And so it continues...

Opening the door for his beautiful companion, Sorin smiled and said.

"Welcome to Eternity. "

He handed his keys to yet another valet without a backwards glance. Walking straight past the line of people waiting for their chance to be turned down to get in, Sorin ignored the glares at his back with a superior smile. There was no need to brag that Club Eternity was the most exclusive night club in Nachton, the line of people dressed to the nines that wrapped around the block did that for him. Nor did he need to boast of his pull in such an establishment, the bouncer's faint nod and greeting did that for him as well.

"Good evening, James, this is Fiona. I am sure you will see her back many times. She has recently moved to Nachton and we must show her only the best the city has to offer so that she will stay."

James opened the door for them both and then turned back to business as the door closed behind them, cutting off the sound of loud protests at their admittance from the person who was next in line. He could just make out Jame's retort.

"No, Ma'am, let me be more plain. I said there was no more room for -you-."

They moved further into the club and the thumping music of the band thankfully drowned out the last of the girl's shrill response. He was not sure what kind of music Fiona cared for but that was not the real reason to come to Club E anyway. They did, however, book the best bands in the city and beyond. He was a little disappointed to see that Nox Aeternus was not playing tonight. They had just started getting gigs here and he personally thought it was about time. The group was something of a hidden wonder and he could not fathom why the lead singer had not been snatched up by some agent long ago. Sorin eyed him as a possible candidate for turning every time he heard the young man sing.

"Where would you like to start this hunt? Shall we work together or split up and meet back at the bar?"

He was curious to see her work but he could do that in either case. A little blood, or a lot of blood would certainly keep up his good spirits and he started eyeing potential prospects while he waited for a repsonse.

Fiona 18 years ago
Fiona followed Sorin, not in the least surprised that they bypassed the crowd. Her suspicions about Sorin’s sway in Nachton were confirmed more by what didn’t happen then by anything he did. Granted, the car was impressive, but that indicated money which was not exactly the same thing. Influence was a slightly different beast, one her companion had obviously tamed. She made a mental note of the doorman’s name ~ not because she cared, but because it was a mark of belonging. As the door closed behind them she could hear the protests from whoever had been next in line and hid a smile at the doorman’s response.

“Very nice, Monsieur. I think this will do just fine.”

She didn’t recognize the music, but that wasn’t surprising. Most of the new bands gave her headaches, but every once in a while she ran across something she liked. Oddly, she actually like Nickelback, though it wasn’t something she’d readily admit to anyone. This band was tolerable and as she glanced over the crowd, she idly wondered what music Sorin preferred.

There were a few potential targets in the crowd and she marked them for the moment. She briefly toyed with the idea of one in particular, but it appeared he had a date and she wasn’t in the mood for dealing with that tonight. If she had been alone, it would have been fun to split him away from his partner and send him back pleased with the world, and clueless why. Between the euphoria of the bite and the bit of suggestion and glamour she could use… well, his partner for the evening would be very unhappy with him. But she wasn’t alone tonight and she had better things to do than play little games when a much bigger one was in her sites. And she had no desire to upset Sorin over something so trivial. There were also ways a pair could hunt together that a single person couldn’t… that was a tempting thought and she re-evaluated the crowd, wondering what Sorin’s preferred method was.

There was another angle to consider. It wouldn’t hurt to have a better idea exactly what she was dealing with, and a shared hunt would tell her a lot about the man at her side. That decided her. Smiling slyly, she turned slowly to Sorin, pleased that her heels allowed her to move close to his ear without stretching. Resting a hand on his shoulder, she spoke quietly.

“I’d be honored to share your hunt. Do you have a preference where to begin?”
Sorin 18 years ago
Sorin turned his attention to Fiona in time to see her sizing up one couple in particular. If they were going to be hunting together then there would need to be blood enough for them both and he was not very fond of sharing his meals.

"An excellent choice."

Smiling to her, he headed in their direction, glancing back over his shoulder at her as he did so.

" Go along with me. I am sure you'll see your opportunity shortly."

Nearing the female member of the couple, Sorin stopped standing close beside her pretending to have just gotten a page. With his head tilted down near enough for the woman to hear, he said.

"Walk towards the ladies room."

