The History of Anantya

History of the Clan Anantya

The beginning times were hard for our kind. I know that might surprise you but it is true none the less. We were solitary then, scattered children of a lost and wandering soul. The first maker rarely took time for his new creations. He ushered them into a world of darkness and left them to survive or die as their will saw fit. Many perished.

Though we are strong there are dangers that we must face: the sun, the fire, the thirst, and the blade. Perhaps most dangerous are those under estimated - humans. Feverish with fear, hate, and...jealousy. Within each of their short lived souls is the longing for immortality. That sweet knowledge that final death will not easily bring you down into his eternal slumber. Not that we would know that slumber, we who have never tasted the stillness of oblivion. Those of us who have fallen tell no tales.

Perhaps then the fear of fatality is greater for night's children. We experience no natural harm such as sickness or old age...our bodies do not wither in time. Violence, that is our bane and we each are keenly aware of this fact. Some court the danger, taunting death with reckless abandon. It is my judgement that it is to keep the terror at bay, to banish it to some dark corner of our minds. Others are cautious, so wary of an untimely end to their existence that they almost fear to leave their sanctuaries lest something beyond their control take them by surprise. Most of us live in a balance of these two. Walking through the ages with both vigilance and unrestraint...that, my child, is wisdom.

It was an understanding of this weakness that led our first founders to each other. Three souls walking different paths that understood they were stronger together. For many years they did not seek others but were content to focus on their own interests. As time passed they made more and those were protected by the three. These children found more of our kind, wandering alone and they brought them into the protective folds of the clan. Anantya, older than most empires. Strong, wise, eternal. This is your family.

- Nakhti (Chronicles of the Dawn)