The Manor will never be the same again. I think Rupert had been scarred for life! Just when he was getting used to Talon and Amberelle too!

Talon 17 years ago
I betcha Ol' Higgins will be stealing a few nips of the brandy much more often nowadays..
Mai 17 years ago
Poor Rupert...he is tortured so.
Cyrus 17 years ago

I mean seriously, he could come answer my page. Hes hiding from the crazies in the front room not from me.
Ambrose 17 years ago
Poor Rupert? Damned I think Ambrose is scared...
Butler 17 years ago
/ooc I'm sorry . Will get to threads as soon as I have enough brain cells to rub together. I'm wanted in Cyrus and Fallon's thread and Dawn and Talon and Ambrose's thread, right?
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Who wants to jello wrestle over who gets Rupert first?
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
I alrerady had Rupert, so someone else's turn! :P
Talon 17 years ago
We could could have a jamacian stick fight mon...
or even better, a drinking contest!
/viking hat on
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
i can't wait.. Amby's going to be excited to have someone youthful around so she doesn;t feel so odd among the relics. Well excited for the first 5 minutes or so then the socialite in her is going to be running screaming for the forests *nodnodnod*
Cyrus 17 years ago
We thank you for your time and patience with us *cough* relics, Rupert! Take your time, we are not getting any older.
Ambrose 17 years ago
No stress Rupert.. brain cells are a rare and valuable thing. Cherish them and use them wisely... we'll just debate escape plans in the mean time