Win Some, Lose Some...

Mayor Apollo had, fortunately, ducked out to the bathroom when the blast went off. Unfortunately, however, he'd just been returning when it happened. So while he had been spared the quick and painless death the explosion would have afforded, he couldn't claim to be entirely happy with the outcome as his clothing went up in flames and bits of his flesh began to char and fall off.

Stumbling out to where the foyer had been, he remembered to stop, drop, and roll - except they all sort of happened at once as he collapsed somewhere on the periphery of the blast area. He heard sirens out front, but damned if he could open his eyes and look, much less crawl out there.

A pair of hands began tugging painfully on his shoulders and he did manage a glance, surprised to find Humphreys dragging him away from the inferno, down toward the front porch.

"Don't worry, you egotistical bastard. You'll be fine."Â? The old butler looked distressed, and in spite of their constant quarreling, Apollo wondered if there hadn't actually been some sort of... weird understanding between them. He couldn't find the breath to say much, and the room was fading in and out.

"Why couldn't I... be rescued by... a buxom blonde?"Â?

Humphreys looked vaguely apologetic. "I'll bear that in mind next time, sir."Â?

There was a rush of cool air, and it was the last thing Mayor C. John Apollo felt. Before he went, however, he mustered the strength to grab Humphreys by the collar of his shirt and drag him close.

"Don't you dare... let them... put 'Cornflower' on my headstone... you ass."Â?

And thus passed Mayor C. John Apollo. The city of Nachton was thrust into political turmoil overnight. Over the following months there were many rumors as to what had happened and why, but the official story continued to be inconclusive, citing it as an 'ongoing investigation.'

((Ooc: Thanks for playing, folks! We would like to add that several NPCs but no animals were harmed in the making of this event - and we apologize to all those designers who have to go through therapy after seeing the destruction of their masterpieces on the Nachton nightly news.))