Big Boom make Big Mess (attn: Jan)

Addison didn't think he'd let go of Jan's hand since he and his friend had found them after the evacuation. The sight of the tacharian had prompted the red head to latch on to Jan, who seemed to hold up pretty well with the tight hug.

Now he was trying to unlock his door with his left hand and not doing too great of a job. Addison cursed slightly as he tried again and missed. The third time was a charm and he beamed back at Jan on the step behind him.

"We look quite the pair...covered in what I'd like to think is all just debris..." Although there were probably people bits too. Addison shruddered and shook his head, deciding not to follow that train of thought. he didn't deal well with the deadness...

Swinging open the door, he entered and tugged on Jan's hand.
"Come on...lets get cleaned up..."

Jan 17 years ago
Jan followed Addison with an amused sort of patience. Once he and Theo had found the Tacharan, the redhead had held onto him pretty tightly. It was good to know that people were concerned for him. He had family and he mattered to them, most of the time you took that for granted but Nova looked like she was ready to squeeze the stuffing out of him in relief as well. Jan had 'suffered' a hug because he too was relieved to see that she was safe and sound and nothing could have reassured him better than that physical confirmation. Perhaps it was because he knew how easy the eyes were to fool.

Mortality sometimes hit humans hard and these kind of reminders either scared them into a state of caution or caused them to be more alive because every moment counted. He wondered which way Addison would react.

Stepping into the entrance and moving to the side, he agreed.

"Yeah, you know fire is romantic and all but that was a bit extreme."Â?
Addison 17 years ago
Addison bit his lip as he turned on the lamp just inside the entranceway, kicking the door shut with his foot. "Yes....just a tad overdone... no pun intended with that one." It had been a serious thing, or so he got the impression from the officials that had spoken to him after, getting a brief statement from all the witnesses.

It was quiet in the townhouse and it took a moment for Addison to realize that the only thing he heard at the moment was his own breathing.
"I....well... Oh, what the fuck..."

That last bit had been intended to be silent, but somehow had worked itself out. The red head launched himself at Jan, pressing back against the wall and fusing his mouth to the other male's.
Jan 17 years ago
Jan shook his head at the bad pun but looked a bit confused when Addison paused. His brows nit closer together at the thinking out loud which seemed to end in quiet cursing. He did not have time to wonder just what Addison was referring to before he found himself with an arm full of redhead. Apparently ready and willing redhead.

He reached down, griping Addison firmly by the hips and pulled him tight against him. After a muffled growl, Jan returned the kiss with fervor.

Eventually he leaned to the side to speak with quiet menace in the human's ear.

“At this rate you won't make it to the shower.”
Addison 17 years ago
He wasn't sure how, but one of his hands made it's way up to entangle in some of Jan's locks as they kissed. And damn...Jan could kiss. It left Addison gasping softly as they parted, eyes half lidded as he caught his breath.

“At this rate you won't make it to the shower.”

Jan's tone sent a shiver down Addison's spine. "Says you...." The red head nipped at Jan's ear to distract the vampire. Quickly after, Addison jerked back, flashing a catch-me-if-you-can grin, he pulled away and bolted down the hall towards the stairs.

Addison had no false ideas that Jan wouldn't catch up to him quickly, but figured the fun was in the chase anyway. His soot-covered tux jacket is stripped and chucked behind him as Addison goes.

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Jan 17 years ago
Jan felt Addison start to slip away and loosened his hold. Who says chasing your food wasn't fun? It got their blood flowing. Of course, so did other things. He could have stopped the redhead in his tracks without even moving but that wouldn't have gotten them any closer to the shower, and while he was a horny five hundred year old teenager, even he would rather be clean first than dirty and gritty. Patience had its place after all.

He took off up the stairs after Addison, grabbing him around the waist as the other man reached the door.

"Not so fast there, Red. I wasn't done."Â?

Jan grinned and the leaned forward to nip, Addison on the neck.

Letting the human go, he moved past him and into the bathroom. Pulling off his jacket and then starting on his shirt, he looked over at Addison.

"Well what are you waiting for? Me to undress you?"Â?

He winked to say he was joking though he was fully willing to perform that action with teasing slowness.
Addison 17 years ago
He got just close enough to the bathroom to make the red head think that he wasn't actually being followed. Addison had a brief nano second's thought that Jan hadn't wanted to chase when arms wrapped around from behind.

