Facing the Music:Attn Simon (Open to the adoring public)

Jan scanned the entrance for Simon figuring that it was far easier to find his tall creator instead of having Simon have to look for him in a crowd. Luckily it appeared that his father and sister were already here. Nova was in a dress...and it wasn't neon. How did that happen? What the hell was she doing standing next to Evans? Plotting to kill him? Getting close enough to strike? He could hope she'd toss him against a few walls before the evening was over; it would liven up the party.

Turning to Addison, he nodded in the direction of Simon and took the redhead by the hand. He made his way through the milling crowd towards his family, hoping to speak to the Tacharan Leader before things got underway and it became too busy and too crowded to speak.

"Let's hope he's in a better mood."Â?

He'd suggest waiting until after dinner for that but Simon wasn't human and sitting at a banquet with a bunch of snotty elite when the man had work to do was only likely to worsen Simon's mood over time, not improve it. Yep, best to get it over with now.

Jan came to stand next to his father and said quietly.

"Reporting for duty. Have you got a minute to speak to us?"Â?

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Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon put his hand on Jan's shoulder and gave him a warm smile. His eyes flicked to Addison and his normal unemotional expression returned. He wasn't so much irritated with Addison now but curious as to why Jan was concerned with him.

He brought Carol's hand to his lips and kissed it softly. She seemed to understand and she gave the men a brilliant smile and joined Nova and Kyle.

'Shall we then?'
Carol 18 years ago
Carol gave Simon an adoring look as he kissed her hand and then separated himself from her. She watched Jan, Addison and Simon walk off to discuss whatever they were wanting to be all secret squirrel about. Turning, Carol caught sight of Nova again. She really wished Nova would dress up more, she looked so beautiful in that gown, granted she was wearing sneakers but it was chic cool. Her hair down on her shoulders, a handsome guy at her arm...she looked positively happy and wow what a glow.

Carol blinked.

Nova was glowing.

Carol's eyes narrowed.

Nova was GLOWING.

Covering her mouth she exclaimed,
'OH MY GOD,' in a little squeal. Running up to Nova, she grabbed her hand, the one not touching Evans (OH MY GOD) and accused her.

'YOU HAD SEX!' She pointed at Nova and Kyle. 'TELL ME EVERYTHING!'
Addison 18 years ago
Jan taking his hand was certainly a welcome surprise. Addison squeezed in assurance and allowed himself to be dragged along behind as they made their way over to where Simon and Carol were standing. 'What the ...' Addison looked confused as the new head of tach kissed Carol's hand. That was an odd occurance. The accountant flashed his ex-co familiar a smile before she left them. The action, though, worried in a corner of his mind, wondering if Simon had changed his mind and taken Carol as his familiar after all..despite what Mathinus had told him.

He nodded politely to Simon and looked over at Jan. He looked slightly nervous. Addison squeezed the hand again and smiled in what he hoped was a reassuring manner. Hopefully this whole "I wanna be Jan's familiar" bit would be over soon.
Nova 18 years ago
Nova shot Jan a grin and gave Addison a little wave, wondering how things were going for the redhead. Breaking familiar bonds could…well, suck, but Carol and Marthinus seemed alright and she figured it was probably the same for Addison.

Deciding it was all so far from being her business that it wasn’t even funny, she started toward an empty table only to have a swarm of people attempt to pass by in the opposite direction. She gave Kyle an elbow as one particularly frumpy woman who seemed to have ostrich feathers growing out of her dress shoved by with the rest of the group.

“Glad I didn’t wear that?”

Then Carol came over with a look in her eye that Nova probably should have understood, but totally didn’t until she made her declaration.

She looked up at the ceiling.

Maybe a Buick would fall on her head. Or one of those VW buses. Those were cool.

Maybe a VW bus would drive into the ballroom and take her away. Or Carol. Or something.

Of course, that was not meant to be.

“Yeah, many times actually. The dress lies.” She pretended to consider Carol’s plea for information before quipping back. “Everything? Wow, that might take a while…let’s see, back in tenth grade there was an incident with a youth minister in a movie theater parking lot…” She tilted her head to one side. “Wait, does oral count? There’s debate on that I guess, I always thought it did but some people disagree…”

She cleared her throat and looked around the room, meeting the eyes of the ostrich woman, who was staring at her in open horror. She sneered back but thought maybe it might be good to tone it down just a notch. “Er, you know…maybe there’s a time and place or something?”
Jan 18 years ago
Jan felt much better when Simon laid his hand on his shoulder and smiled down at him. Good, this might go better than he thought. At least he knew that there wasn't anything he'd done lately to be on the shit list... or at least nothing that he had gotten caught for. Yes, I did hit my sister in the back of the head on the raid and knocked her out cold. She's fine really look at her. He smiled at that and then looked over at Nova who was chatting amiably with Kyle Evans.... okay maybe she wasn't fine. Oh my god! I hit her too hard. She's cracked! Lost her memory and thinks she likes this guy!

