inside ahead of the groaning, irritated crowd. It helped belonging to the people that supplied this place. She grinned to herself, and while her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she smoothed the dress over her belly, flicking away an imaginary bit of lint.

Ginnie moved deliberatly to a table near the edge of the dance floor. She made no move to sit, instead looking over the crown trying to find her mark.
Shay 17 years ago
His question was innocuous enough, but for some reason it irritated Shay. She almost snapped back a response, but caught herself. It wasn't like her to dislike someone at first glance, and she had to wonder just what it was about Nic that rubbed her the wrong way.

"I'm a novelist...I write fictional stories, based on experiences I've had in my life. I've had two novels published so far and will soon have my third. It's still being finished up actually, but I'm hoping for a fall release. I..."

Her words were cut off when she saw a familiar face and halfway stood up, and gave a casual wave to her clan mate. She had seen Ginnie the minute she walked into the room, but didn't realize it was her at first. Having always seen the redhead with Alec, it just took Shay a moment to place her being alone. After waving she looked around to see if Alec was anywhere near, but didn't see him.

"Excuse me a minute, would you Nic? I see an old friend."

Shay slid out from the booth and headed towards Ginnie, breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe she could get Ginnie to join them, and create a buffer of sorts with Nic. Though Shay was happy to see Ginnie on her own merits, having always liked the woman, but never having spent much time with her.

"Ginnie! Hi! God it seems like ages since I saw you last. Are you here alone, or is Alec bringing up the rear?"

Shay gave the woman a brief hug, and stood back admiring her dress.

"That dress is stunning! Did you get it locally?"

Shay's own dress was one she'd recently purchased, but she wasn't sure yet if it was her. She had always been partial to black, and pink when it came to her choices, and this one being such a departure took a little getting used to. Of course the final deciding factor would be the Alexi test, but she'd need to wait until she saw him later to gauge his approval rating..
Meegan 17 years ago
Ginnie returned Shay's wave and chose to meet the familiar half way. Her initial scan had not revealed her runner, so she had time to spare, for now. She smiled brightly as Shay neared and returned the casual hug.

"Nope, I'm all on my own tonight. We don't do much work together anymore."

Her smile turned into a grin at Shay's compliment. "You'll get a kick out this one. I found it at Frederick's when I was in buying some panties." Ginnie touched Shay's hip briefly, feeling the fabric. It was shiny, but didn't feel slick or uncomfortable.

"I love this. You love great in it!"

Ginnie looked back in the direction Shay had come, before scanning the crowd again. Her eyes stopped on a new piece of big dark haired muscle. She spied the little white letters over his left peck and wondered when the club had hired a new bouncer, he was very yummy looking. She wondered if she'd be able to get close enough to take a little taste. It was almost guaranteed he would be untainted by drugs or alcohol.

"Who was your friend?" She said turning back to Shay. "Is Mathias not with you this eve?"
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie returned Shay's wave and chose to meet the familiar half way. Her initial scan had not revealed her runner, so she had time to spare, for now. She smiled brightly as Shay neared and returned the casual hug.

"Nope, I'm all on my own tonight. We don't do much work together anymore."

Her smile turned into a grin at Shay's compliment. "You'll get a kick out this one. I found it at Frederick's when I was in buying some panties." Ginnie touched Shay's hip briefly, feeling the fabric. It was shiny, but didn't feel slick or uncomfortable.

"I love this. You look great in it!"

Ginnie looked back in the direction Shay had come, before scanning the crowd again. Her eyes stopped on a new piece of big dark haired muscle. She spied the little white letters over his left peck and wondered when the club had hired a new bouncer, he was very yummy looking. She wondered if she'd be able to get close enough to take a little taste. It was almost guaranteed he would be untainted by drugs or alcohol.

"Who was your friend?" She said turning back to Shay. "Is Mathias not with you this eve?"