There was no need for a more complicated command than that. His was quite adept at the ability; it was the first vampiric skill to come to him as a vampire. Unlike many who were new with the ability, he could speak as softly as he liked or even give complex orders. It was sharply contrasted from the very early days of shouting one word commands like those you'd give to a dog; sit, stand, sleep! Anantya were the masters of command and it was no wonder that they saw humans as the troublesome pets that they truly were.

For he moment he toyed with the idea of having the woman, rollover right in the middle of the nightclub and beg loudly for his attention. Some other time perhaps, he had a date and preferred,for the moment, not to make a scene.

Still smiling at his thoughts, Sorin continued past the woman as if he'd never spoken. He found a booth and gestured at it. Leaning close to Fiona, he said.

"The woman is making her way to the lavatory. I believe I can intercept her and keep her occupied. Her companion is all yours."

His prey slid through the crowd past him and he moved to follow. Catching her gently by the elbow, he leaned in to give her another command and soon she was joining him in one of the private rooms that Club Eternity kept for VIP guests.

He nodded towards the couch and then ignored his meal in favor of making himself a shot of whiskey. Belatedly Sorin turned and looked at her.

"Care for one?"

She was still trying to figure out why she was here; unfortunately, command did not stop the person from thinking that their actions were odd or frightening. It was far less subtle than the Evenhet power of suggestion but he found it suited his tastes quite well. Who needed them to believe the whole thing was their idea anyway? They simply needed to know who was in control.

Downing his drink in one swallow, he came to sit beside her on the couch.

"Afraid?" He asked quietly.

She nodded slightly, nervously. Sorin smiled, the tips of sharp white fangs showing in his amusement.

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Fiona 18 years ago
Fiona’s smile widened as Sorin headed in the direction of the couple she’d picked out a few moments ago. When he turned back to her, she nodded once to let him know she heard him, and followed, curious to see what he’d do. She did not recognize the power he used ~ it was different from suggestion, but the result was the same. Well, almost. It took someone with a strong will to overcome a forceful suggestion and it was more entertaining to be subtle and play on what they wanted. What Sorin did though, appeared to Fiona to be more in line with commanding the woman to leave her date. Interesting.

She slid into the booth that Sorin had indicated, setting her purse on the table out of the way.
”Merci. Enjoy yourself, my dear.” She winked at him and turned her attention to the slightly confused man. Splitting them up like this stood a good chance of destroying their relationship, although that depended entirely on what Sorin did to the woman. For herself, well she could cloud the gentleman’s mind just enough to confuse his memories of the next bit of time. It could be quite the waking dream.

She thought over her options and looked about the darkened booth. It appeared to have been designed to give some degree of intimacy and most things could be easily concealed within it’s depths. She doubted Sorin intended to be all night, so the booth would work just fine. If she had been alone, she might have been tempted to mix business with real pleasure, but the only man coming anywhere near her body or her bed tonight might be Sorin, if he were so inclined. Instinct told her to let him choose her ~ he did not seem the sort to appreciate being played, no matter what pleasure he might get out of it.

Now, how to get her prey here… this was the part she truly enjoyed ~ playing with them and letting them believe they had chosen to do what she wanted. Though to be honest, some did, which did little for her in the long run.

Using glamour, she wove a combination of irritation that his partner had run off and just enough wounded pride that he began to look around the room, contemplating the other women present. He stopped when he saw her, though it helped that she had moved so she was standing at the edge of the booth, looking lost and confused. She studied him out of the corner of her eye and turned just enough so he could see the practiced mask she had donned, making it appear she was about to cry. She would have laughed at the smug expression he wore if she knew he wouldn’t be wearing it long. He was marginally acceptable ~ probably the son of some business mogul. She’d have to remember to ask Sorin if he knew, not that it mattered. If she hadn’t been somewhat pressed for time she might have played this out differently, but she was starting to get hungry and wanted to get back to Sorin and away from these… people.

He approached her confidently, certain he would impress her with whatever attributes he thought he had.

“May I buy you a drink?”

She pretended to be startled and turned to look up at him, wide eyed, letting her accent thicken. “Pardon? I was with someone but he…” She waved vaguely in the direction of the door, letting him draw his own conclusions. Accepting his help to sit in the booth, she nodded, sliding back into the shadows. “Please, sit. It seems I have been deserted.”

