SA Staff needs Your help!

As the werewolf expansion approaches (and please keep in mind we haven't set a hard release date) we are wondering what you want to know about SA werewolves, so that we can better make an FAQ. Please post your questions here! Be aware that the answers will come when the FAQ is posted for the most part (though it is up to our discretion; we may be able to answer some questions right away but we want to keep most things under wraps ). We'll keep this open post release as well.

Alexandra 18 years ago
Will they be like the werewolfs in Underworld? or more like the ones in lets say movies like Van Helsing?

* Can we create a character for them or will they be just for a few selected people at first?
* Will they have power tables like the vampires?

Ok questionaire over
Amberelle DeEspionne 18 years ago
OK... you asked for them..

Lifespan, are they immortal?
How can they be hurt / killed?
Are they 'infected' (aka by a bite or scratch) or do they breed (like in White Wolf)?
What are their weaknesses?
What are their unique abilities that set them apart from humans?
How can you identify one physically? (ex - Vamps sometimes have large teeth or pale skin)
Do they shift at will or only during a full moon?
How much (if any) does their personality change when in a wolf form?
Also are they just amophasized animals or can they also become full blown wolves?
Is it just wolves or any animal? Like were-tigers, etc
What sustains them, flesh or something else?
Why haven't they been in Nachton up until now?
Fallon 18 years ago
We now have a smidgen of control over our vamps in choosing their abilities and flaws, will we have the same control over our weres?
Will there be packs, run similarly to clans, with alpha males?
Cyrus 18 years ago
Will they be nocturnal or happy to frolick in the sun with the foo... erm, humans?
Can a current human be 'turned'?
What impact would a WW trying to 'turn' a vampire have on the vamp? on themselves?
How much does their 'human' appearance affect their 'wolf' appearance? (ie: missing limbs would tranfer over but maybe not purple dyed hair?)
Will they get a place in Nachton to call their own?
Will they have clans or packs or no political structure?
Will they be 'out of the closet' that hides the vamps from humanity or hiding from humans too?
Will they be hiding from vampires?

Can they all please wear collars so that I know to stay away from them? Dogs make me sneeze.
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Hm...that's a pretty damn good list so far. Hit all of the big ones that I had, so I probably won't have any until the "quick-and-dirty" preview is set up for the above. Cheers!
Winter 18 years ago
will we, at least once get to see an angry drooling werewolf in a clown costume? ....cause that would be funny
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
Will i be able to harvest and experiment with werewolf and vampire blood in labs with a few captives and be able to create test results that are viable? I'm not talking making a super being but it probablly would be torture for the captives for the longest time.

What would the restrictions and limitations be on that type of thing? Would i need to submit a outline for what i would like to do ect? Or will there be a list of things that can't be done but i can rp trying to do anyways.

know what i mean vern?