Something to loosen up (Open!)

Addison brushed back several strands of his hair as they fell in his face. He shouldn't have bothered to straighten it tonight and should have just pulled it back with something. The rebellion of said hair was starting to annoy him...and his nose as it fell across it. With a bright smile, he stepped up to the wet bar set up for this evening and took a quick seat there.

"Two glasses of red wine, please."

While the young man behind the counter moved to fill the request, Addison turned around slightly to see an older man stop by the Tach table, say something and immediately move on. That had to be their host for the evening...although he didn't see like such a people person spending so little time there. Addison spent a moment watching Jan talking to the others before looking around the room. The faces near by weren't least at a first glance, so the accountant turned back to the bar and grabbed a few peanuts from the bowl sitting there.

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The Mayor 18 years ago
The Mayor approached the bar and physically had to rub his smile off his face.

'For the love of God, my face is KILLING me from smiling.'

Mayor Apollo held his hand out to the bartender. He held his thumb and middle finger apart about 4 inches,
'Ok I want scotch,' then he closed the distance between his digits to about 1 inch, 'and water. Giddy up.'

The bartender quickly made the Mayor's drink and he gulped it. Making a face he cleared his throat, straightened his tie and plastered his smile back.

'Right then. CARRY ON!' With a triumphant hurrah, the mayor set out again to harass his guests.

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Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Walking up to the bar where Panos had taken a lean, Chryseis saw a red head step up and speak to the bartender. He was male, but looked a little feminine in her opinion. She placed herself in between them and spoke almost absent mindedly.

We let ourselves be fooled by drinking red wine, when really we'd prefer blood to be on tap.

This young man was either going to understand what she was talking about, or be dinner later this evening.

She noted Panos's recognition that she was next to him.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison was just getting over the fact the mayor of the city had stopped by, drank hard liquor that would have Addison hiccuping, and then ran off. It was enough to make one dizzy. That man must have a good metabolism or had enough caffene to be that...that active. The red headed accountant wondered what he'd be like at that age...if he made that age.

He was still thinking about the mayor and his people skills when he became aware of another body nearby.

We let ourselves be fooled by drinking red wine, when really we'd prefer blood to be on tap.

A quick study showed he didn't recognize the beautiful woman at all. However, he was completely sure she was implying what he thought she was. Addison looked to see the bartender had left the immediate area to find a bottle of wine. "I hear that's an acquired taste..." He took a glance at the male on the other side of the young woman before turning his attention back to her. Maybe that was her familiar? "I'm not an expert, but I'd think it it'd be better from the source..." Otherwise, vampires wouldn't necessarily want or need famliars around...if they could just bleed someone and put it on tap, that is.

"Addison Monroe. A pleasure to make your accquaintance, Miss?..."
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Chryseis Angelique. Nice to meet you mr. Monroe, and i do agree the fresher the better, but then people would have to goto extremes like in the silly vampire movie Blade Trinity. Hanging humans in neat little packages.

Intresting event we have going on here tonight don't you think?

He tone was dull and even she couldnt remember fi she had intended the remark to be sarcastic or not. Either way though, the charity event that was no doubt loaded with vampires was something a bit sarcastic.
Addison 18 years ago
"Package o' Human...probably with a zip seal for easier opening..." Addison smirked, remembering the movie briefly from the night he spent trying to watch every single movie having to do with vampires as research. Research..hah! Most of it had been bubkus...mental meanderings of wishful thinkers...or just some wierdos.

Intresting event we have going on here tonight don't you think?

"Not yet..." The red head smiled at the most-likely-a-vampire lady and turned to look at the Tach table. Jan wasn't in his seat anymore....the revelation caused him to look around for the lithe young man. But not seeing him in the immediate area, Addison sighed. "But the night is still young, yes? Did you have the haphazard honor of meeting the mayor...he seems to have a bit of a drinking problem..." If the behavior earlier was any indication.
Valentine 18 years ago
“Manhattan please.”

Val smiled pleasantly at the bartender and settled into survey the room as she waited for the drink.

She really should go over to what seemed to be a gathering of Tàcharan. That would be the correct/polite thing to do, but Val was still trying to sort out things. It wasn’t as if she was particularly loyal to Ellis, but change of leadership was a funny thing and she was still waiting to see how the dust cleared. Things had gone far too smoothly as it was.

Picking up the drink, she started off but noticed some brilliant red hair. Had to start somewhere and she was interested to see how he was fairing without Ellis. With a brilliant smile she slid up to the accountant.

“Should I be surprised to see you here tonight?”