Before he sat, he stopped a waiter, ordering drinks for them both, which caused Fiona to raise an eyebrow. Even cockier than she had thought. Definitely someone who believed they were worth something. All the better.
Sorin 18 years ago
Sorin spared little time with the woman once she had admitted her fear. Toying with her might have been an interest to him if he had nothing else better to do but he did and she was merely food. The ones with fight were so much more interesting anyway.

He pulled her roughly to him and stripped the thin shimmery top from her body. The woman crossed her arms over her exposed chest which caused him to laugh. He'd seen better breasts on a boy; it was no wonder the girl wasn't wearing a bra; she didn't need one.

Shoving her over sideways, Sorin pushed her face down to the couch by a firm hand on her neck. He then ran one finger teasingly along the line of her exposed spine. Alright, so he was in the mood to play a little. He grew bored with her shivering and trembling quickly enough and leaned over to sink his teeth into the soft flesh of her side.

The woman gasped and then moaned, collapsing bonelessly against the cushions. The blood filled his mouth and he closed his eyes in pleasure at the glorious rich taste of it, though he never took his hand away from her. He sucked hard on the wound pulling the blood in as fast as he could swallow, accompanied by the increasing tempo of her sighs and gasps. There was the brief thought of taking her here while he had the opportunity but her blood was so much more enjoyable than the uninspiring sex with a whimpering woman was likely to be. Though she was enjoying herself very much at the moment and he wondered if her boyfriend would have be able to match this kind of intense pleasure. He doubted it. Poor thing.

Sated at least, he leaned away from her and took out a handkerchief to wipe delicately at the corners of his mouth before seeing to the limp woman. He had not taken so much as to make her non functional but she seemed dazed by the experience.

"Come come, my sweet, we need to get you dressed before you're missed."

He pulled her up and smiled when she stared wide eyed at him. Reaching over for her top, he helped her slid it back on. The marks he had made now neatly covered up and by the time it was looked at again it would be a simple bruise.

"Now shall we?"

Standing up, he pulled her to her feet gently by her hand looking for all the world like he had just asked her to dance. Once back in the club he leaned down to her.

"Forget what happened."

The woman dutifully blinked in confusion and then looked around the club. She eyed Sorin and he smiled. She smiled back and arched her brow invitingly... humans, such simple creatures. They both headed in the direction of the booth where he could see Fiona with the woman's date. Reaching out, he took his meal by the arm, lest she interrupt, he leaned down to her.


He had expected them to still find Fiona and the man together and he was not disappointed. It was part of the reason for his hurry. The other was to watch Fiona hunt. The humans would likely never recover their relationship after this and his little meal would have all the righteous indignation of a woman who simply went to the bathroom. There would be no memory of what had happened at all but she now had a clear view of her man seated with another woman. At least she knew what he was capable of now instead of after she married him and had several children tagging along after her expensive Italian leather heels. He was doing her a service really. She could do better. Not much better, but better.
Fiona 18 years ago
Fiona spent the few moments that the waiter was present studying her prey, glad once more that she did not possess empathy. The thought of having this human’s emotions washing over her was incredibly distasteful. She had spent her entire life learning how to get what she wanted from men, usually by letting them think they were getting what they wanted, but mostly by learning to read them without the aid of any gifts. Only one had never let her control him and she had lost him over 200 years ago. Until tonight, she’d never met anyone who came close to being in that league. Firmly placing thoughts of both Sorin and Philipe out of her mind she returned her attention to the young man speaking with the waiter, savoring the hunger that rose up at the thought of feasting on this one.

He was attractive enough, clean cut, with dark hair and eyes. Unless she was completely mistaken, his suit was Armani and silk. She was unsure of the color in the darkened both, but it didn’t matter. As soon as the waiter left, he raised his glass in a toast and Fiona picked up her own, making her hand tremble so that the amber liquid came close to spilling. Before she had to pretend to drop the drink, he had caught it up, his toast forgotten. His face hardened for a moment and Fiona bit her lip at the glare he shot at the door. Not only had he taken the bait she’d offered, he fed it himself, pulling her close to offer comfort. Smiling to herself, she allowed it as it put her in the position she wanted to be in. She slowly started to loosen the glamour, knowing that by the time she had begun feeding she would not be able to hold it effectively and there would be no need to.