Nah! Did Simon put her up to going out with the reporter for saving him? Ugh what a suck job! Mercy dating AND wearing a dress! He was glad not to have been given that assignment. Babysitting the human would be yeck but if anyone could find a way to make that entertaining it would be his sister.

Which brought him back to the human he was standing with. He turned and smiled at Addison and squeezed his hand in return. Looking back at Simon, he said.

"Well, I was thinking over the current up in the air situation about Ellis's other familiars and knew that Addison was new, probably still very lost and not known to too many of the clan. If you didn't want to take him as a familiar. I'm offering to do so. I will take responsibility for him. If that's alright with you."Â?

Wow, how do you say something like that and not sound like you're talking about a new pet? I promise to love him and hug him and take very good care of him, so can I please please have him? He followed me home honest!
Carol 18 years ago
Carol made the UH face and then stomped her foot. 'Uh, hello??' She pointed back and forth between the two. 'YOU,' pointing at Kyle, 'having sex with YOU,' pointing at Nova, 'is BLOWING my mind.'

Carol stopped and smiled. 'Although I have to say, you both make the cutest fucking couple. Oh god I'm so happy for you guys.' Carol started to tear up, 'Hug me, quick!'

This was monumental, Carol thought. I mean, how cute is this? Nova, raging angry Nova finally met her match, raving lunatic reporter Kyle. It's a god damn match in heaven!

'Quick, HUGS!'
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon raised his eyebrows. 'You want to take Addison as your familiar?' Well Simon certainly did not want to take the human for himself. He just didn't like the idea of familiars, but that probably stemmed from the fact that Ellis used his family as a familiar pool.

He shrugged, 'If that's what you wish, Jan. You know I've no desire to take any for myself.' It occured to Simon just then that Addison was probably wondering about Carol. The look of confusion had crossed his face but Simon had let it go, honestly not caring.

'I should probably explain about Carol, then.' Jan had missed the meeting, as did Addison, but he was fairly sure Jan knew thru Nova. 'Carol is my companion. It happened...quite suddenly.' Simon didn't feel the need to explain that situation further. He did add, 'I don't feed on her or plan to ever do that. I want her feelings for me to be more than just master and servant.' Clearing his throat, Simon changed the subject back.

'I do, however, have a problem with Addison here associating with an Evenhet.'
Kyle Evans 18 years ago
Kyle looked over at the ostrich woman that Nova was pointing out and blew the woman a kiss, much to her dissatisfaction. He shrugged and said outloud while pointing at Nova, 'Well she likes me,' and then turned back to Carol stomping her foot.

Her forward behavior cracked him up but then he stopped when Nova became flustered. Kyle didn't mind sharing, but he'd leave that up to Nova. He did, however, happily give Carol a hug.

'It was alright. She had to get me drunk first though,' he did the drinking motion with his hand and then shook his head gravely.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan looked over at Addison and smiled again. Was that what he wished? Yeah, it was. The two of them should probably talk about what all the entails again at some point but there had not been a whole lot of time to do that.

“Yeah, He's got no where else to go...and..”

He grinned at the redhead again.

“I kind of like him... so uh yeah. I did stick to the rules though. See, this is -me- sticking to the rules. Being a good kid and all that.”

He added in a quieter voice as an aside. “ I'll break something later so you don't think I was abducted by aliens or something.”

Frowning at the mention of Evenhet, he said.

“The guy used suggestion on him, Simon. It doesn't fix things but it wasn't Addison's fault.”

He looked at the accountant who looked a bit confused, probably over the continued situation with Nic and a little annoyed at it being brought up again. Luckily they were both shorter than Simon so maybe the Tacharan Leader wouldn't notice and if he did, it could easily be annoyance at what happened to him. Which he'd be feeling something close to fury about if it were him. The Evenhet nearly got him killed. Tacharan familiars just aren't treated the same, they belonged to vampires were not business partners.

“He won't be seeing Nic again. Don't worry. I don't think he has any desire to anyway.”

At that he shrugged and looked over at Addison to confirm or deny. Leaning closer to the redhead, he asked. They had been talking about him as if he weren't standing there.

“Got anything to add? Or does that cover it?”

((OOC: Addison's reaction with permission ))
Addison 18 years ago
Addison was about to stomp his foot in frustration. No, Nic shouldn't have used suggestion, but if he'd not been so paranoid about talking about being a familiar, he might have mentioned that to Nic and therefore bypassed the whole misunderstanding, so he was to blame as well. But he'd gotten the whole "don't talk about it" speech from Carol and Ellis.