Oh, he seemed to be conversing with someone looking properly contrite Val glanced between the two.

“I sure hope I’m not interrupting.”
Jan 18 years ago
Jan walked up behind Addison, sliding one hand around his waist and reaching over to one of the wine glasses the bartender had set down with the other.

"Thank you."Â?

He heard the last statement made by the redhead and looked confused.

"The Mayor has a drinking problem? Is he holding the glass upside down?"Â?

Addison seemed to be in the midst of a small crowd. Turning to regard one of the womae and her companion Jan smiled and gave a greeting. She was likely a vampire if he had to guess. Who else would have eyes like that? But he could be wrong.

"Good Evening."Â?

Setting the pack of cloves on the bar, he nodded to them.

"I was about to go outside and indulge a nasty habit before dinner. Or at least one nasty habit. One of the more socially acceptable ones anyway."Â?

He took a sip of his wine, breathing in the aroma of it with half lidded bliss before savoring a swallow. Grinning at Addison, he said.

"So few things taste quite so wonderful as a fine wine."Â?
Addison 18 years ago
“Should I be surprised to see you here tonight?”

Addison looked over from the woman on his right as the bartender returned to see Val standing on the other side. He flashed a bright smile, glad to see her again. "Fancy seeing you here, Val. How have you been?"

“Thank you.”

Addison somehow managed not to blush this time, but he did press back against the warm, solid body behind him as Jan's arm slid around his waist. "Hello there...thought you'd escaped..." The red head half turned and grinned at the tach vampire. Who smoked cloves? The pack now in front of him did, indeed, smell like cloves you would find in your kitchen. He'd never smoked before, so wasn't sure about maybe trying one or not.

“The Mayor has a drinking problem? Is he holding the glass upside down?”

", but he did down a large quantity of hard liquor very quickly..."

“So few things taste quite so wonderful as a fine wine.”

"Miss Angelique here was just telling me that red wine is a pale substitute to another liquid...however that doesn't do too well on tap. Jan, this is Miss Chryseis Angelique and Mis Valentine Connor. Ladies, Jan Yager." There, now everyone knew everyone's name at least. "So, a big fan of red wine? I'll have to remember that."
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
The crowd around this young man grew larger before she could blink. Whom ever he was he was popular.

She eye'd the other two who he seemed to know.

It's a pleasure.

Leaning forward she spoke to the man behind the bar.

Manhattan, and i'll take that up and not on the rocks please.

She spoke back to those around her.

Another one of the few things not watered down at these events.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
Her voice chimmed aside from him like bird. It was neither good or bad to hear her speak and know that she was close to him. While he wasn't too concerned about others, Having Chrys by his side made him feel the utmost safety.

Except when she spoke it wasn't to him. He looked out of the corner of his eye at her and saw that she had spoken to a red headed man who had also walked up recently.

He listened to their conversation seeing no need to jump in but not walking away either. It wasnt long before more people began to show up, all of which were interested in speaking with this 'Addison Monroe'.

He clentched his jaw and scanned the room hoping for, anything really. The event along with it's ecentric mayor was picking up in pace. Waiters began to flood the dinning hall with large trays. Finally he spoke up.

It looks as if the food is being served.
Waiter 18 years ago
The waiter walked by the bar on his way to his assigned table and with a practiced motion, lowered the tray long enough for everyone to get a peek. Hopefully they will distract them from their drinks long enough to find a table and try some of the treats.

With a smile and a nod, the waiter proceeded to his table.
Shay 18 years ago
With a man on each arm, Shay led the way to the bar, and intended to go directly to where Addison was; however, as she approached she also saw Paul standing at the opposite end of the bar. Feast or famine it seemed. Two men she hadn't seen in ages and now here they both were.

Since Addison appeared to have quite the entourage at his end, Shay chose the lesser crowded end to begin. She also made sure there was no one else anywhere near Paul, with the exception of the one woman. Paul didn't appear to be engaged in conversation at the moment, so Shay felt safe in greeting him.

Releasing the men's arms, she went right up to Paul and hugged him.

"Paul! Where have you been? I've missed's been forever since I saw you last."

There was no need to introduce Mathias, as he and Paul had already met, but Shay did intend to introduce Palmer. Stepping back from Paul, Shay did just that, and as she waited for the men to acknowledged the introduction, she glanced down towards Addison, and then returned her attention to Mathias, Paul, and Palmer.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan raised his eyebrows at Addison's talk of escape.

“I thought this was your chance to do that. You know the whole predator prey thing. I'm supposed to chase you around the ball room if I remember my nature channel programs correctly.”

