Do you have a reservation?

Club Eternity in Nachton is the most exclusive club in the city. Reservations are at least 6 months long, if at all. It is the playground of the extremely rich and its name is taken from the illegal and painfully expensive drug. Nachton truly is the most private of cities, that the 'private rooms' are plentyful yet still unattainable. The club itself caters to mortal and immortal patrons who happily pay $500 dollars a bottle for its exclusive champagnes. Thousands more for a drop of Eternity.

Far back, deep within the bowels of the establishment are the Eternity rooms. Soundproof and 0 camera survelliance, the rich taste the euphoria that is vampire essence. The addictive, regenerative properties of both the drug and the allure of reckless money bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly.

It is unknown which Clan has the majority holdings in Club Eternity.