New header/banner for the black vb skin

Thank you Vex =)

Fiona 18 years ago

wow, vex. Great job! She's hot!
Fallon 18 years ago
Oh, pooh. That's just gorgeous...but I can't handle the black background :S
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
I'm trying to get her to make a white one, I use it too.
Jan 18 years ago
Nice work. I love the lettering. I use the black style on the laptop.

I used to use one style per character on the old php boards but now I have more characters than drastically different styles but it sort of kept me straight in the beginning. Mai had nosebleed, Alfarinn had the black, and Jan had the default so I was in hopes that the colour of the background was enough to remind me of which character I was on.
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Nice - good work, and we dark kiddies love it! No need to make one for whitey.
Fallon 18 years ago
Hey! Selfish much? us whiteys want one tooooo!
Fallon 18 years ago
Woot! Lookie there...we got her too now!! Gorgeous!
Lotus 18 years ago
omg i didnt even get to check all the themes and you already commented!


Rachyl 18 years ago
The new one for the white theme is nice and all...

But could we please have the old white one back? It was modest, stately, and human, and work safe.
Fallon 18 years ago
work safe?
I turned my monitor away from the no one can see it but me...or, if my boss decides to wander around my office. i've gotten very good at clicking my excel button when he comes in though
Fiona 18 years ago
that'll work

wow Vex ~ those all came ou great!
Aishe 18 years ago
TY Vex. I like that one best out of the new ones. All very cool!
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Awesome with the work safe one and the white one! Thank you Vex!
Lotus 18 years ago
is there any desire for a black worksafe one ?
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
looks great, thanks for the work safe version too .
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
I'm not sure anyone at work uses the black one because black attracts bosses I hear. Wouldn't hurt though.
Connie 18 years ago
Black does attract bosses and nosy coworkers.

Just the same, I do use the black Ad Infinitum.
Maeve 18 years ago
Love the new banner. Very striking and beautiful.
Lotus 18 years ago
so do you want a ad infinitum worksafe version, connie ?