When he had her firmly pressed up against him, she shifted so that she could see his face, lifting one hand to his neck to pull him closer. She had no need to hold a conversation ~ she wanted nothing more from him than to feed. A moment’s surprise and he bent to kiss her, softly at first, though that didn’t last as she silently urged him to more, letting him move them into the position she needed. Hands tightened around her waist as he sought her neck, nibbling and sucking down its length. Fiona slipped one hand down his chest, slowly caressing her way down, distracting him with nails ran lightly over his obvious approval of her actions. When he moaned softly, she turned her head barely an inch, releasing the last of the glamour and sinking her teeth into his neck just inside his loosened shirt collar. Considerate of him to have not worn a tie, she thought as he stiffened next to her.

Within moments, he was lost to her bite, hardening under her hand as she sucked deeper. Part of her mind counted his heartbeats, not wanting to take so much that she disabled him. The rest of her mind focused on the taste of the blood, letting it pool for a brief moment before she swallowed. He continued to moan softly, eyes closed as he rested his cheek in her hair. His arms tightened again as his lower body responded to her attentions with small thrusts against her hand. It took only moments for his body to spasm in climax. Fiona sucked one more mouthful of blood from him and pulled away with a quick lick to clean up any leftover on his lower neck.

Her prey stared at her, dazed and rather rumpled as she slid a few inches away, reaching for her handbag. A quick look in her compact to fix her makeup ~ lipstick rarely survived a meal ~ and she regarded the human. She smirked a bit at the site he made and knew that it didn’t really matter what Sorin did ~ the man’s release would provide ample evidence he had not behaved in his partner’s absence. She tsked at him.

Altering her voice, she slipped Suggestion through her words, letting them work with the confusion he felt. She filled her voice with forgetfulness and a desire to be elsewhere, concentrating carefully on what she wanted him to do.
“Thank you for the drink and the comfort. It would be best if you did not share this experience with anyone. In fact it would be best if you forgot you’d ever met me.” While she could not remove the memory, she could encourage him to forget it. Which would wreak all kinds of merry hell when his date reappeared. He’d have no clear memory of what had happened, but the evidence would be very much against him. Rumpled, sated and lipstick on his collar. She shook her head and gave him a disapproving look, weaving a slightly stronger suggestion into her words. She was tired of playing with him. ”I think perhaps you should leave the booth now and find your lady friend.”

Settling back, she watched as he left the booth, walking a few paces away slowly, looking back once with a look of befuddlement and shaking his head. Absently she picked up the drink he had bought and sipped it, frowning when she realized it was scotch and lower quality than she drank. Any sympathy she might have had for the plight the human was about to find himself in fled. How anyone could drink this… swill. Shuddering slightly she peered about the room, wondering if Sorin had finished.

She saw him standing with the woman where they both could see what had just happened. Well, well, well. How deliciously cruel of him to arrange for the woman to witness her lover’s infidelity. Laughing softly to herself, she slipped out of the booth and glided in his direction, ignoring everything and everyone in the room but the handsome vampire.
Sorin 18 years ago
Sorin could feel the woman's tension without even needing to touch her. She was like a nervous horse a quiver with the need to move, fighting his command with every ounce of her human will. Interesting that she fought him more now than she had before. He smirked to himself, perhaps his attentions had not been so unwanted as they seemed.

"I would go and tell him what I thought of him... if it were me."

She looked back at him in surprise but with the release of his hold on her and the new command, the woman merely nodded once and headed determinedly in that direction, her face set in righteous fury.

He chuckled to himself and turned his attention to Fiona as she came near. Wrapping an arm around her waist, Sorin leaned down to her and said in a quiet voice that only she would be able to hear over the music.

"So did you enjoy yourself? That was quite inspiring. "

There was something to be said for these Evenhet abilities when used for more productive means. All this time he thought them rather weak by comparison, Fiona did not change his opinion on the rest of the lot but she did make a good show of what their abilities could do. Of course, he had to admit, Megan Björn used them to devastating effectiveness as well. Cold and cruel, Megan was almost the match for Anantya's own Ice Queen.

"Come have another drink and then we shall find some place more quiet perhaps."

He walked back to the booth, looking down at the drink she had left questioningly. A delicate sniff of distaste at the course smelling liquid crossed his features but he noted that it had remained mostly untouched. It would seem it had not been to Fiona's liking either though perhaps she simply was not thirsty. Sorin turned and ordered two glasses of white wine. Picking up the offending drink, he set it down on the table of the booth behind him.