Holy shit...he'd not even heard Jan moving over his own steps. Addison laughed and pushed the bathroom door open the rest of the way, yelping when nipped.

He could have continued undressing, but leaning back against the doorjam, Addison was more interested in Jan's progress. He frowned when Jan paused, mid-unbuttoning of shirt.

"Well what are you waiting for? Me to undress you?"Â?

'Well...that's an does tend to unwrap their own toys..." Color splashed high on Addison's cheeks as he paused then pushed off of the doorjam. Already unbuttoned, the vest slid to the floor easily. "It's whatever you want, of course..."
Jan 17 years ago
Jan grinned and shrugged off his shirt before stepping towards the redhead leaning against the door jam.

"Wooh! Christmas already?!"Â?

He tugged lightly at Addison's trousers and smirked at his companion.

"So... should I shake this package and see if I can guess what's inside?"Â?

Not taking his hand away from the waist of Addison's pants, Jan pulled the redhead closer by them. He leaned down and started tugging the buttons open with his teeth, not yet ready to put any non human abilities into play.

"Hmmm, I am liking this toy so far."Â?

He pushed the shirt off Addison's shoulders and then returned to the pants he had been holding. Unbuckling those, Jan slid everything to the floor so that Addison was fully 'unwrapped' in front of him.

"Mmmm nice."Â?

He reached out and glided one hand along Addison's hip and around behind him. Moving them closer to each other, he bent down and slid his lips along his companion's neck.

"You know... I can be pretty rough of my toys. Should I try and play nice?"Â?
Addison 17 years ago
Addison smiled, feeling silly for wording the way he did, but glad that Jan found it amusing. "No shaking....I don't rattle well...." Addison's rapt attention was on Jan and the way he was currently being undressed... How clever...and far too slow for the red head's taste. He felt teased somehow, despite the fact that he was slowly losing clothing.

"Hmmm, I am liking this toy so far."Â?

A soft smile as the material of his shirt followed the path of his vest. "I hope items are non returnable..." Addison raised one eyebrow and pressed his hips forward, trying to get more contact with the hands working his pants open. Well - contact and pressure, to be sure.

The red head, who'd been rather silent through the undressing, gasped and made a little noise he'd later deny when Jan's hand made contact with bare flesh. And there was a point of slight uncomfor-bility where they were now pressed together.

"You know... I can be pretty rough of my toys. Should I try and play nice?"Â?

"Well, you wouldn't want to break it, would you?" He smirked and worked his own hands between them, inching back as far as he could go to get his hands on the fastenings of Jan's pants to work them off, pushing them down once done. "So rough with your toys, hnnn. How? Enquiring minds want to know."

But...they weren't getting any cleaner just standing there, despite how comfortable Addison was with it. "Bath or shower?"
Jan 17 years ago
Stepping out of the pile of the rest of his clothing, Jan hmm'd softly in contemplation.

"Well I suppose there is only one real way to find that out, but this toy needs a bath. I hope its water safe."Â?

He hoisted Addison up over his shoulder and leaned down with the free hand to turn on the faucet. Running his fingers lightly over one of the accountant's legs, Jan sang softly to himself while waiting for the water to heat up. His hand slid upward along the thigh and then traced its way along the small very biteable ass that was resting so conveniently next to him.

Stepping into the warm spray, Jan set Addison down again with a grin, letting the water fall against the redhead to wash away the soot. He rubbed a bit of soap in his hands and then spread it is small circles along Addison's neck, massaging and cleaning at the same time. Washing it quickly away, he got back to the question he had been asked.

He wrapped his arms tightly around Addison from behind and without further warning leaned down to the man's neck. Running his fangs lightly along the surface of the warm wet skin, Jan found the spot he wanted and bit down. He closed his eyes in pleasure as the blood filled his mouth, rich and sweet. Sucking down hard, he clutched Addison tighter, working his mouth against the wound to speed it along.

Of course he stopped pretty quickly, much as he would have liked to continue. He had to bite Addison once a night for three nights and it wouldn't be wise to nearly kill the poor man on the first one. Besides he'd rather continue this play and taking too much early on would make the human dizzy and tired.

Running his tongue over the place he had bitten, Jan caught a few drops of blood before the water could wash it away. He leaned up to murmur in Addison's ear.

