The Legion Recruitment Desk

/ooc If you wish to join The Legion as a new recruit, post here explaining why. You may want to detail what it is you wish to achieve and describe the circumstances that compelled you to sign up.

If you wish to RP a previously established Legionnaire, please PM this account before you post here so that we can discuss rank and role. Once that is agreed upon, post here with what your character would have written when they first recruited.

Finally, be aware that the minimum term of service for a new recruit is two years.


Latzu watched as yet another recruit patiently sifted through the piles of paperwork, not even noticing the Polemarch’s presence as they bent studiously over the too small lines with their too large pens. He remembered well enough what that had been like-the endless paperwork, tests, interviews, physicals, all for the honor of serving The Legion. And then, after all that, they were asked that one dreadful question, the one most everyone forgot the answer to at some point in the process.

Why do you want to join Validus Legio ab Lupus?

Blank line after blank line filled the page following this question, and it was more than a little daunting.

Latzu gave his famous thin lipped expression that a few understood as his way of smiling, and left the new recruit to write.

Polemarch Latzu 17 years ago
Latzu felt his relief at reaching the last page of the extensive paperwork turn to dread as his tired mind processed the final question, though his appearance was, as always, outwardly tranquil, his young features free from troubled lines. Inwardly, though, he felt almost sick.

It hadn’t been easy to get to this point. He was certain the powers that be were watching him especially closely; perhaps because he was somewhat more slight than the average Legionnaire. Not diminutive, by any means, but small enough that his physical abilities were called into question with especial vigor. And now after all he’d been through, his entrance into the Legion might depend on how he answered this question.

His hand hovered over the paper for a long moment before he began to write. Perhaps if he had been a little less tired and felt a little less frayed around the edges, he might have been less forthcoming, less willing to bare his soul to this leather tough group of individuals.

He would realize later that soul bearing, and nothing less, was exactly what they were looking for. He would also realize that he wasn’t nearly as much of a smart ass as he thought he was for writing in Mandarin.

I want to join The Legion to serve my pack, first and foremost. Since my gifting I have admired The Legion’s unity, order, and brotherhood. It is this last that I seek the most – I have no idea of how I would best serve this mighty army but I believe that if I can find the family I truly belong to, the rest will fall into place. I am certain that family is just behind the barrack walls.

I am no stranger to fighting for freedom; as a religious man in communist China, I have had some experience in resisting oppression. When there is something I truly believe in I will go to any lengths to defend it, and in Vyusher R’asa I have found more to believe in than at any other time in my life.

I offer The Legion my mind, my fervor, and my strength, because my whole life I have been searching for belonging and I believe with the strength of a man of faith that my brothers are here, that The Legion will put my abilities to use and mold me into the person I was destined to become.

Thank you

Latzu Ping

/ooc Yes, the hardassed Polemarch was once an angst-riddled confused 18 year old