The Rules of Anantya

The Rules of Anantya

First and foremost you need to understand that your actions reflect your clan. We have an old and proud lineage and do not take lightly having its reputation sullied by the undisciplined actions of youth.

Our rules are simple.

Do not bring unwanted attention to our clan. - Use your good sense, we do not want human authorities or press knowing of our existence. Mortals are prey and you may do as you please with them but know that if you draw attention to your nature and thus endanger your clan the punishment will be severe.

Do not kill your own. We are a family and though you may not always trust your brothers and sisters, you will respect them and not harm them. Causing harm to come to them by less direct action or inaction is also frowned upon and will be dealt with.

Do not harbor the enemy. Those vampires not of Anantya are to be treated as outsiders and probable enemies. Associating with them is frowned upon, aiding them is not allowed, and conspiring with them is a most serious crime.

Do not embarrass your clan. While less serious than other crimes against Anantya, regular foolish behavior that reflects poorly on us in public will not be tolerated.

Respect your Elders. The word of the Triad is law. Their persons are not to be harmed and their judgement is not to be questioned.

Respect the property of the Clan. That which belongs to others of your clan should not be stolen or violated.

Adhere to the current stance of your Clan. Over the years we have had many different outlooks on those that do not belong to Anantya. Sometimes there is open war and sometimes wary peace. Whatever the current position of the Clan, it is crime to go against it.

Leave no proof of what you are. We care not whether you scare the occasional human with your immortality but leave no evidence of what you are. To this end we do not remain in the public eye for longer than a human lifespan, nor do we flaunt our abilities to the masses. One human is little threat to the belief that we are but a myth, but many become a force that is difficult to contain.

Clan secrets are not to be shared with non-familiars. You will not divulge the secrets of your clan with humans that have not tasted your blood and are not in your control. Even then we tolerate them only to point so be wary.