Yuu's room - Nachton Hospital

The pain medication wasn't working fast enough Yuu decided as she laid stiffly on the bed, trying not to cry out and demand for morphine. Who the hell knew a couple fractured ribs and some bruising would hurt so fucking much? She fought the urge to vomit since her little pink tub to catch it was too far away for her to reach.

'Motherfucker...' Yuu let the tears flow as she reached for the nurse's call button, jamming her finger on it.

Ichiro Taiji 15 years ago
Tai had been standing in the waiting room for what seemed like forever; no doubt because of the influx of patients from the ball. He'd been seen by a triage nurse in spite of his objections. They'd made him breathe some kind of inhalant for the smoke, and they'd slathered an antibiotic on his burned arms and wrapped them with instructions to remove the wrappings the next day and let the air do its work. Tai didn't mind that part; it hid the tattoos that were showing through his torn tux.

He'd had enough time to grab some coffee and even to run one block over to a department store for a replacement shirt. How the fuck long did it take to x-ray someone anyhow?

He returned to the waiting room, clad in a sweater and his tux slacks. Ah, Armani and cheap polyester/cotton blend. Standing in the corner, he flipped a coin over his knuckles. Pacing didn't suit him at all. He simply stood like a statuewith an air of affected casuality, until the nurse finally came to tell him Yuu had been given a room just for the next few hours.

Apparently she'd fractured a couple of ribs and her kidneys were bruised. Nothing major; she could go home that night once they finished the rest of the tests. The nurse led him to the room Yuu was in, the look on her face something of an indicator that perhaps Yuu hadn't been exactly the most willing and compliant patient.

Tai's suspicions were confirmed as he heard the muttered string of curses coming from within. And some kind of moaning for drugs. He peered into the room and then entered...

...and immediately felt better about his horrible sweater, when he saw Yuu in her open-backed hospital gown.

"Well. I never thought anyone could make a hospital gown look good. But you manage."

All right, he was lying like a dog, but she sure didn't look like she was in the mood to listen to him tell her she really did look as awful as she probably felt.

"The nurse is coming, by the way." In one smooth motion, he picked up the pink tub and handed it to her... just in case. And prepared to duck just in case it was sent back at him.
Yuu 15 years ago
Yuu looked at Tai as he tried to be charming and was quite successful but she still wanted to shove the pink tub down his throat. She was about to say so when the nurse finally came in and injected a little cocktail into her IV line. Immediately she felt a warm blanket cover her, taking the edge off her pain. She relaxed onto the bed and sighed after a minute.

'Alright.' Looking over at Tai she puffed a piece of her now messy hair out of her eyes. 'When do I get out of here?'
Ichiro Taiji 15 years ago
Tai resisted the urge to do something disgustingly sentimental like brush the hair out of her face. Yuu was a big girl, she could handle her own hair.

"I've been assured that your injuries are superficial," he said, moving to the bedstand and leaning against it, crossing his bandaged arms over the broad plane of his chest. "A few fractured ribs, and bruised kidneys. They told me they just want to finish the tests and make sure there's nothing else to cause concern, and then you're free as a bird to hobble out of here as best you can."

He cocked his head at her with half a smile. "In few days you should be terrorizing the commonfolk again. No permanent damage done. I'll make sure they send you back with some decent drugs as well."

And if not, he'd get some. Tai at least intended to check on her throughout her recovery, and it was in his own best interests to keep her placated. If that meant heavy sedation, so be it. He wanted to keep his head on his shoulders.
Yuu 15 years ago
Yuu scowled. She would learn to tolerate the pain since remaining doped up wasn't appealing to her. The out of control feeling was repellant to her nature of controlling everything around her. She looked at as Tai as he spoke of good times when her eye strayed to the painting behind him and over the dresser he was leaning on.

The room had, ironically, been decorated in Japanese prints. The print her eyes fell on reminded her immediately of a horribly snotty place she loved to frequent over on Hudson and 9th in New York called simply Ono. She had dined there several times while doing an intern stint at the District Attorney's office. Yuu had the good fortune to dine with the ADA and a Lt from one of the local precincts. The police officer pointed up to one of them and said a word she had heard before but only vaguely.

Yuu looked back at Tai as he gazed at her, finished with his prediction of her well being.

'Right.' She mumbled. Yuu's eyes traveled down to his chest and noticed his outfit. Tuxedo pants and a rather cheap looking sweater. Of course, it was cold outside and well...

He'd want to cover up.
Ichiro Taiji 15 years ago
Granted, Yuu was now fairly well drugged up and not seeming any happier about it than she'd appeared when she was still in pain, but as she mumbled something at him he wondered if there wasn't a bit more to her facial expression than that.

He pulled up a chair, sat down by the bedside, and glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. Did she know, then? Probably. She hadn't commented on his tattoos during their little tryst a few nights back, but it wasn't uncommon in Japan for young men to play mock-Yakuza to conform to some preconceived notion of 'cool.' Did she suspect their authenticity now, then? She must; Yuu wasn't stupid. Tai didn't know for sure though.

"It can wait until later," he murmured to her. "Can I get you anything for now?"

He wasn't really looking forward to having to bolt and cover if she decided he was... well, exactly what he was. He wondered what the benefit of teling her the truth might be? They'd slept together, sure... but did he actually trust her? He shrugged inwardly. Time enough for that later, and if he had to hide, so be it.
Yuu 15 years ago
Yuu focused in on his face but found it difficult. The pain killers were kicking in. She gave him a lazy smile.

'No, you've done enough, Tai.'

She giggled at the slured sound of her voice. With a half hearted attempt, she tried to recall what she had just been thinking. Funny, she couldn't remember. She giggled again and felt her body relax. Laying back onto the pillows on her hospital bed, she reached out and touched his hand.

'I think I'm going to sleep before we leave, mkay?' Again she giggled. There was a noticeably sharp pain in her side, but it only made her grin grow bigger. 'Thank you, Tai. You're my hero.' And with soft giggling, Yuu fell asleep.

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Ichiro Taiji 15 years ago
She might not remember. Tai hoped she didn't remember when she woke up. Morphine could have that effect, after all. It was in her best interests not to remember. And definitely in his.

Tai sat on the chair by the bed, leaned forward, and steepled his fingers under his chin pensively. This trip was not working out as he'd expected. It was spinning too far out of control and he objected to that; he liked being behind the wheel.

'Thank you, Tai. You're my hero.'

Tai was no one's hero. Nor did he want to be. His tawny eyes slid over to Yuu's sleeping form. He didn't want to be.


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