My Own Little Stress Reliever...

So, I've been volunteering for the Smithsonian since March, in the rocks and ores division (my degree is in anthropology, but I minored in geology).

My supervisor asked me to interview for a contract position two weeks ago... and they offered me the job today. I will b working for the Smithsonian for the next 6 months, making almost double what I do now.

There is a very slight chance of it becoming permanent.

Nicholae 18 years ago
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! That so 'rocks'!!!! Congrats kiddo!!
Cyrus 18 years ago
Awesome!!! Congratulations!
Amberelle DeEspionne 18 years ago
wow, congratulations that is awesome!!!!!!
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Rock on, ore! had to be done. :P Grasticulations and such, and much rejoicing! Spock style w00t to you!
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Congratz =)
Alexandra 18 years ago
That's great news hun /hug hope you get the job
Winter 18 years ago