He shrugged at the mention of the Mayor's drinking. So long as the man was still coherent then he could do what he liked as far as Jan was concerned.

“With this group of people. I'm surprised he's managing with just one drink. Shaking babies and kissing hands isn't something I'd want to do for a living.”

Looking over at the pale eyed woman that he assumed was a vampire, he could imagine what thing she suggested tasted better from the way Addison put that description. So she was a vampire. Hopefully she had no designs on the redhead. He'd hate to have to get violent...okay, perhaps he wouldn't hate it but Simon already had enough to deal with without him causing trouble.

“Well some things don't keep well and are best enjoyed fresh. This, however, is excellent wine. It is a pleasure to meet you both of you ladies. I think I'll step outside for that smoke. Looks like the dinner is already being served.”

Leaning in to Addison, he said quietly.

“You know where to find me if you need me.”

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Palmer 18 years ago
Palmer was quite content to take Shalimar’s other arm, eager to meet the famous ‘friend of Shalimar’ and mingle at the bar. He was still musing over her offhanded comment about Mathias; if there had been a simple explanation for the phrasing, which even she seemed to think stood out, Palmer imagined she would have given it. Of course, it could be what it seemed, a slip of the tongue, but he wondered all the same.

Stewing, however, was not really his ‘thing’ and so his quiet moment was not long at all before they were at the bar and meeting Shalimar’s friend. He offered his hand as he was introduced, flashing a smile.

“A pleasure to meet a friend of the lovely Shalimar, Paul; if you could have –seen- how delighted she was when she saw you over here!”

He gave Shalimar a light wink and scanned the bar, noting what he termed ‘rock star hair’ on one of the men with a smile. Then there was a porcelain pale woman with, he noted, outstanding posture, and a petite lady with bobbed hair and a sleek black dress.

He was, frankly, boggled by the idea that Thaddeus had so much trouble getting a date, with all these attractive people milling about. Of course that, he reminded himself in a fake British accent, was ‘none of his business.’ He gave a smile and nod to the group and turned back to the trio as the waiter tried to urge them onward.

“Ah, it’s that time already! Tell me, do you already have a table staked out?”

He didn’t wish to intrude on the seating arrangements and was perfectly at ease sitting anywhere, but as they seemed to have a growing company he thought it would be pleasant to sit together.
Addison 18 years ago
Another one of the few things not watered down at these events.

The woman had a lovely voice. Addison found himself agreeing as he leaned back against Jan just a bit. He could either look like he was cuddling or just like he was relaxing against a friend. Depended on who was watching. The waiter stopped by, waving food in front of their noses and the red head's stomack growled lightly, reminding him that he was, indeed, hungry.

But while daydreaming of the food, Addison caught sight of a familiar face...or one he'd seen before...upon just arriving to Nachton. He gave a wave, hoping to catch Shay's attention.

“I thought this was your chance to do that. You know the whole predator prey thing. I'm supposed to chase you around the ball room if I remember my nature channel programs correctly.”

"Oh...that can be arranged, I just need to know it'll be you chasing me and not someone else." A sly smile and he turned to wink at the dark haired vampire. It wouldnt' do to be chased by someone else entirely and get in trouble again for...indescretions.

“You know where to find me if you need me.”

Addison nodded quickly, squeezing the hand around his midsection before it withdrew and Jan was gone. He'd say hello to Shay and see if he could catch Jan out on his smoke before he was required to sit for dinner. Addison picked up his wine and took a long sip. "I've never had a regular manhattan...just a southern comfort straight up...although the alcohol goes to my head too quickly with something like that..." He said, conversationally with the beautiful woman next to him.

(OOC: Conversationally...doesn't work there, but for the life of me I couldn't change it...ah well)
Mathias 18 years ago

A part of Mathias' had hoped Shay would see Paul,but fate has a peculiar sense of humor. Best to suck it up then,and make the best of a bad situation.

For Shay

"Addison,an honor as always - how are you doing?" Mathias had only briefly met Ellis' former (*sigh*) familiar,but he seemed nice enough.

Summoning every good manner his mother drilled into him,Mathias turned to Paul.

"Good evening,Paul"

There,it was said and no fights broke out - easy enough.

Mathias noticed the woman sitting next to Addison,she seemed...familiar..but he couldn't place exactly where from.

"Ma'am" He said,nodding his head towards her.

He gave Jan a wave as Simon's child left to indulge in his vice of choice. Mathias wondered if his presence had precipitated the exit,being as he was at odds with Jan's 'father'.

