A new house...

Finally, they were off the freeway. It wasn't that she minded road trips; she just hated driving when the radio stations kept changing. Not that it mattered today, she'd gotten to the point where she couldn't focus on the music any more and had finally turned it off.

Now it was down to the directions her manager had given her and she wanted to concentrate. However, she'd been promised it was a good neighborhood, quite and safe and she was looking forward to actually having a house rather than an apartment. A gentle rustling sound from the back of the car reminded her of part of the reason she'd decided to suck up the expense.

"Lay down. We're almost there."Â?

The large German Shepard in the bed ignored her for several seconds, as if considering the command and finally resumed lying down between the boxes and suite cases. Sirius was too big for an apartment, he needed a yard, and she sure wasn't going to give up the only friend who was still speaking to her, as much a dogs spoke to anyone.

A few minutes and a couple of wrong turns later and she pulled into a driveway. This had to be it. There was a 'SOLD' sign in the yard and her keys fit the locks, so she must be home. Home, that was a laugh. But she was here.

Turning the dog loose in his first backyard she set about unpacking the few things she'd brought with her. The movers would be here tomorrow with the good stuff.