"A drink for you, Senator, and that was a wonderful speech, I must say. Good evening, Madam. "

He declined the offer to join the senator and his young companion. He doubted the man would win another election after the very public divorce from his wife but it never hurt to be prepared. He had no idea what the man had recently spoke about nor did it matter as he had not planed on chatting with him.

Sliding into the booth next to Fiona, he listened to the heated exchange between the young woman and Fiona's dinner. It was his real reason for sitting back down for another drink. One should take time to enjoy one's accomplishments.

"Daddy will not be pleased with the young man."

Oooh, he pretended to wince as he watched the girl throw a large diamond ring at the man's chest before storming out of the club leaving behind a confused but guilty looking soon to be ex husband.

"That was such a well made match too. Such a shame. Young love never goes as planned. That handsome stud you drank from is the heir to the local television's largest network and the young lady who stormed out was the daughter of Nachton's own newspaper mogul. So when they seemed somewhat interested in each other at a party, their fathers' each saw a multi media merger inherited by their future grandchildren. It was fine planning and expertly executed but we can't have such potentially dangerous businesses all in the same hands, now can we?"

Because there was no way to be certain which clan would have the largest foothold in it. It was far better to keep the two media companies separate so the neither clan could use the press to subtly harm the business ventures of the other. They had just done both their clans a favor. This night just kept getting better and better.

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Fiona 18 years ago
Fiona leaned against Sorin as he slipped his arm around her, leaning slightly into him. She watched the young woman storm over to her prey and laughed low at the look on her amour’s face. “Merci. That was quite enjoyable. Though the scene she is about to make…” Shaking her head slightly in disapproval, her mouth stretched into a feral grin, eyes sparkling with amusement. “Such a lack of control on both their parts.”

As they returned to the booth, Fiona looked around the room, taking note of faces much as she had when she attended court. Alliances were often shown best in a social setting. In the political arena, men had tended to be more careful who they were seen with. Only at social gatherings could one see the real webs of power when it was expected that even enemies would mingle.

Fiona was more than pleased that it appeared Sorin did not approve of the young man’s taste either. She raised an eyebrow slightly as he gave the drink away, making special note of the man he gave it to. The local senator… she frowned to herself, realizing she had not yet taken the time to fully understand the American government and knowing she would need to do so very soon. It was tedious but worth it in the long run. Thankfully, the internet could give her a brief overview. The nuances would take time, though.

They could hear the “discussion” their respective meals were having and it distracted Fiona from her thoughts. Absently, she sipped the wine Sorin had ordered, closing her eyes briefly in appreciation of the vintage. Excellent. Her opinion of Sorin’s tastes were confirmed and she settled in to enjoy the show, not bothering to hide her amusement at the spectacle being presented.

“Non, Daddy will not. Poor man.”

She did cringe when the girl threw the ring. It was disgraceful to treat jewelry like that, though if it were of any quality she couldn’t have damaged it. But still… it was worth the look on the young man’s face as his date left the club dramatically. Sorin’s description of their family status confirmed her earlier thoughts, both of the children’s relative social status and the potentially far reaching effects of their hunt. But her mind did not dwell there for long, instead returning to the Senator’s reaction to Sorin. That was far more interesting, and she let the implications of that swirl around her mind, combining it with the bits and pieces he had already given her. The stakes of the game shifted again as she realized that whoever Sorin may be within Anantya, he held a higher position than she had thought. The Senator’s deference was proof enough of that. Not even humans groveled without good reason, subtle as that groveling might have been.

“Non, such a merger could prove dangerous later. This bit of scandal will do much to keep both families in check for awhile.” She looked sideways at Sorin, a shrewd smile crossing her face. “Let me guess, the humans run the city, controlling the population with their laws and such. The Clan’s influence would be more subtle and long-term, guiding those humans in charge? And in this particular case, Anantya backs the newspaper, being the more… traditional venture?”

It was a logical deduction given what he had told her at the Piazza, though it pained her to have to ask so baldly. This was not a court in the Old World and the rules were different. Not knowing the rules could be tantamount to suicide, both then and now. There she had played the Game as a member of the nobility and had influence as such. It had been rare for her to deal with other vampires, and so she was unsure how the Clan’s fit into the various spheres of power in this time and place. The thought of the Game that could be played… a wave of anticipation and excitement rolled over her and she hid it behind a sip of the excellent wine.

