The Orders

The Orders

There were three founders of Anantya and each of them had their own strength. These strengths were nurtured and they found others with those skills and trained them to serve the clan. Each of the Orders plays a vital role in the survival of the whole.

The Order of The Rose

The Order of The Night

The Order of The Hunt

Not everyone in Anantya seeks out an Order in which to belong. Those who do claim it to be rewarding - true brothers and sisters in mind and spirit. Who knows whether there is trust amongst them but there is at least understanding.

The Order of the Rose

The symbol of this Order is a blood red, long-stemmed rose on a black background. The Rose is the leaders, strategists, and organizers of the clan. The rose symbolizes what we are: the red of blood, the flower eternally in bloom but never forget the thorns. The Order of the Rose leads Anantya in many ways. It plans our battles, structures our ranks, and performs our ceremonies. This is the head of Anantya.

The Order of the Night

The symbol of this Order is a white eye with a star in its middle on a background of black. The Night is the actors, artists, and spies of our ranks. Knowledge is its domain and is wielded with as much skill as a sword master does a blade. It is the eyes of the clan, the infiltrators, fact finders, and diplomats. Many times it is the Order of the Night that is sent into negotiations with others of our kind when charisma is of the utmost importance. It is the heart of Anantya.

The Order of the Hunt

The symbol of this Order is a set of crossed silver blades on a black background. The Hunt is our warriors, protectors, and trackers. It wields weapons in defense of the clan and deals out our punishment. Through the ages it has waged our wars, bled for our safety, and died for our causes. It is the hand of Anantya.

Each is part of the whole and no part is more important than any other.

The Leaders of the Orders are as follows:

The Order of the Rose - Morrigan
The Order of the Night - Sorin
The Order of the Hunt - Mai

Talon 18 years ago
I'm definately Order of the Hunt, probably for sometime.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
I'd like to be Order of the Night
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Order of the Rose as i am forever a servant and follower of my maker.
Qu Yuan 18 years ago
Night seems most appropriate, I feel.
Claire 18 years ago
I do hope to serve the Order of the night to the best of my abilities.
Celeste 17 years ago
Celeste De'Espionne, faithful servant of the Order of the Night reporting for duty.