((OOC... yup its open. She is officially fair game.))

Really, she knew where that book was, mostly, sort of. OK so she had a general idea but the problem was it was in that first bedroom, her unofficial storage room, in a box and probably buried under other boxes. Reign was sure it would be easier to just go to the library and find another copy. She only needed a few things out of it.

She hated lugging her laptop about and so had left it home carrying only a backpack that doubled as a purse and held a binder with paper and pens. She didn't intend to stay long.

Dodging the helpful staff she rambled up to the third floor and started poking about. Luck was with her and she seemed to be in the right section. Ha! There it was on that top shelf. Stretching she could just touch it and if she was very careful... it would fall and hit her on the head.

"God damned it!

Library or not that had hurt and Reign was louder than the environment warranted. Pressing her hand to her head trying to control the pain, but not bothering to straighten her glasses, she squinted at the floor trying to find the large heavy book that had just attacked her.

Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
He'd collected all manner of research materials. Teaching guides, techniques, military drills, books on guerrilla warfare and tactical history...sure, he could have borrowed them from people at the Domicile, but that would have led to questions, and then to gossip, and he wasn't quite ready to put the "Mercenary Trainer" nameplate on his office door quite yet. Walking toward the front, he pondered whether he'd run into anyone he knew on this trip...that might lead to some awkward discussions as well. It'd be easier to pass off the books to folk outside the clan than inside. They'd know it was somewhat outside of his area of interest, whereas with an outsider ANYONE could be an armchair historian or general.

Chuckling to himself about some of the antics surrounding the last library trip, Alec heard an audible binding-to-the-face-and-then-the-heavy-book-to-the-floor type sound. Wincing, he popped his head around the corner, he saw a tall girl giving her face a rubdown and scowling at her book. Making the face that generally indicates that you know EXACTLY how that felt, he shared the wince and said

"That sounded like it hurt - you alright there?"
Reign 17 years ago
Knocking her glasses back into place she made the fantastic discovery that the nosepiece had broken in the encounter. Well fuck that. She dabbed her hand on her nose a few times and was finally satisfied it wasn’t bleeding, it just hurt, at least it didn’t feel broken.

Nuts. That whole fiasco had been witnessed. Great. That was just the perfect ending to this mess.

“Oh peachy. I enjoy taking heavy books to the face. It’s a hobby.”

Yes that was probably unwarranted, but it was more sarcastic that surly or snippy. That is what she decided while wondering what was up with her sudden fascination with alliteration.

Reign shrugged slightly, it could be taken as an apology and stooped to pick up her book.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Grinning a bit mischievously, Alec quipped

"Well, if I ever meet someone who is into dropping books on people's heads, I'll send them your way. A library in California might be more to your liking than Nachton's, with all of those earthquakes. Ups the chances for a prized encounter."

Winking, he continued.

"No blood, still conscious and plenty snarky. Injured woman confirmed as ok - my work here as a gentleman is done!"
Reign 17 years ago
“I only do books to the face, not shelves and walls thank you very much.”

Reign turned the book over and bit back a great deal of profanity. It was the wrong book. Glancing up confirmed it, the one she wanted was still on that top shelf. She was going to find who ever designed these shelves and kill them. Or at least make them use them.

Snarky. That was a good word for her negative and alliterative ‘s’ moods, sarcastic, surly, snippy, snarky. Maybe she could pull off sullen next.

“Boy I sure hope you’re working pro bono for that kind of quality.”
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
"Well, a girl's got to have standards, I suppose. No construction workers or interior decorators for you."

With the look that came over her face as she looked up, Alec knew what had happened. Managing not to laugh at her situation, he said

"Quality is job one, or something similar. I'd offer to help reach the book, but I'm not any taller than you are. How's this - I'll find you a nice rickety chair to stand on so your evening will be complete? I think I saw one with a crack in its leg earlier this evening. I'd be happy to get it for you."

Popping around the corner, Alec came back with a metal library step stool and slid it before the stranger.
Reign 17 years ago
What was that the Ford slogan? Boy had she got a live one here, but it made her smile. Even Reign’s smile had a slight bite to it. It wasn’t blatantly hostile but not entirely friendly.

She’d been stretching for the –right- book when he came back around with the step stool. It was thoughtful and she started to cut him some slack but it was way too close to a ladder for Reign to really appreciate it.

“Why don’t you get it? Its that one there.”

She pointed at a very large, very heavy literary critic. If the book hadn’t cost an arm and a leg she would have bought another copy. It was too late now though.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
"Almost a smile! Goodness! But putting the nice man to work. Tsk, tsk. Luckily, lifting is one of the few things that men are good for."

Abandoning his pile at the end of the row, Alec popped up the ladder and gabbed the book. Looking back down at her, he smirked.

"Hm...a critic, huh? I'd certainly not have guessed. Well, Ms. Critical, here is your tome. I think you chose the right one to drop earlier, incidentally. This one doesn't look as soft or as light as the other."

