On Clan Only Abilities and Flaws

In the world of Sanguine Affliction, the abilities and flaws of vampires is one of the greatest mysteries of their kind. Over the ages, abilities and flaws have both developed and faded away, to be lost forever as bloodlines died and new ones were made. There is no readily apparent scientific explanation to explain vampire powers, though there are various theories in existence.

There are, however, trends, and observations. Most vampires believe their abilities stem from the blood that runs through their veins, and evidence supports this; when a vampire loses blood, their abilities become weaker. Also, quite often a vampire will 'inherit' abilities directly from their creator, or a vampire's abilities may be tracked through the bloodlines. However, many believe that personality dictates abilities as well. There is evidence to support this theory, though many times vampires do not understand why they might have received the gifts and curses they have on an individual level.

It is apparent, in any case, that when like blooded and like minded vampires settle together, specific disciplines unique to each clan emerge and distinguish themselves.

The Lines of Division:
In present day Sanguine Affliction, the division of the abilities and flaws along clan lines is clear. While perhaps deviations from these divisions are possible, for the purposes of this board, abilities and flaws are locked into their clans. Thus if a vampire is in a clan, they will have the abilities of that clan.

Creators and Clans:
Some vampires may be turned by a vampire of one clan, but for a variety of reasons fall in with another. In this case, a vampire may inherit one ability from their creator's bloodline (for the purposes of the board, this would have to be a general ability available to all the clans, or one of the abilities that is common to both clans in question) but the others would develop from the influence of the clan they enjoy membership in.

On Changing Clans:
Throughout history, vampire society has undergone political and social shifts and changes that have resulted in the splitting of clans and formed and reformed alliances. One such period was in 800 AD, when a group of vampires split away from Anantya and formed Clan Evenhet. Then, in 1500 AD, a splinter group of Evenhets formed Tacharan.

During these periods in history, there was a resettling of sorts, where vampires had to choose their loyalties and where their abilities best fit. The lines at this time became blurred until the individual clans could distinguish themselves.

That time is no longer. The lines of division are clear, and abilities and flaws are tied to their respective clans, with a few abilities being common or possible among all of their kind.

In these modern times, with a clear division in place, changing from one clan to another is a grave matter. Defecting from your clan is a major life change that is liable to have consequences, much like leaving an organized crime syndicate, and joining up with another can bring out even more dangers in this paranoid and divisive age. That is not to say there is no cooperation between clans; one must simply always remember where their loyalties lie. There is simply too much at stake - both for the individual and the clans involved, who run the risk of losing face and making enemies, to switch clans with anything resembling lightness.

/ooc For the purposes of the board, we will no longer be allowing a person created by an Anantya but affiliated with Tacharan to have Anantya abilities from the start.