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Sam 17 years ago
Sams eyes were drawn to a new arrival as she walked past, her butterfly dress revealing her very attractive body. He allowed himself to stare, confident that no one would notice due to his sunglasses, and confident in the fact it was still too early for anything violent to errupt in the club. Not that the Club had a history of such things, but you never know when something might happen.

His eyes followed her until she stopped. Looks like she was waiting for some one too. Sam wrote her off as being unattainable for him that night. But there were plenty of fish in the pond, and he turned his attention back to the dance floor were some more women were dancing and grinding.

A few moments passed and he turned his attention to glance over the booths once more. It was something that had been trained into him - to always check around and keep an eye on everything. He noticed that the woman who had previously been alone had picked up a guy. Her attention, though, turned to the one he had been spying upon, leaving her male companion behind. Acquintances it seemed, as they commented on each others dresses.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Surprisingly enough, Nic was interested in hearing more about Shay's occupation, and was about to ask for the titles of her book, when she upped and left him.

His eyes followed her to where she greeted a friend, and took in the lovely friend as well. Such a bevy of beauties and here he sat all alone. He hoped Shay would bring her friend to the table to join them, as the chances for him would then double. Unless of course both women wound up being taken...and that thought led to wonder if they might be an item together. He quickly dismissed that thought since the two hadn't greeted each other with anything more passionate.

Sipping his beer, Nic let his eyes roam the dance floor yet again, thinking that if he found some poor deserted young waif, he could come to her rescue. He was getting a little bored sitting alone.
Shay 17 years ago
The mention of work made Shay grin, and assuming Alec was more involved with the training aspects of the clan, along with Alexi, it made sense that Ginnie would be here alone. The only part that Shay was unclear on, was what it was exactly that Ginnie did. She dared not ask though, being that it involved the clan, and Shay didn't really know Ginnie all that well yet. But she wasn't adverse to finding out.

"Friend? No...he's just some guy who I think is trying to pick me up. He seems harmless enough, and I've been giving him a rather hard time, but it's kinda fun." Shay's eyes crinkled in humor, as she tried not to giggle.

"Mathias, I believe, is working...possibly with your Alec. He's become very involved in training your new...mercs?" Shay thought that was the word, but wasn't positive. "So I decided to brave the social scene, and see if I could pick up any new information I might be able to incorporate into the book."

Shay didn't know if Ginnie was aware of her career, and didn't want to sound too pompous, so she left it at that, pending any questions Ginnie might have. Shay was proud of what she'd written, and had no qualms talking about her books, but knew if a person wasn't interested it would become boring quickly.

"Would you like to join me for a my 'friend'...have a drink? Or, being that you're working, did you need to rush off?"
Ginnie 17 years ago
"You're a writer? I didn't know that. I have absolutely no talent in that area, so I admire people that do. We'll have to get together over coffee or something and you can tell me all about your books. This," she made a sweeping gesture, "is not the best place for intelligent conversation."

She gave Shay a small wink, and looked back up at her "friend." "I'd love to meet him. My work is being here, watching, so no rushing off for me."

Ginnie scanned the club again, her gaze stopping on the new dark-haired bouncer. She gave him a small come hither look and a wink, before turning to follow Shay. Maybe he'd come over and ask her to dance.
Shay 17 years ago
Eve trying to maintain a blase' demeanor, Shay couldn't help but beam a little as she thought about talking to Ginnie more about her books. She might even learn more about Ginnie's work as well.

"Then come join us, and meet Nic." Shay turned and headed back to her table, a bit more spring in her step knowing she'd have someone now to help split off Nic's attentions from being concentrated on her alone. She also would try and remember this situation in the future, before she chose to go out on her own again. Next time she'd revert back to the marina, or the flower gardens...someplace she was less likely to be a pick up target.

"Nic? This is my friend Ginnie...she boyfriend work together." It seemed a logical explanation, and might help explain why Shay didn't know that much about Ginnie, should the questions arise. Though something told her Nic probably didn't give a whit about anything along those lines.

