Welcome to the Arch

The entrance of the Arch is spacious and consists mostly of glass and granite that is smooth to the touch. Upon entering the huge lobby, a large staircase circles up to the rest of the gallery and the private viewing rooms. Coming down the spiral staircase is a tall woman with red hair and long legs. Her hair is loose and sways softly as she slowly descends.

As she reaches the bottom, she extends her hand introducing herself.
'I am one of the Art Curators here at the Arch. Welcome, I can give you a quick tour of the facilities.'

Walking back up the stairs the Curator reaches the top landing and shows you the view from the top of the staircase. The walls are lined high with artwork framed in gilded gold. Looking over the balcony, the italian tile that lines the floor gives the viewer a breath taking glance at art combined with architexture. Taking a step back, she turns on her heel and begins describing the art located in the vast open exhibition rooms. From watercolors and oils to photography and sculptures. Moving further down a long hallway, you draw closer to a black double door with gold fixtures. She finally stands before it and turns to face you.

'This leads to the private viewing rooms. Each room is sound proof and has full lighting. Our more important clientel are welcome to use these at any time. Just beyond the private viewing rooms is the historical relics section. Nachton is a very old city and its all detailed down to the first tree being cut, in that part of the museum. Historic relics from around the world can be viewed inside here and if your lucky, even brought to you in the private viewing rooms for closer examination. We are heavily guarded so it would best if you kept your hands close to your own body or you may lose them.'

She grins wickedly.

'Now, if you have any further questions, please ask me or one of my fellow colleagues.' The curator dips her head slightly and leads you back to the stairs.

Art Curator 8 years ago
Since the unfortunate passing of Chryseis Angelique, a small gallery has been renamed in her memory. It is exclusively for shows by rising new artists of all mediums from around the world. The shows are always small and brief none lasting longer than four months.

Additionally Thérèse DuBois has come to The Arch as the head curator. By bringing a great deal of experience from previous jobs curating museums through out Europe, Ms. Dubois has proven that the high standards set by Ms. Angelique have not slipped in the slightest.

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