Eeek - vanished?

Sorry guys - I have been out of it after finals and trying to get enough $ to survive the period of my practicum at the funeral home coming up that I haven't had any time to post here and it's been forever. I shall be getting back into RPing v. shortly...honest!

I am so sorry, scribe o jan...I haven't forgotten...honest!

-cj (Addison)

Shay 17 years ago
HUGS!!! We've missed you...but yea, school and living do come first I guess
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Hang in there!
Alexandra 17 years ago
Take your time hun, sometimes real life can get like that /hug
Aishe 17 years ago
Good to hear from ya! Hope you get everything straightened out soon
Cyrus 17 years ago
Take care and dont worry, we will still be here when ya can come up for air!
Addison 17 years ago
LOL - gots the practicum starting soon and I am excited about that - not so much the lack o paycheck, but the cool fun work in the funeral home.

Waiting on calls sucks!

Now to toss addison somewhere