A few preparations

This particular Unspeakable once had a name, though if, in his long life, he still remembered it, he did not share that information, or any other measure of knowledge for that matter. It was not just that this Unspeakable walked in the world of the voiceless; he was incommunicado in every sense.

Even so, he somehow managed well enough, and when he was informed that an initiation would take place one week from today, both parties knew the preparations would be made, that the room would be readied, the torches filled with a small amount of oil, the ceremonial dagger put in its proper place.

He started by working his way east, through tunnels that most turned away from, though he did not know if this was because of the presence of him and his brethren or simply because the ominous sense of these places overruled most curiosity. Whatever the reasons (and the Unspeakable did not care), the simple truth was that while those outside the small voiceless sect of the Hunt may know of the door he was headed for, or they may know of its brother to the west, none knew of both, or their true purpose.

A purpose which was simple enough, for while the catacombs ran underground, deeper than most realized, only the places made intentionally dank and uncomfortable carried that earthy, moldy scent normally associated with damp underground places.

This singular Unspeakable did not know all of the methods that made this level of comfort possible; it was not good for an individual to know all of the secrets, but over time, as he had learned the network of tunnels that made up his home, his duty, his immortal life, he had discovered the doors that, when opened at the same time, created a cross breeze that brought fresh air into the tunnels. And so, while his brethren went about their own known ways of preparing the chamber, he went about his.

/ooc Fallon's Initiation will take place one week from today here, in the catacombs (On April 24th). All Anantya are encouraged to attend this auspicious occasion. We will be applying the Event Rules to the initiation thread, meaning that you will be permitted to join the thread even if your character has two threads open.