Mai is the Yoda of SA.

we just need to get her to start using yoda speak..

Cyrus 17 years ago
No picking upon the delicate flower of Anantya! Besides she could kick yer tail puppy breath!
Mai 17 years ago
Kuma-san, Disrespect me you will not. Break a pew, I can!

Arigato for the vote of confidence, Cyrus-san.
Talon 17 years ago
Disrespect? never... tease and taunt? Always!

hey Cyrus, you've got something on your nose there...
Mai 17 years ago
It is like playing with a large wolf pup. *throws a tennis ball for Talon*

So enjoying frightening the new clan members, btw?
Talon 17 years ago
/mean look on

how can this Not be fun?