(Tsk tsk ~ now what would anyone have to fear from these two? )
Sorin 18 years ago
Sorin turned away when the spectacle ended and looked back at Fiona. Taking a sip of his wine, he listened to her postulate on the order of things here in Nachton. She was not too far off and that suggested a great head for the political game. He was pleased to see it. Correcting slightly, he said.

"Well the humans run things as far as we let them. They are a useful front and we reward those who are willing to see things our way with backing. The newspaper actually is controlled by Evenhet. "

Sorin frowned a bit at that but explained it none the less.

"It has been held by them for quite some time. Back when the paper was first formed controlling the media was not as dire an interest for us so Evenhet snatched them up first. Megan is a very astute business woman for all her love of humans. As for the television network... that is ours."

At this he smiled; he had snatched the influence of the network out of Evenhet's grasp by first carefully wooing the owner's wife. It was so convenient of him to go on so many business trips early in his career. The wife wanted to keep Sorin close and therefore advised her husband to take his offer of aid. Soon they were partners of a sort and then he was a puppet of Anantya, untouchable by Evenhet.

"I have always enjoyed television or at least movies. It brings drama back into the spotlight again. Though I believe nothing can replace the stage. You are gifted at this game."

Sorin regarded his glass for a minute and then turned to his companion with a smile.

"Perhaps you would enjoy a chance to see the playing field up close and meet the important pawns? "
Fiona 18 years ago
Very interesting, she thought while Sorin gave a brief explanation of how things were done. It occurred to her that there was more than likely a lot he wasn’t telling her, but that was simply the way the game was played. It would have ruined everything if he gave over everything he knew up front. Knowledge was the coin used to control whatever aspect you were currently dealing with. Without the proper intelligence, you lost. But with it… well, there was little you couldn’t do if the coin was properly spent.

So the clans controlled the humans in power, directly. Which meant that there were probably a number that were familiars. She could see the logic behind that, from a number of different perspectives. A familiar was protected by their master and she would assume by the clan. Election time would be rather interesting here, with the clans doing as much jockeying as the human players. She wondered just how many members of the local government were directly controlled as familiars and how many were simply tied through influence or other less subtle means.

She shrugged modestly when he told her she was gifted at this game, smiling slightly.

“Merci. One cannot survive the courts of the Old World without learning to play.” She chuckled, thinking over a few of the games she had played over the centuries. “And the better one plays…” Her smile spread, revealing neat white teeth.

She was about to tell him that she would love to see his playing field, when she realized that there was little point unless she was planning to stay in Nachton. Leaning back, she took a sip of her wine, trying to make sense of her suddenly incoherent thoughts. Somewhere in the course of the evening she seemed to have made a decision and had not been aware of it until this moment. She regarded Sorin over her glass, her expression turned suddenly serious. If she played, it would mean a commitment, though to what, exactly, she was unsure. Or perhaps to –whom- would be the better question. Time she had plenty of, thanks to Philipe. And it had been a long time since she’d found a game with high enough stakes to truly be worth playing. She doubted Sorin realized what his offer really entailed. Or maybe he did?

It was the possibilities that snared her. Her fingers itched as she felt a different hunger rise up in her. Yes, she very much wanted to see this playing field. Her smile returned, though it had shifted with her conscious decision to stay in Nachton. The look she wore now held a touch of the predator in it.

She was opening her mouth to speak when her cell phone rang. Vaguely irritated, she pulled it out of her bag and looked at the Caller ID. Her smile returned when she saw the familiar number.
“Pardon, Sorin. This should only take a moment.”

It was always fun to tweak Maeve a bit and she had a few things to use tonight.

“Bonjour, mon cher!”

“Bonjour to you. I hadn't heard from you for a while and thought I'd call and catch up. How's New York treating you?”

Maeve couldn’t have given her a better opening than that and she fought not to laugh. “It's cold, wet and pretentious...So I thought I'd go on a little vacation.”

“Sounds about right to me. So where did you decide to take this vacation? Some tropical island I'd wager.”

Why hadn’t she gone to a tropical island? It would have made more sense this time of year. Ah well. Maybe the Mediterranean next time…

“You'd lose that wager, mon cher! Non, I decided that it was time I came to Nachton.”

Fiona almost did laugh at the silence that ensued from that little bomb. Maeve had been nagging her for years to come to Nachton. But Fiona did what she wanted when she wanted ~ and until recently, hadn’t wanted. Pity she hadn’t listened.

