Evenhet Event Ideas: Take Two

Continue joking in the other thread if you like but if you have a serious idea about an event or a plotline that would draw Evenhet together as a clan then please post it here. Obviously we can't all get together to blow up a building and kill lots of humans but I'm sure we can manage to think of something interesting.

Fiona 17 years ago
Yessir *blushes*

Well, in light of all this talk of artifacts and whatnot, I'm assuming that we have some sort of "museum" on the premises. Why not let Kem and his crew "show off" what we have? Kind of a cocktail hour type thing.
Nicholae 17 years ago
OH! Along that line...how about a talent show. Nic can read Hamlet...Artemis can show off his newest invention...Kem, his newest find...
Kem`Raaisu 17 years ago
Yes, let's have me take out the entire Evenhet clan in one fell swoop while I drone on about the distinctive coil-beaten patterns on this particular shard of pottery...

... you there... you're already snoring!! Come on now, wake up!

I'm not sure about a talent show. It seems almost. I dunno. Undignified. In spite of previous roller derby threads.

That said, I haven't really been able to come up with something any better myself. Not exactly sure why.
Fiona 17 years ago
Now that would be a site!

Though I wasn't so much thinking of you guys lecturing about the stuff ~ more that it can be used as a vehicle to let the rest of the Clan know what's there ~ kind of like an art exhibit? Where the stuff is out in cases and everyone mingles...
Livia 16 years ago
Company picnic? The fact that its held after sundown will just be waved away as no one wanted to take a day off for it.

(Sorry to bump an old thread but it IS summer in Nachton now. )