At Palmer's statement about Shay's excitement at seeing Paul,Mathias felt a familiar stab,one he hadn't felt for some time. Shay had friends,Shay was going to have friends,and Mathias wasn't going to like them - and yet something about Paul set MAthias on edge. He didn't trust the man,in truth his reaction was to put as much distance between Shay and Paul. But it wasn't his choice to make. Shay wanted to be around Paul,and Mathias had to respect that.

Just get through this...
Shay 18 years ago
Knowing how Alexi felt about Paul, Shay knew she wouldn't really be hanging out with the man tonight. But since it had been so long since she'd seen him, and since he had always been good with her, and she still considered him a friend, she 'had' to say hello to him now.

While she was hugging him, she whispered into his ear, alone.

"We really do need to get together and catch up. Call me?"

And a quick kiss to his cheek, she pulled away and patted Paul's chest, and held up one finger, as if to beg a moment. She then took back Alexi's hand, and pulled his arm through her's as she turned towards Addison. She had seen him wave as Jan left, and had also caught just a sense of 'sharing' between the men. Shay hadn't seen Addison at the big Tacharan meeting where Simon explained his new position, so she didn't think Addison was Tacharan, and she remembered they had met during the daylight that ruled out the other...but it did give her pause none the less.

Waiting until there was a lull in the conversation between Addison and the two women who were still at the bar alongside him, Shay then released Alexi's hand, and went to give Addison a hug.

"Hello, Addison! It is good to see you as well. I thought maybe you had left Nachton, since I hadn't run into you again in all this time. You're looking well. Been shoe shopping lately?"

She gave the man a grin, and turned to Alexi.

"This is better half..."

She gave Alexi a smile and look full of love, having made such a declaration publicly for the first time.

"Mathias, this is Addison...he was the very first person I met when I arrived in Nachton...and one of the reasons I was at the House of Pain the night we met."

Boy introductions sure could be wordy. But Shay was still excited about seeing her two friends, and wanted to share that excitement. She also loved showing off her man.

Moving back, until she had backed up against Alexi, she picked up his hand again, as always, and smiled at the remaining two women she did not know.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
A mahattan? Gross. Chryseis really was old. He had hoped she would have taken his dinner announcment and then the waiters polite display of this evenings meal as a cue to go sit down. He was uncomfortable amidst all these others, yet he didn't know why.

Then a voice from the not so distant past drew him back out of his disdained thoughts.

"Paul! Where have you been? I've missed's been forever since I saw you last."

Paul. He knew of only a few he used that name and only of one who would be using it with excitment. He smiled as Shay hugged him. He hugged her back tightly.

She was with two people, one he did not recognize and the other, was only one of his most 'favorite' people. He nodded from from Shays shoulder and gave a sardonic smile towards Mathias.

Hello Mathias, and hello Palmer. Well met.

This Palmer character seemed a bit flagrant and didn't seem to fit in standing along with the sour puss Mathias. Panos smirked at the thought.

Before he had a chance to say much of anything, even though he had no idea what he would say, 'Sorry Shay i've been brooding in my home after i turned some girl into a vampire?' Shay had leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"We really do need to get together and catch up. Call me?"

With a surprized smile as she kissed his cheek, he blushed slightly and nodded to show that he had heard. He was even antsier now and he turned to Chryseis once again.

We should sit.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
We should sit Panos announced his discomfort once again.

Chryseis took a sip of her manhattan and peered over at Panos. As she finished the sip she tilted her head towards Addison.

It would seem my darling here is tired of standing on his legs. It must have been ages until he was allowed to find a good seat in his times. I think i'll give into his relaxtion once again. Weary men. I see you have your arms full yourself Mr. Monroe and i'll leave you to the women who come beating down your door.

She raised an eyebrow and her glass to the young man and nodded. He was good times she could tell and definatly not this evenings meal.

Be aware, sometimes wine can go straight to your head faster than you know it.
Valentine 18 years ago
Addison was apparently the h’orderve of choice around here wasn’t he? Of course didn’t help the boy that he was very probably just that, a snack and quite possibly outnumbered.

She had just enough time to smile at Jan and heard just enough of what he had to say to wonder if Addison hadn’t been claimed again. That was certainly fast, not that she could blame either party involved.

Listening to the group while sipping her drink she approved of the other woman, the paler ones drink order. There was nothing wrong with a good Manhattan and the bard had had the good sense not to water them down.

Through all of this though it was the suit with the southern accent, Palmer if she’d heard right that caught her eye. She loved the look, the originality and winked at him. Finishing her drink, she set the glass back down and, with a playful tone to her voice, asked.

“Just where did you plan on sitting?”