Sorry for being gone and holding up some threads. I was hoping to have internet access from Kansas City, where I've been since the 7th, but alas...I did not. I'm back though, just amazingly tired. =)

Fallon 18 years ago
WB - Rest up!
Addison 18 years ago
Catch some well needed Zz's. Travel always made me sleepy no matter where it was to.
Alexandra 18 years ago
Welcome back, you've been missed
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Welcome back
Fiona 18 years ago
yay!! welcome back!
Maeve 18 years ago
Welcome back! I hope your trip went well.
Ginnie 18 years ago
Welcome back!!!
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Kansas City? Eep!

Well, I hope you had a good time, and welcome back!
Mathias 18 years ago
Alec Devereaux
Kansas City? Eep!

Well, I hope you had a good time, and welcome back!

And What is wrong with Kansas City?
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
There's *people* there! We keep Roz up in cold storage so she doeen't mingle with society and spread her insanity pandemically throughout the continental US. I hope it was cold enough there to stop the madness!

Oh, and I wouldn't wish Missouri on anyone. *runs and hides*
Fiona 18 years ago
having lived in Missouri, i kinda have to vote with Alec on that one *ducks*
Mathias 18 years ago
That's it!! You are all on *The List* !!

*makes marks next to Fiona and Alec's names*
Dawn Ratana 18 years ago
*steals the list and changes the title from "The List" to "People Who Deserve Extra Chocolate Cake"*

*bounce bounce*
Mathias 18 years ago
Editors...they are a pox I tell you!
Fiona 18 years ago
can i have mine with caramal sauce?
Winter 18 years ago
Simon Huntington 18 years ago
Let me tell you, my company's home office is there in KC and Roz from Anchorage will not be forgotten. I figure, life should come with a laugh track and I was the fun brown girl from anchorage who didn't bring a jacket.
Aishe 18 years ago
*tackles Roz from around the corner Calvin and Hobbes style*


Alfarinn 18 years ago
Sprint's main office was in Kansas City as well. Which is why they get to deal with mom right after dealing with Roz. She leaves tomorrow. O_O

Kansas City might never recover!
Mathias 18 years ago
It has survived me and my friends for 30+ years (dear god I'm old!) - do your worst!!