Pack Structure, Dominance, and Leadership

A word to the wise - any rule that doesn't kill you, makes you a stronger part of the pack. Any rule that is broken...I will kill you myself. ~ Iov Hammerthynn

Structure and Dominance

Pack structure in the Kadzait is both rigid and flexible at once.

There are definite levels of dominance; the alpha, the beta, the left-behind babysitter, even the loner. There is, however, a great deal of movement from level to level, and just like in the wild, these are subject to change and flux.

Dominance can be established on many levels. Within your family you may be the youngest child, always bullied and pushed around. However, when out with friends your age you might be the only one capable of making and executing any decisions, even if it's just what movie to see. The Kadzait encourage this structure-yet-unstructure.

Leadership and Challenge

Within the Pack there are an alpha and a beta. However, like a wild wolf pack, these positions may flip-flop depending upon the Pack's circumstances. In times of trouble or fighting, Xeph may look to the more experienced Hammerthynn to take the lead, although he will not be idly sitting in the wings himself.

Most times, you can expect to look to Xeph in the alpha role with Hammerthynn the reliable beta. Like most Packs, leadership usually passes from one to the other very quietly, through a show of deference and mutual consent by the entire Pack. Very rarely does a Pack witness an open Challenge.

Challenge is the term for a test of wills between an alpha or beta and his/her would- be successor. This is more akin to what you may see in the wild; a stand-off between younger and older wherein very few physical blows may be exchanged, but the two communicate with subtle changes in body language and scent. A Challenge may be settled peacefully in a few moments, or violently over the course of several hours.