Scooping up his armload, he nodded.

"Name's Alec. If you do the library thing a lot you'll probably have to endure me again. I apologize in advance."
Reign 17 years ago
“Nice man remains to be seen. But you’re making progress.”

That served as a thank you in her mind. Reign scowled at the book as he retrieved it She would have to be it was the correct book this time. If it weren’t she was going home, it didn’t pay to stay out when you obviously weren’t meant to be.

She offered her hand to him as he introduced himself. It was only polite.

“Reign and I get to say the same thing. But generally I don’t swear so much.”
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Smiling, Alec adjusted his bundle and shook her hand. Unconsciously, he extended his sense of touch to take in the information of this woman's hands. Strong fingers, but loose grip...VERY odd pattern of hard and soft skin on the hands...obviously she did something physical on a regular basis, and it involved holding something, but it wasn't a militant or muscle building exercise. A puzzle. And two nice rings...too bad. Someone might miss this one, and he'd gone through all this work. Back to the drawing boards...besides...it wouldn't do to get blood on the books.

"Really? Generally I swear a bit more, but it IS a library. Certain decorum is to be maintained, I'm told...repeatedly."

Releasing his light grip, he stepped back.

"Lovely rings, by the way. Unusual that they aren't a matching set on the same finger...means there's a story there. Maybe next time we can swap one. For now, I need to get myself edumuhcated."

((Alec out, pending response))
Reign 17 years ago
“A time and place for everything.”

Reign agreed. She almost laughed at the idea of being told repeatedly. That sounded familiar, and not necessarily in a good way.

When he mentioned her rings she unconsciously smoothed her thumb over them, making sure they were still there. No matter what anyone said or did, she just couldn’t give them up. She had –immediately- moved them off her left hand once the divorce was official, she wouldn’t let herself dwell on the failed marriage, but Vince was still Vince and Reign found a certain stability in keeping them.


She doubted it, but stranger things had happened. A one sided smile crept across her face as he excused himself.

“Good luck with that.”

Satisfied he had left and she was again alone Reign found a table, tossed her bag in a chair pulled out her notebook and began sorting through the killer book looking for what she needed.
Ichiro Taiji 17 years ago
Tai witnessed the show from a tucked-away corner. He'd been curled up in the dim light there, a large book on his lap that he wasn't necessarily paying much attention to as it hadn't been his reason for being in the library at all.

'Work' was a bit slow and he hadn't quite been able to truly relax and see everything he wanted to see in Nachton. There was always someone to kill. No rest for the wicked and all that. Free time had finally led him to the library. It was the logical place to begin in any city; if the library itself wasn't old, then it would certainly have the correct information on what in the vicinity was.

In this situation, although the building wasn't anywhere near as old as some he'd seen in Europe and Asia, the library here was impressive. The architecture was quite lovely, but frankly the books in it were priceless. He'd love to get his hands on those.

For purely non-profitable reasons, of course.

Somewhat intrigued by the blonde woman's stumbling about and dropping books, Tai uncurled himself and silently padded over to where she now sat, absorbed in her note-taking.

"That was quite the show."
Reign 17 years ago
Humph. She’d forgotten how much she disliked this particular critic. Occasionally Reign wondered if the various contributors had even bothered to –read- what the were rabbiting on about. Still Dr. Faucheux had recommended it and he’d approved of her use of it. Limited but potent, he’d even liked the slightly hostile way she’d gone after it. Reign suspected the good doctor knew and disliked the author.

The broken nose pad on her glasses was keeping Reign from concentrating as well as she might. While she hadn’t heard his approach, she had enough discipline not to start or jump at the voice, although her shoulders tensed slightly before she sat up and looked about.

A looker, defiantly not too shabby, but… hmmm… Maybe she’d spent too much time in pool halls and was just simply far too suspicious. Temporarily she shelved the question and smiled sarcastically.

“If you’ve enjoyed the show tips are appreciated, but not required.”
Ichiro Taiji 17 years ago
Now that he was closer, he was able to take in her attire. Tai gave her the once-over, subtly, gazing at her with amusement that she should be so brash. Embarrassment, perhaps?

"You want a tip? Next time use the step stool right from the start. It might save you a headache."

He flashed a grin at her. Although he was in a cordial enough mood he still couldn't help wondering what she did here in Nachton. She didn't look like she was terribly well-connected, but Tai knew better than to operate on assumptions alone.

He tilted his head and peered a bit more closely at her book. "Getting a smaller book would be helpful too. What, if you don't mind my asking, is that?"

He set his own book down and leaned casually against the table, not planning on going anywhere quite yet.
Reign 17 years ago
“Har har har.”

She sounded slightly sarcastic but actually Reign was amused. That was something she might have said. Only her ‘tip’ generally was ‘Don’t walk in front of a speeding bus.’ Still it was the thought that counted.

