Human Relations

Iov Hammerthynn was slightly distracted as he put his books away. He was trying to be impressed by his new built in shelves that were taller than himself and spanned three of the four long walls of his office.

'If you wish, we can discuss the humans now, my lord.' Hammerthynn's voice was the usual detached and unemotional tone. He had no interest in the humans as far as relations, but if his leader felt the need to discuss it, he'd comply as he organized his books.

'Granted I'm fine with 'don't litter them on the lawn', myself.'

Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph considered buying Hammer his very own crucifix to lug around with him. Maybe a ball and chain too, for a finishing touch.

'My lord' was almost too much. Hammer knew he hated it. It made him twitch. But, Xeph thought with a sigh, he supposed fair was fair.

"Our lawn would be kind of messy, don't you think Hamster? Last thing we need is the Department of Health getting on our case."

Xeph nudged Hammer's desk chair out a bit and flopped into it, wriggling around as he kicked back and crossed his long legs. Linking his fingers behind his head, the picture of relaxtion, he prepared to ignore any dagger-filled glances that may or may not be sent his way. If Hammer didn't want Xeph's ass in his chair, Hammer had better buy some more furniture for this coffin... err, office.

"I don't want our Kadzait to feel they can't do what they need. But I won't have the Illamar threatened during the full moon. So," he raised a finger, indicating number one. "First rule. Eating humans... fine, if you have to. But not in the compound. They had better get themselves well out of the way."
Iov Hammerthynn 15 years ago
Hammerthynn picked up another book from his desk and gave his leader a bland look with a hint of death warmed over as he watched his chair be assaulted.

'Oh I ate the representative from the department of health. Was that a problem?' Hammer said without inflection. He turned over the book to look at the spine and placed it quietly on a top shelf with an innocent look on his face.

Not waiting for an answer, he continued.
'Any stipulations to said eating off property? There's no fun if you can't regulate. We should define the rules of proper engagement as well. In both the romantic and vicious sense.'
Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph basked in the not-so-glow of Hammer's expression and impudently put his feet up on the desk, nudging aside a stack of books, which pushed it up against another unpacked box, which just made everything even more cluttered than was strictly necessary. Ah. Life was good.

He raised his eyebrows at the image Hammer's words evoked... he ate the... well damn. Excellent. "Did you hide the remains well? I'm not paying for your Court proceedings if not."

Food for thought though. Xeph hadn't considered placing restrictions on hunting outside the Den. "I won't tolerate violence. Not unless it's self-defense. We're here to make room for ourselves and I won't do it by force. The only time I can't ask for our wolves to keep a civil mind is during the full moon. All other times though, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them not to cause trouble."

He wasn't sure Hammer would see eye-to-eye with him on that count. Or socket-to-eye.

Iov Hammerthynn 15 years ago
Reaching behind him, he caught the box that the alpha had moved aside with his feet without looking behind him. 'I hope you wiped your feet first, Sire.' He slightly emphasized the royal title and allowed himself a soft snort, especially at Xeph's response to his meals. 'I kid, Xeph. He was too short anyway.'

Hammerthynn had his doubts about the younger members keeping out of trouble. New were's were always so eager to hunt and show off their prowess. He was all for violence although he was mostly indifferent to the pack members, it was their arrogance towards violence that annoyed him. And with arrogance would come territory battles.

'The issue of territory will come up with our dark brothers. You realize that?' He put another book away and broke down an empty box. Without looking up, Hammer knelt down and looked into another box. Here were the books he kept separate from the others. Hammer lifted a very worn book, turning to read the spine.

'And what of 'the others', Xeph? They will inevitably start picking off our members - can we do the same, I wonder?'
Xeph 15 years ago
"Pretty sure I used one of these old books to wipe them off on." Xeph's insolence knew no bounds when it came to harrying his beta. Paeticularly when titles of royalty were involved.

He chuckled to himself; it amused him to no end when Hammer didn't realize he was kidding back and felt the need to point it out. The idea of the R'asa, as well as Hammer's 'others' was sobering enough, however.

Xeph frowned, mismatched eyes darkening. "I didn't come here to start a war. With either of them. I came here to make our presence known, to hold down our own territory." He made a dismissive gesture with his hand. Relations with the R'asa weren't outwardly hostile. And as far as he knew, the vampire community was still in the dark. Ha, ha.

"If they come after us we will retaliate. Swiftly. And decisively. We will claim our territory and defend that space, but we will not be the cause of aggression."

Xeph was firm on that. Neutrality was his call-word for the moment. He was a good soul, for the most part, and he wanted what was best for the Pack first and foremost, but there was a limit to who he would kill for that. He refused to be the instigator of such measures. That said, if he discovered any hint of violence against his own Pack, he was prepared to exact justice.
Iov Hammerthynn 15 years ago
Hammerthynn glared at Xeph with a disgruntled eye. He humphed and moved to another box to unpack. He listened to the alpha's stance on the R'asa and began putting away his books on physics.

