Follow the Leader ...

Vorainne sat with her right leg curled up under herself, a hard cover book lay opened across her lap and one arm rested on the edge of her thigh, lazy fingers holding the pages open while she read. Flipping the page, she reached up with her other arm to flick the small light on overhead, the burst of soft luminescence colored the page a sheer ivory, deepening the black of the print into refined words that were much easier to read now. Tucking a stray lock of ebony hair back behind her ear, she lapsed back into her escape from the excessively long bus ride she had endured thus far. She never bothered to look up as the bus drew to a halt once again, this being the hundredth time it must have done such and so did not raise the slightest interest in her. The scenery had long ago become one grey and green blur, the night burrowing in and tossing its blackened debris over the last of the rosy glow of sunset struggling to stretch its dying tendrils across the horizon.

Vorainne jerked her head up as the voice permeated into her mind, her grey eyes seeking the source even as they narrowed in the dimness beyond her own small pool of light. The expectant face of the bus driver staring back at her, from where he stood at the top of the few steps gesturing his chocolate shaded hand out of the bus’s opened door, seemed illusionary to her for a moment, her eyes blinking as she focused on him with an acknowledging lift of her eyebrow.

"You did want off at Nachton still, right?" He queried her, the few other bus patrons now having turned from their own business to poke their curious noses into hers.

Nodding, she unfolded herself from her cramped seat, sliding her stocking feet back into her leather clogs before squeezing out into the narrow aisle. She leaned back into the row she had been occupying, grabbing up her coat and bag, stuffing her book into the latter. She wove her way down the short distance to the front of the bus, following the preset path of the bus driver as they descended the steps to the tarmac below. Glancing briefly at her watch, she furrowed her brow as it took her hazy mind a moment to realize she had forgotten to change her watch to the new time zone, doubting it was anywhere near three thirty in the afternoon if the sun had set already. She sighed, unsmiling grey eyes watching the driver remove her bags from the underneath compartments and deposit them on the sidewalk near her. Her lips curved up as he finished, her mouth uttering the murmured thanks necessary as he nodded and turned away from her leaving her alone where she stood. The rumble in the pit of her belly came unexpectedly, awakening her to the need of a supper she had yet to have. She rubbed her abdomen idly as she glanced about her surroundings, the bus jolting as it pulled away from the curb. She had been about to gather her bags when a pair of blue jeaned legs completed by a scruffy set of sneakers came into her range of view, the sound of a man clearing his throat brought her eyes to trailing upwards over a faded T shirt and well worn bomber jacket to a mildly lined face of a caucasian man. His lips twisted around the toothpick he held between his teeth, evidently his best effort at a casual grin, his shrewd blue eyes taking her in briefly before he nodded his base ball endowed head towards a taxi cab parked nearby.

"Need a lift somewhere, Ma'am?" He asked, his hands grabbing up her twin suitcases before she could even debate an answer and marching his way towards the yellow car.

"Yeah, sure," she huffed, her easy stride carrying her after the cabbie though the dampening grey of her eyes warned of her dislike of his assuming attitude. She did need a lift though and a guide might not hurt ... at least as far as a place to eat. She slid into the backseat, her ire relieved somewhat by his opening the door for her prior to cramming her bags into the trunk. She waited until he had settled into the front seat, the lift of his eyes to the rear view mirror to stare questioningly at her, her cue to speak. "Know anywhere decent I could get a bite to eat?"

She hadn't expected him to let out an amused puff of laughter, something he squelched swiftly and hid beneath the start of the engine.

"Sure do, lady ... Follow me,” He said, his mirth coloring his voice ever so slightly still, as he pulled away from the bus depot and into the city.

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