"Not broken yet, I hope."Â?
Addison 17 years ago
"Totally waterproo...oof..." Addison then yelped in a manner that might be considered....less than manly, as he was slung over Jan's shoulder suddenly...rather reminicent of a sack of potatoes. The bathroom wall blurred a little as his "ride" turned and moved, presumably, towards the shower. Looking down, Addison flushed again, rather glad at the moment Jan couldn't see his face, as he realized that in his haste to maintain balance, he'd grabbed ahold of Jan's tush. The red head gave a couple of tentative squeezes then paused, entranced with the smooth skin.

Smooth skin that was now no longer under his hands....the floor of his shower was already warm from the spray, and Addison blinked rapidly as water plastered hair down over his face. But he was too content, almost purring as Jan washed his neck/shoulder area. "Mmmm....feels have wonderful hands..." he murmured, pressing back against the warm body behind.

There was nary a warning after the small massage stopped and the sharp, but brief sting as he was bitten...

Addison was reminded of a recepie one would most definately not find online:

1 human, possibly familiar (If using another's familiar, use a pinch of 'get out while you can' after)
1 Vampire
1 set of fangs

Directions: 2nd ingredient takes fangs and inserts into skin, sucking for a period of time to be determined on case by case basis.

The instant hard on for the first ingredient. Serves ??

Legs shook slightly as Jan fed, a generous amount of blood stoping down south. Fuck, but he loved that...he didn't know why anyone would not want to be a familiar. He made a desperate, keening noise in the back of his throat as Jan stopped and licked, going a little slack against the other male.

"Not broken yet, I hope."Â?

A chuckle...Addison had been Ellis' familiar and even though she had only fed off of him once, it had left him far weaker....not nearly the...reaction he was experiencing in the here and now (mostly because there was more blood to hold down there).

"Not broken...nope...batteries still have charge, even..." The accountant smirked and turned around in Jan's arms slowly, pushing some now dark red hair out of his face.

"My turn..." An odd thing to say cause he didn't plan on biting Jan.

Addison was suddenly glad he'd gone with the larger shower...more room to allow him to sink to his knees. It occured to him to wonder if Jan even wanted a blow job, just as he licked once, a long swipe of his tongue up one side. The red head made eye contact and arched one eyebrow, seeing if it was ok to continue.
Jan 17 years ago
Jan smiled at the noise Addison made which echoed his sentiments on the matter as well. He didn't want to stop but he knew there was plenty of time to make sure the redhead enjoyed himself. Over the next three days they would be seeing a lot of each other and he wanted it to be an experience to remember hopefully in the best possible of ways.

Addison turned in his arms and he slid his hands down water slicked flesh to rest on his companion's hips. At the mention of the batteries still have charge, Jan smirked and lower his gaze to take in the evidence that stood before him. Yes, there was still juice to be had...

The redhead slid to his knees in front of him which only made Jan's smile broaden. Gently raking his fingers through Addison's wet hair, he said.

“You did point out earlier that you liked sucking on things. Now's your chance.”
Addison 17 years ago
Somewhere in Addison's mind, he knew that Jan wouldn't turn down a blow job. What guy in their right mind would? So, the red closed his eyes briefly as Jan's fingers tangled up in wet hair as he garnered up the nerve to get to business. Hopefully the time and money he spent on ice pops for practice wouldn't go to waste. He didn't want to dissapoint the new master.

So, with a little smile, Addison started with the little routiene he'd made up in his head. Step 1: lick Step 2: suck. Step 3: repeat. Ok, so maybe it wasn't the most complicated of MOs, but it helped to keep him on task.

So...step one was fun. The accountant made a contented little noise in the back of his throat as Blue eyes looked up, trying to catch Jan's gaze while he worked him over with his tongue, mapping out the hardening flesh and testing Jan's reaction to what seemed to feel better to him.

But fastly approaching step two, Addison looked forward, unsure as where to focus, but it just seemed rude to stare at Jan's face while sucking said dick. His experience was limited here to just a guy friend in college and Nic...and of course Mr. Iceefreeze in Cherry and Grape. But, as eyelids dropped shut, Addison took what he could in and sucked.

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Jan 17 years ago
Jan smiled as Addison seemed to hesitate. He had been under the impression that the redhead would have plenty of practice at this with the very big news of Nic. Jan just assumed that was mostly the way Addison swung. Maybe he was wrong or maybe Addison was just nervous as was normal for some people when they are intimate with someone new for the first time. Jan rarely had that problem but then he was a prostitute's son, born into a life of carnal knowledge. It was a fun thing to do, he enjoyed it and he was good at it.. at least he'd had over five hundred years of practice with little complaints anyway. His abilities even seemed geared for it. So why not practice as often as possible?