'Alright then,' Hammer concluded quietly. 'And what about romantic ventures by the pack? Standard rules of presenting and approval? We could make up a rule and have our way with the women?' He picked up another book and in a monotone voice. 'Wouldn't that be nice?'
Xeph 15 years ago
It was Xeph's turn to look disgruntled. He hated when Hammer agreed without argument. Much as he may pick on him, he valued Hammer's opinion, even if just for the reason that it often differed from his own.

"Romantic ventures?" Ugh, leave it to Hammer to pick the one topic for discussion Xeph was woefully ignorant of. Since taking over the Pack almost thirty years prior, Xeph had been mated to responsibility. His dates were few and far between, and depressingly short-lived. He had an entire world full of Kadzait to take care of, and the one true romantic interlude he'd ever had, shortly after becoming alpha, had ended in one too-short year.

He glowered at his bare feet. "Romantic ventures," he repeated grudgingly. "Who am I to try and tell someone who they should see? All the Kadzait are, at any rate, aware of what happens if they reveal our existence to someone who is not Pack, and they take it and run with it."

He huffed and crossed his arms over his broad chest now. "You tell me. What about romance?"


He got less action than Hammer.

It was time to consider suicide.
Iov Hammerthynn 15 years ago
It was a rare occasion when Hammer would crack a grin, much less chuckle and he did so with great exuberance, granted for him that was just one good solid snort.

'Me thinks you should get out more, my leige. In any case, it would behoove us to be detailed in our...suggestions, but that they are only restricted in discussing their family ties, not spreading their seed.'

Hammerthynn looked at Xeph with a grin,
'I'd be more than happy to assist the Alpha in seeking temporary mates. That is, I'd be happy to give you some pointers.'

Turning back to his book shelf, he crossed his arms and chuckled again.
Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph was tempted to push one of the boxes over onto the floor, but he restrained himself and allowed Hammer his chuckle. Okay, a lot of chuckling.

"Right. Fine. You can handle that bit of rule writing, Don Juan," Xeph muttered. Particularly if it was so amusing, the Love Doctor could handle it.

"And that brings us to betrayal," Xeph said, happy to change the subject. "Those who learn about us and can't keep their mouths shut."

He looked at Hammer with raised brows, awaiting his opinion.
Iov Hammerthynn 15 years ago
The smile gave way to the normal slightly annoyed look. 'Dead of course. Is that even a question? I'm for dead.' Hammer did a side slicing motion indictating he was decided on the matter.

He knew where this discussion would go though. Where Hammerthynn was indifferent, Xeph was forgiving. Betrayal seemed fairly cut and dry to him, but he was ready for Xeph's counter, as always.
Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph kept his arms crossed and didn't look directly at Hammer for a few moments. He usually judged on a case-by-case basis. But his own words echoed back at him. They weren't here to start trouble. That meant anyone his Pack members brought in had to be utterly trustworthy. Their security, the welfare of his Pack, they were paramount.

He looked at Hammer and nodded once, curtly.

Iov Hammerthynn 15 years ago
Hammerthynn stopped and looked at Xeph.

' you hear that?'

He looked around the room and then raised a hand to his ear. 'Is that...the 4th dimension opening up and swallowing the world as we know it into its black hole of destruction? Quick, to the shelters. We agreed on something!' Giving the younger man a small grin he placed the books in his hands back into their boxes.

'Wait, do we get to kill the family too? That might be a little heavy handed, but one bad apple...?'
Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph poked a finger at Hammer with a mock-serious expression. "I'll crack the jokes 'round here," he drawled. "We don't even have a shelter. Make a note. We need a shelter."

Shaking his head with a laugh he added, "Slow down there, Killer. I think murdering one at a time is quite enough. And hopefully, we won't have to that. We have to trust that our Kadzait will use their best judgement. I'd hate to have to kill an Amaroq who mentored someone foolishly."

That, in Xeph's opinion, would be a very bad thing indeed. To have a newly-Gifted were run off and betray the Pack would mean death for the Gifter as well. But that was where the trust came in. His Pack would have to remember that.
Iov Hammerthynn 15 years ago
Hammer sniffed with disdain. 'Party pooper. And for hades sakes, get your feet off my desk.' He swiped at the younger man's feet. 'I don't have furniture in this room for a reason, but that doesn't mean take MY seat. Shoo, off with you. Leave an old man to his pretty books.'

With a grin he turned back to his bookshelf and began to rearrange.
Xeph 15 years ago
Xeph gave Hammer his best look of wide-eyed innocence. "Funny, I assumed the lack of furniture DID mean I could take your chair."

He lifted his feet to avoid Hammer's swipe, but replaced them on the floor nonetheless. "Very well. I leave you your books, vassal."

He stood with a little flourish of his hand. "Did you want to kiss my royal.... ah, ring? I believe that's the proper procedure when your King is departing... all right, all right, I'm going!"

He had plenty of unpacking of his own to do. And Xeph figured if he didn't get his wise ass out of there Hammer might throw something. It was rare enough for either one of them to goof off, though, so Xeph couldn't feel too badly about it. Needling Hammer was just about his only form of entertainment nowadays anyway, and Hammer could use the practice being patient.

Still, he didn't relish the idea of heavy objects hurled with sickening accuracy, so Xeph headed off back to his own office to stare at his own pile of books and boxes.

((Xeph out!))