Shay was now sitting in the middle of the booth, more towards Nic, and making room for Ginnie to sit. She nodded in the direction of a waiter who caught her eye, and sat back when she saw he was making his way to the table.

"Ginnie, this is Nic Lache...though I'm afraid that's about as far as we've gotten in our introductions."
Ginnie 17 years ago
"Hello Nic Lache." She favored him with a brilliant smile. She was here as a single girl scoping guys, it was the only cover she had and she hoped Shay wouldn't blow it for her, though the familiar had no reason to know she needed a cover. Oh well, they'd see how it played out.

The waiter approached and she ordered a cherry coke. She needed to stay clear headed tonight, but she'd not decline any drink bought for her, single people had crappy rules sometimes.

"Well now that names are out of the way let's move on to occupations. What do you do for a living Nic?" She blinked slowly at him, the flirting smile never leaving her lips.
Sam 17 years ago
Sam decided to move a little closer, especially after that wink she gave him. It was an invitation wasnt it? Despite being on duty, he was supposed to make the patrons comfortable and happy. Even if that meant fraternising with them. And perhaps she'd be more then just eye candy for him tonight? His face remained stoic, and he shifted weight from one foot to the other. Might as well...

He moved down the isle towards them, though he didnt approach their table. Instead, he took up a position where he could still scope the out the dance floor - and any trouble makers - and eaves drop on their conversation. With any luck, he'd pick up her name.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Standing up, as well as he could in a booth, Nic put his hand towards Ginnie, and smiled his most disarming smile. She seemed quite a bit more friendly than Shay, at least on first impressions.

"Just Nic, really." He grinned again as he sat back down.

"Right now I'm afraid I'm living off investments, and in addition I have just that type of firm in England that is quite profitable, and helps me get along. Though I have been scouting properties and structures around town, with the hopes of opening a new hotel, slash resort. So far I've pretty much just run into some dead ends, but I'm not giving up. I know Nachton has the Piazza, but I think another place would do well, and I hope to think my place will have a bit more going for it than the Piazza...once I have a place that is."

Nic didn't tell them that he was actually now in talks for a prime piece of real estated on the north end of town. With the way his past negotiations had gone, he didn't want to run the risk of anyone else finding out about the deal and stepping in.

"And just what is it you and Shay's boyfriend do? We didn't have a chance to get that far either."

Now that he was sure Shay had a boyfriend, Nic's attentions were most definitely focused on Ginnie from this point forward.
Ginnie 17 years ago
Her fingers had lingered just a little too long in Nic's when she'd sat down and they tingled now. 'What the hell is that about?' She must be hard up as it had been almost a week since she and Alec had...'ok enough of that.' She moved her purse from the table to the booth beside her, and crossed her legs at the knee.

"Mr. Alexandrei and I do not work in the same department. I work in research and development. Hmm, beauty and brains, frightening combination, no?" She let her irish accent run thick tonight, as her smile turned mischievous. 'Maybe Mr. Lache would make a good snack too.' Her eyes once more roved over the crowd and her mark was still unseen. "Little rat probably wont' even show up and I'll have put on a stick on bra for nothing.'
Nicholae 17 years ago
Her flirting wasn't wasted on him. Nic thrived on attention from pretty ladies, and Ginnie was without doubt very pretty. Having grown up in Europe, he wasn't as turned by a pretty accent as a lot of American's were, but he could still appreciate her brogue, and how musical it sounded.

Finding himself growing vastly enamoured of the brunette, Nic now wished Shay would find a reason to be elsewhere. It was rude of him, he knew, but tonight wasn't about making life long friends. Tonight had been for finding someone soft, who smelled good, and kissed well. Shay had eliminated herself from that group...and as yet, Ginnie had given no indication that she needed to be removed as well.

"Beauty, and brains...definitely a deadly pairing, though you wear them very well."

Nic grinned. On the pretext of stretching, he casually rubbed the toe of his soft Italian leather loafers along the back of her ankle. For all intents and purposes, he acted as if he hadn't felt a thing.

"Dare I ask what it is you research and develop?"