Wolf Behaviors

'Any Kadzait caught with their tail between their legs will be shot and eaten.'

~ Vigo Hammerthynn, Father of Iov, Son of Alexi - circa 1844

Here's a list of helpful behavioral traits for those unfamiliar with wolves (and by association, dogs). Some of these may or may not translate well onto the human form, as you can see:

Aggression: Ears forward, teeth bared, growling, snarling, tail lowered and standing straight out.
Dominance: Similar to aggression, may include straddling subordinate, gently biting top of nose or muzzle of subordinate.
Submission: Low posture, tail between legs, licking own muzzle as well as chin/muzzle of superior, rolling over, showing whites of eyes, throat flash.
Annoyance: Ears pressed back against head, drawn back lips.
Happiness: Tail wagging, ears forward, panting (“grin”)
Alert: Ears forward, tail up.
Relaxed: Tail hanging naturally down, ears out to sides at an angle.