About the Legion

About the Legion
The Validus Legio ab Lupus took their name shortly after Vyusher R'asa was formed, though many of its original members served in a military capacity in the war. The army began as a clachan, a small familial group of people, whose goal was to protect the pack and continue living the military life they enjoyed before they were banished. Being of a cultured, educated class, they saw the need for unity and order, but recognized early on that there needed to be a distinction between the military and the government in order to best serve the growing pack. Thus The Legion developed and grew parallel to the more organic structure of the Vyusher R'asa government.

Soon enough, however, the alphas saw other uses for the well trained and devoted force, and encouraged recruitment and a more aggressive approach to military policy. Gradually they struck a system of checks and balances by which the governmental leadership and the military could interact without either power being compromised.

Conduct within the Legion
Due to the mission critical nature of their work, Legionnaires are held to a higher standard of conduct than civilian Vyusher R’asa.

Whether you serve for life or only a single term of two years, while you wear the Legionnaire insignia you will not be permitted to marry or claim children. You will not be allowed to use any mind altering substance. You will live in the barracks with your brothers and sisters while on duty. The Legion is highly involved in your personal life, from the company you keep to your appearance. When you join the Mighty Army you become a part of something greater than yourself, something that needs to be protected and well represented.

The Separation of Powers
The Legion obtains missions and directives from the Alphas and carries them out. However, The Legion may advise the Alpha on the best course of action and bring new missions to the Alpha’s attention. Furthermore, The Legion’s systems of promotions, rules, and internal justice fall outside The Alpha’s authority. The Alpha is welcome to give recommendations, but the army needs a certain amount of autonomy in order to preserve the orderly system Vyusher R’asa requires. Additionally, those ‘inside’ The Legion are in the best position to evaluate their brothers and sisters and the system they live by.

Legion Rankings
Polemarch - The leader of The Legion. Currently Polemarch Latzu.

Strategos - General. Commands local forces or departments. Addressed by full title, including any prefixes to specify the nature of their command.

Taxiarchos - Officer, commands a Taxis. Addressed as Taxiarchos Lastname regardless of additional prefixes to title.

-----This is the Kal 'Glass Ceiling'. Only those who have taken the Kal can advance above this point. All Legionnaires below this point are addressed as Legionnaire Lastname.----

Kal'Lochagos/Lochagos - Low level officer, commands a Lochoi (a sub unit of a taxis)

Kal'Hoplite/Hoplite - High level soldier

Kal'Hamippos/Hamippos - Mid level solider

Kal'Psiloi/Psiloi- Low level soldier

Other Terms
Luxatus - Torchbearers, those who have taken the sacred life vow. An unofficial title

Legionnaire - Any member of The Legion, though in conversation this usually refers to soldiers

Duties within the Legion
While there is an emphasis on combat forces in the Legion, the army is not limited to soldiers. There are a wide variety of duties that can only be accomplished by Legionnaires, from tactical support to intelligence. Speak to one of our recruitment officers about how The Legion can put your skills to work – they will most likely be able to make a fit.