The slow teasing licks were doing their job and he silently willed the human looking up at him to speed up. Jan had done some teasing of his own though and turn about was fair play. He would take it in the spirit of build up that it was ended, besides good things come to those who wait.

Addison did accommodate him soon enough and Jan let out a shuddering breath of pent up tension he hadn't known he was holding. Closing his eyes, He stroked his fingers lightly along Addison's cheek before burying his hand back in the strands of red hair.
Addison 17 years ago
Cheeks hollowed somewhat as Addison sucked on the turgid flesh in his mouth. It was getting easier and he was relaxing with the experience, trying to focus on giving Jan the most pleasure. The red head WAS there to serve, after all. The thought was comforting versus...odd.

Addison pressed up with his tongue as much as he could, massaging the underside and tracing the vein as he pulled back...only to lean forward again, taking Jan's length back into his mouth. The accountant made an annoyed little noise in the back of his throat as he tried, but couldn't quite get everything all the way in. He couldn't with the ice pops either...well, once they melted somewhat, he could...granted. Jan wasn't an M& melting in one's mouth for the penis.

But it was just as enjoyable. Addison spent much time alternating between trying his damndest to relax his throat and sucking hard and pulling back to pay attention to the sensitive spots with his tongue.

Although...he didn't want Jan to finish yet...He was a state himself, but he'd ask first. Nic had finished and then left soon after...and Jan didn't know if that was a standard for all vampires. So, pulling all the way back, Addison gave a little parting lick to the tip and opened his eyes agian, looking up.

"Continue?" Oh, but his lips felt swollen...might have something to do with stretching a bit around Jan.

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Jan 17 years ago
Jan tilted his shoulders back until they rested against the shower wall to give him some needed support. Closing his eyes against the mist of water still able to reach him, he gave himself over to the sensations that Addison was managing to evoke.

He had to say that at the moment this familiar thing was looking like a nice arrangement and he wondered just why he hadn't done it sooner. Because being tied down to people went against some of his vagabond ways as much as he liked having a family. Jan knew the answer, as sweet as the redhead's mouth felt sliding along him, he'd always taken his pleasure were he could find it instead of holding on and thus also being held onto by another person.

These thoughts just sort of melted away into unimportance after a minute or so. He made quiet sounds of encouragement when Addison managed to elicit those extra delicious tinglings of... those 'oh yeah right there, do -that- again' places. He found himself tense with the urge push but resolutely held himself still as the human moved against him, feeling close to that so pleasurable edge.

Addison slowed and then stopped and Jan opened his eyes in confusion. He blinked away a few stray drops of water on his eyelashes and the pleasure haze that clouded his thinking at the same time. What? Continue? Well yeah...

Looking down though, he thought they could find other things to do that would be more pleasant for them both. Sliding a hand through his damp hair, Jan pushed himself off the wall. Helping Addison to his feet, he pulled the accountant tightly to him, kissing him soundly before replying.

"I'm sure we'd be more comfortable in the bed room."Â?
Addison 17 years ago
He'd given up his new toy reluctantly and stood, water slicked skin sliding along Jan's as he got, shakily, to his feet and fused his mouth to the other male's. Addison didn't think he could ever get enough of the feel of Jan's tongue against his. The certainly knew his way around kissing, Addison thought to himself as he made a little noise of contentment into his partner's mouth

"I'm sure we'd be more comfortable in the bed room."Â? hot, shower sex.

Then again, his bed was damn inviting...and soft. Addison was a little sore from the whole falling on his ass thing at the ball...why aggrivate it further his partner smelled like his own shower gel. It seemed intimate to share personal care products.

"C'mere you...." Addison stepped out of the shower, crooking his finger at his counterpart. It was chilly outside of the warm stream of water...even in the warmed bathroom and as soon as Jan emerged out of the shower, the red-headed accountant pounced, weilding a fluffly light-blue towel.

Rub Rub Rub

Oops...pulling back, Addison smirked at the sight of Jan's hair in slight dissaray. The dark locks were smoothed a little before starting to towel dry the rest of his master off.

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Jan 17 years ago
Jan smirked thinking for the briefest of moments to delay longer when told to come closer. He decided that his perverse contrary nature had moments of inconvenience and having a naked red head standing in front of him wanting to get closer, was one of those times.

