Invasion of the garden gnomes...

Don't ask me how this conversation got started. But at one point the question was posed: How would each Anantya react if they discovered a Garden Gnome in Heolfor's gardens on their wanderings?

Ysabel figures it's an American thing and would just give it a fairly wide berth. We were also wondering who'd be the first to eat the landscaper who put it there, and so far the money's on Sorin. :P

Ok... just because you might need something aside from a gnome, what about this?

Ambrose 17 years ago
This cracks me up to no end...

Ambrose would wind up using it for target practice, blow the crazy thing's head right off.
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Thaddeus would be properly horrified at this atrocity, wonder who in God's name would do such a thing, and then conclude it was some sort of spying mechanism.

Palmer would steal it and use it for pranks. I can see him giving it to Thaddeus as a housewarming gift or knocking on people's doors and leaving the gnome standing there....

Rupert would likely find it atrocious, but in a streak of humor would look the other way at least until it had annoyed certain snooty vampires.
Mai 17 years ago
The statue is a guardian to ward off evil spirits and must be protected and respected. No one better touch the garden gnome while Mai is around. The other thing... she doesn't know what that it but it is horribly painted and seems to serve no purpose. She would probably ask Thaddeus about it.
Sorin 17 years ago
Really, Ysabel *rolls eyes* I do -not- eat trash.
Fallon 17 years ago
Wanting to be helpful, Fallon would try to repaint it, and restore it to its
What's he got in his pocket, do you think?
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Uh...why the fuck's eryone lookin at Willykins like, what? Yeah, I fuckin' put 'im there. So? :P
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby would just chuckle and think it was cute, and consider forcing Louis to sit by it for a photo or two =)