Clan Tàcharan - The History

Clan Tàcharan's history is not a noble one. We are the youngest clan with no recognized Elder and we do as we please, we just ask you not get caught doing it.

Survival of the fittest and strongest defines our leadership. Our creator, Wilhem Darius, was an Evenhet ancient with a penchant for gorging himself on human blood and choking our ranks with his spawn. His end was 200 years ago but his recent successor waited patiently gaining power.

Harrismen, Darius' first successor lasted all but 5 years before his demise. Each successor was challenged by the near ancients in the clan. Eventually Darius' spawn squandered what was left of the clan's holdings and thinned out their ranks with murderous ambition. It was only a matter of time till our most powerful leader's job was done for her.

In 1955 a new power evolved. Ellis Dubán, an ancient vampire born turned in 386 AD, claimed sovereignty of Clan Tàcharan. She is the last of the ancients born from Darius and the clan's most powerful vampire. Her dark ambition proved ruthless and without remorse and her reign would be solid and long lasting, she had seen to that. Systematically dispatching any challenger that attempted to take over, and more importantly, any that gave a hint of mutiny. Her only challenger was her companion, Simon Huntington. An unwaveringly loyal but bitter disciple and the only human she has ever turned. She feared no assault and was smug with her knowledge of why.

She also enlisted the help of her Familiar family in the restructure of Clan Tàcharan's financial stability. Self sufficient thru her human familiar Marthinus T. Steyn, their human figurehead and financial lawyer. The Steyn's legacy has been willingly catering to Dubán since the 1600's. Each generation producing a familiar that would cater to her every financial need. With the power of an near ancient and the human world, she could not, would not, be stopped.

We claim home in the abandoned slaughterhouses to the east of the city. No mansions for us, only the maze of tunnels that lead beneath the rubble we call our lair. Deep beneath the bowels of the slaughterhouse lay our residences. We have embraced new technology and have implemented it within our lair.

We are the orphans of our race. We are the new, the untamed, and the fierce. Welcome to Clan Tàcharan and be sure to watch your back.