Turning off the shower, he stepped out and was immediately enfolded into a fluffy towel of a remarkably cheerful light blue colour. He reflected that he felt something like a vehicle in a car wash being buffed vigorously by those spinning cloth things. No, that's not right, those wash the car. They were blown there was a fun and ineffective way to get dry. Jan eyed Addison from underneath the towel, wondering if he could get the very active accountant to hold still while he 'blew' him dry. Somehow he doubted it.

He smiled at the fingers in his hair and stood still for the rest of his toweling before taking up another and drying off his companion in long slow strokes.

Once they were both dry, he set the towel aside and pulled Addison close once more, nipping the redhead lightly on the neck.

"So do you think I could get a thorough tour of this bedroom?"Â?
Addison 17 years ago
Addison hissed lightly as Jan's teeth made a re-appearance on his neck...nipping but not breaking the surface. "Teasing again?" he breathed, trying not to press forward and look extremely desperate. But it had felt so good...just like with Ellis...maybe more so because he was nekkers with Jan.

Speaking of which...

"How about we start with a thourough exploration of the bed?" One dark red eyebrow arched up and Addison leaned forward to lick Jan's lower lip before reaching down to grab his companion's hand and tug him, impatiently, into the next room. A lock of damp red hair fell clumsily over his eye as Addison hopped up onto his bed. Pushing back the heavy green curtains around his bed and pulling Jan up with him.

"Hmmm....this is the bed....with enough force, it bounces." Addison slid his hands down to ride low on Jan's hips, stroking the soft skin there. "We could test it's durability...I have an idea or two on how to do that..." he said with a soft smile, before leaning forward and kissing Jan again.

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Jan 17 years ago
Jan willingly followed his companion into the next room, feeling that it all the preparation for a short act of pleasure sometimes seemed beyond endurance but clean felt so much better and Addison appeared to be worth whatever amount of preparation was needed.

Luckily, he thought as he was pulled close and shown straight way to the bed, it would seem his partner was also impatient.

He raised his eyebrows at Addison's revelation about the bed. Smirking at his companion, he said.

"And you have first hand proof of this, no doubt."Â?

Smiling, he crawled up onto the bed, and rolled over on his back. He watched the redhead for a brief moment before reaching over and pulling Addison down on top of him. Jan held the human close for a demanding kiss before easing his hold enough to allow space between them.

"Really? I am open to suggestions. Let's hear these ideas."Â?
Addison 17 years ago
"And you have first hand proof of this, no doubt."Â?

Addison paused briefly, thinking that over. Did Jan just call him a man-slut? Or had it been something casual just tossed out there about his not completely firm mattress? After he was pulled on top of the very naked and seemingly still aroused Jan, the red head came to the conclusion that it didn't matter at all how he meant it...he was naked and skin to skin with his new master...

He purred into the kiss, slidding back to lean down and lick/nip every available space on Jan's chest he could reach with his mouth. The damn ends of his hair, trailed down behind before Addison sat straight up and looked down, through the slight veil of red hair obscuring his view. Fuck it all if Jan didn't look like sex on a stick.

"Really? I am open to suggestions. Let's hear these ideas."Â?

"How're going to make me say them out loud..." Addison flushed, and it felt like the color went clear down to his toes...he wasn't one at all for anything close to dirty talk and explaining the ideas he had would constitute as that for sure.

"Well...I could...go for a ride..." He said, trying to be slightly clever and slidig back until the lower bits o' Jan rested up the seperation of his arse. "Or we could do any variation of 'screwing the accountant through the mattress' as a test to my bed's long as dick goes in arse, I'm game." There...that hadn't been too bad, right? Well, Addison was still flushed, unused to having to verbally say what he wanted ...out loud. (granted, that was the point of speaking, ne? But still...)

Addison leaned down again, licking a trail up Jan's chest to nip at his chin before reaching over to the side table to retrieve two very important objects - lube and condom. Maybe the prep work would slow down the libido a bit....One finger was coated and the red head lowered his upper body and raised his arse a little higher in the air to insert a finger. The angle was akward, but it allowed him to lean completely on Jan and remove contact with the lower bits that threatened to end it prematurely. 'Yes, best to cause a little burn just to get things under control...'

"And...Just so I don't jinx myself, I'll do this part so that you don't suddenly take off like..." Addison's eyes widened as he realized he said that bit out loud. Sheeit....