And what the fuck was a companion? Was that some sort of partner that you didn't bite....or maybe he was planning on turning Carol? Addison paled a little at the idea. Carol seemed...too bubbly...too human to want to become a vampire. And she'd never get into the stores she wanted for the sales if she could only come out at night...

"I kind of like him..."

Color tinged his cheeks at the admission. It was quite nice to hear but embaressed him some. What if Simon thought he was corrupting Jan with his "I once fooled around with an evenhet" ways... eek. If that was the case, he wouldn't allow Jan his request...but then unless they kicked him out, he'd be Simon's respooncibility and Addison doubted he wanted that even more.

When it came to the point where vowing never to see Nic came in, Addison quickly agreed. Granted, he didn't know what Nic was going through, but at the moment, Addison just hoped he stayed away from tachs for a while. The red-headed accountant might feel guilty otherwise.

"Got anything to add? Or does that cover it?"Â?

Addison thread his fingers in between Jan's and smiled, glad he'd remembered he was still standing there. "Not unless Simon has any questions..."
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
He shook his head. 'Enjoy, gentlemen.' Simon knew he didn't have to remind Jan about any of the rules. He trusted him and knew he'd always do the right thing for the clan.

Turning, Simon looked for Carol. He saw a fury of blonde curls bouncing over by Nova and Evans. Oh my, he thought and made his way over. His companion looked a little happy about something and was declaring that everyone hug her.

'What did I miss?' Kyle held his hands up and shrugged. He was looking a little too smug. Carol looked as if she was going to burst.
Carol 18 years ago
Carol was waving at her tearing eyes. 'I'm so happy,' she exclaimed again. She pointed to Nova and Kyle and said, a little too loudly, 'they had SEX!' She grabbed Simon's arm and looked proudly at the new couple.

It occured to her then.
'Wait, y'all are a couple now...right?'
Jan 18 years ago
Jan smiled at Simon's blessing and slid his hand out of Addison's grasp to wrap it around the man's waist now they had the okay to from Simon.

Thanks... and Congratulations to you two.

Carol and Simon... she would do all the talking for him for certain but at least she wouldn't rule him like Ellis did. It was still something of a shock. He wasn't even aware that Simon had known Carol existed so when he was told they were together... he was floored.

Speaking of floored... He had walked over to the group behind Simon and heard Carol's exclamation. Kyle and Nova? Was she out of her mind with delirium? One look at Kyle's and Nova's face said it was true. He looked smug and she looked like she was ready to kill someone... anyone! But she wasn't denying it either. Jan thought he needed to sit down, this was just too much.

He gave Nova a look that said Are you crazy? before finding a chair for him and Addison.

I'm guessing you remember my sister, the uh... name of her friend here is Kyle Evans.
Kyle Evans 18 years ago
Kyle nodded his head towards the younger kid that was with Nova at the hospital when they first met and the red head with him. He was certain the one called Jan was a vampire, but he wasn't sure about the red head.

Carol's question was...awkward. He made the appropriate fish gasping for air faces and then looked at Nova. He assumed that they were probably...well...possibly exclusive. Or was he assuming too much? He was pretty sure he cared about her and he thought maybe she liked him, but he wasn't sure now since she hadn't responded yet.

'Uh...,' was all he could managed under the scrutiny of Simon and everyone else.
Nova 18 years ago
Nova shot Kyle a dirty look and made a good attempt at kicking him in the leg, though her dress made that somewhat tricky. Even so, she rather petulantly hoped it had hurt.

Get him drunk indeed. What an asshat.

Things were pretty quickly going down hill, what with the people at other tables looking at her like she was the whore of Babylon at Carol’s overly loud declarations, and when Jan approached she tried to shoot him a ‘please kill me’ look, but he just looked back at her like she was nuts.

Then she looked over at Simon, wondering how he would take the news and remembering his very specific orders that he was not to be touched. She hoped her creator wouldn’t be pissed or get the wrong idea, and used her super telepathic powers to willfully explain that she had pretty much behaved. No biting, no handcuffs, no experiments with autoerotic asphyxiation, and in spite of Kyle’s claims of drunkenness he looked just fine and not in any way traumatized.

Shit, no telepathic powers. Ah well, they’d straighten it out.

She nearly snorted with amusement when Kyle gave his reply to Carol’s question, but was still stinging enough from the drunk comment that she replaced genuine mirth with a dry smile.

“Shit, I’m just trying to get through tonight without spilling anything on the dress.” Or having a Buick fall on her head.
Kyle Evans 18 years ago
That was not the response he was expecting. 'Your...dress? Nova...?' Kyle turned and looked at her now. What the fuck was she talking about and why wasn't she answering them? The sudden realization that he was obviously wrong crept down his spine.