He certainly didn’t seem to be in any hurry to leave she noted and he didn’t seem like the sort to be put off if she just went back to her work. So she’d meet him head on, that seemed like the best idea.

“I asked for something in a small paperback that would match my bag but literary critics only come in one size… bloody huge.”

Casually twisting her head she tried to see what he was reading. Hmmm Nachton architecture, that was interesting. Maybe he was new to the city or maybe he just liked buildings.

“Doesn’t look like you wandered in for light reading either.”
Ichiro Taiji 17 years ago
Tai looked down at his book; it was a thick tome that described the background of Nachton's oldest buildings, and there was a great deal of focus on the architecture and building methods of each. Deliberately misunderstanding her, he hefted the book experimentally.

"Oh. I don't know. It's only about five pounds. That's light enough for my purposes."

He was in a fairly good mood, it didn't hurt to have friends here either. Turning on the charm wasn't difficult, as it looked like this particular woman wasn't really petty theft material. He was getting a little bored with picking pockets, anyhow.

Setting his book down gently, he tilted his head at her. "And what purpose do you have for a literary critique? You look like you're perfectly capable of forming your own opinion."
Reign 17 years ago
“Ah I see you’re not going to read it you’re going to use it as a paper weigh… or smash bugs with it.”

Both seemed relatively likely, although he seemed more like the Raid type than the smashing type.

That was one thing she missed about the university library, if you were buried in books people tended to leave you alone. Of course, really she only had one book today and probably would have been fair game even there. And then there was the fact that any distraction was a good distraction. She was going to have to get over that if she intended to finish, but for now, it held true.

“I look opinionated to you?" Reign raised an eyebrow slightly in question. "Actually I’m working on my own, but part of it involves trashing his.”

It was kind of fun taking on another ‘intellectual’ and pointing out where and why they were wrong. The hard part was being judicious with her comments so she wouldn’t piss anyone off and the final product would be accepted. Which was why this was only one piece of the greater whole.
Ichiro Taiji 17 years ago
Tai let one side of his mouth slide up in a crooked half-smile. "Don't think just because I'm a foreigner I'm going to let you fool me in a game of semantics. I said you were capable of forming your own opinion... not that you were opinionated."

She probably wanted to be left alone; most folks in libraries did. Tai, however, was somewhat enjoying nettling her a bit. Perhaps more than just a bit. Without being invited he slid into a chair across the table from her and down a couple seats, all the better to turn a chair with his feet and prop his long legs on it. Opening his book but not really paying too much attention to it, he said conversationally, "Nothing wrong with trashing someone else's hard work. In fact, I approve."

That said, he grinned in his most charming manner as if his approval was the best thing that should have happened to her.
Reign 17 years ago
“Potato pot-a-to by forming an opinion I must have some and there for I’m opinionated. Besides prove to me you’re not from Seattle.”

Semantics were a fun game for her and even if he –wasn’t- from Seattle, something Reign had no proof of and there was a large Japanese community up there after all, he was doing a fine job of holding his own.

She missed a blink when he sat down completely uninvited. Cocky SOB wasn’t he? So why did she grin at him, a one sided sarcastic smile that was more bait, more challenge than anything else. He now had her full attention and she set down her pen, crossed her legs under the table and leaned back into her chair slightly.

“Well I’m glad I’ve meet with your approval this evening. Shall we dissect your reading habits now?”
Ichiro Taiji 17 years ago
Tai played along almost cheerfully. Whoever this woman was, she was fun, and that counted as useful in Tai's book.

He willingly offered up his architectural history. "Be my guest. Dissect away. And I can't prove that I'm not from Seattle. Could be that I'm lying."

It was amusing to banter back and forth. Tai enjoyed witticisms, although he would have preferred some sort of ulterior motive to the conversation. Ah well, couldn't have everything. He would settle down with his book and his reading soon enough, but for now this was a great way to kill the time before getting in touch with Ellis to see if she needed him later on.

"So, what can you tell me about my habits, reading or otherwise? I'm dying to know."
Reign 17 years ago
“Oh everybody lies.”

Reign quipped quite cheerfully. It really was the one consistency among people and something that you could count on, no matter how cynical that sounded.

Here eyebrow again quirked up in question as he put her on the spot. She hadn’t planed on dissecting anyone but wasn’t about to back down from the challenge either. Noting the book, his dress, and his manners Reign tried to satisfy herself about him. Some how it felt like a test and she didn’t want to fail.

“Alright then you’re not an architect or a student so either you just like the pictures or it’s a hobby. You’re not from around here either, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t ruled out Seattle.”

Even though he was casually dressed and might have been a graduate student, there was something about his bearing that made Reign discount that. And biased though it may be she could see some hints of what had to be tattoos and pushed her luck on another front.

“You’re not a regular white collar nine to five sort either.”

She’d bluffed her way through it stating everything as fact, but she was slightly curious how close she’d come. Not that she’d be advertising that fact.