Kyle wiped at his mouth and then smiled.
'Well then, there you have it. Straight from,' he looked around, now embarrassed and growing even angrier, '...the horses mouth.' His voice trailed off as he turned away from the group.

'If you'll excuse me. Again thank you, Simon for,' he looked at Nova one last time, 'all the fun.' He smiled her, and not kindly, 'Nova, thanks for everything. Carol. Gentlemen.' He nodded and then walked away...quickly.

((OOc - Kyle out))
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Simon had no idea what to say. It was one thing to find out Nova was indeed in some sort of relationship with Evans, it was another to watch it suddenly fall apart.

[Carol, love...sometimes, some things aren't meant to be discussed openly.]
Carol 18 years ago
[God, I had no idea. I thought...]

'Nova...I'm sorry, my mouth...'

Wow, Hi - insert foot into mouth, gag and throw into the atlantic ocean. Carol was mortified, but she couldn't even begin to think what Nova must be thinking.

'Wow ok, who needs a drink? I need one. I need a big one.' Carol took Simon by the hand.

[She's going to hate me forever on this one.]
Addison 18 years ago
"Well, that was easy," Addison whispered into Jan's ear as an arm wrapped around his waist. The red head mirrored the action with his arm, tucking his fingers into the jacket pocket. It was surprisingly comfortable to be with Jan like this and the thought surprised him. Ellis had always instilled just awe. Jan was...a very pleasant alternative. Before they could move, Addison tipped his head and placed a brief, chaste kiss just behind Jan's ear. Odd, but the urge had come over him suddenly.

I'm guessing you remember my sister, the uh... name of her friend here is Kyle Evans.

Addison raised his free hand in a little wave and smiled at Nova. However, was slightly confused at the turn of events that left Kyle skittering away. Maybe he was ill or something. He nudged Jan's shoulder, to get his attention. Maybe he would explain later why a man and woman having sex on their own would be such a surprise or embaressment. Granted, it was a black tie affair... "Do you want a drink?"
Nova 18 years ago
Nova blinked a little at Kyle’s initial reaction, muttering under her breath.

“Well hell, I thought it was funny.”

She made the likely very bad mistake of snorting at Kyle’s further dramatics, thinking he was just playing along and didn’t want to answer Carol’s question any more than she did, that he didn’t –have- an answer any more than she did, not really. And it was funny, a silly stereotype that Kyle was so fond of joking about, that it was the woman who decided the relationship crap. If his bedroom manner was any indication, she got the impression he felt as much right to say what the deal was as she did. She smiled at the memory of him taking over, something few men were willing to do on a first round considering she had the perverse habit of scaring the living daylights out of them.

When he stood up to go, though, she realized she had been…pretty off. What the hell was his problem? She made a disgusted noise as he walked away.

Carol, meanwhile, seemed pretty upset, and while Nova had been annoyed with her pressing the issue, the only person one could blame for Kyle was Kyle.

“Shit, don’t feel bad. I don’t know what he was expecting.” She shrugged to emphasize her point, that she totally didn’t get what was up Kyle’s ass. “I didn’t ask him to make a thing out of it.” She sure as –hell- hadn’t asked for any of this to come out, especially in front of her freakin patriarch figure and her brother, and didn’t really see where Kyle got off resenting her for that. He’d been just fine about her being uncomfortable but when the tables turned and she said something –he- didn’t like, he managed to surpass her own admitted immaturity.

As far as all that couple crap…well shit, she hadn’t thought about it. She hadn’t thought about it on purpose, because she didn’t –want- to think about it, but still.

Had he thought about it?

Hmm. Maybe that was what pissed him off. Who really knew with guys.

She was pretty damn relieved, though, when Carol moved on to drinks, though truth be told she didn’t feel like downing her usual whiskey and letting the rest of the party pass by in a haze. Instead, she looked over to where Jan and Addison were sitting, looking quite chummy indeed. She had the fleeting thought that Ellis might be pissed if she could see that.

Then again, she supposed a lot of things would be different if Ellis were here. She gave Jan a ‘what’s with you’ look, smiling. Her brother, at least, was worth her time. Her brother and her daddy, only two guys a gal could count on. She thought about her human brothers and nearly snorted at the thought. Yeah, some guys could only be counted on to be total and complete assholes, but what were you gonna do?

“You guys look sharp.”

She nodded at Jan and Addison and realized she was talking about more than the clothes. They made a nice pair. And they weren’t clawing each other’s eyes out. She looked over to Simon…and Carol. Another nice pair. Rough-around-the-edges Nova, surrounded by pretty people with pretty companions. Fan-fucking-tastic.