“Nachton? Are you serious? How's it going so far? When did you get there? Sorry for the barrage of questions. I'm more than just a little surprised."

“So was I, but it was time. I just arrived this evening and have been fortunate enough to make a friend already.”

Maeve’s chuckle was expected at that point. One thing they did not agree on was Fiona’s… interest in the opposite sex. One would think that after 200 years, Maeve would have reconciled herself to the idea that Fiona had spent a major portion of her life as a Courtesan and a Madame. Thus, she consorted with men. Of course, Maeve also did not grasp that sex wasn’t always the point. As a Madame, information and influence had been. It was amazing what members of the nobility and high-ranking officers spoke about when they had been properly relaxed first. She firmly steered her mind away from the mental image she suddenly got of Sorin in a similar pose of relaxation…

“Is this where I pretend to be surprised? And just what is this handsome fellow's name?”

Fiona did laugh at that. “I can't imagine what you mean. His name is Sorin of Anantya and has been a very gracious host.” It was safe enough telling Maeve who she was with ~ she wouldn’t know him, which was a down side, but more than anything, she wanted to hear her reaction to the clan name.

“Anantya, huh?”

Fiona was vaguely irritated that it had never occurred to Maeve to mention there was another clan. Too bad it really didn’t do any good to get irritated with the Highlander. She just gave you one of those “deal with it” looks and kept going.

“Leave it to you to find a powerful male vampire as soon as you hit town.”

That caused Fiona to raise an eyebrow. Did Maeve know who Sorin was, after all? Or just assume as much since he was Anantyan?
“In that case, I had better not neglect him, hmmm? Shall I call you tomorrow?”

“Of course not dear. Though somehow I doubt that you would.” She chuckled slightly. “Sure give me a call tomorrow. You know I'll be dying to hear all about your first night in Nachton.”

“All right then, mon cher. Tomorrow, then. Bonne nuit!”

“I look forward to it. Stay safe, my friend. Good night.”

Fiona clicked the little phone shut, thoughtful. Tomorrow’s conversation would be very interesting. Maeve knew more than she had told Fiona, she was sure of that. Returning her full attention to Sorin, she shook her head, smiling.

“An old friend and clanmate. I haven’t heard from her in awhile, though I suspect that as long as I am in Nachton, I will be hearing quite a bit.” Especially once Maeve started figuring out that Fiona was staying and would possibly be dabbling in the local politics. Returning her thoughts to the conversation before the call, she smiled wider.

“I do apologize for the interruption, Sorin. If you’re still willing, I’d like very much to see your playing field up close.”

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Sorin 18 years ago
Sorin sipped his drink and watched the crowd while Fiona was on the phone. This banquet would be interesting and though the Wolf had likely taken care of his two little blonde problems for once he hoped that damned Norwegian was actually there. It would give him great pleasure to know that eventually it would get around to Alfarinn that Sorin's date was one of Evenhet's own. The man would have to wonder why; it was well known how Sorin felt about the younger clan. Was she trading secrets, was he plotting something? Most certainly, but it would be impossible for them to guess exactly what. The idea of giving his rival sleepless nights gave him great joy. Things just kept looking better and better for him, 2006 looked to be a good year.

It seemed more realistic to believe that there was no more rival. He had not heard anything at all and that did cause him some doubt. Certainly the Wolf would have contacted him to tell him that he had completed the job. It was possible that the Wolf was severely injured but even so that would have healed quickly. It was also possible that the Wolf was killed in the fight though he doubted that both blondes managed to survive it. Perhaps one managed to kill the Wolf and was holed up somewhere in a state of shock and grief. The question would then be who was left? Sorin felt that was most likely Alfarinn, the Evenhet was older and the more capable fighter, besides Thaddeus would likely have come home to Anantya to hide in his rooms in the event of his lover's demise.

So, though Alfarinn might be alive and still might not show for the event but word would get back to Evenhet about his choice of date and if Alfarinn wasn't there to worry about it then there was still the Dane and her clanless security guard.

The half of the conversation that he heard while pondering the upcoming event was not sufficient to tell him anything interesting. Fiona finished and told him that it was a clan mate that worried about her. Lovely, hopefully the mother hen would leave them in peace for tonight and for the event as well. Showing with Fiona would be wonderful and she was great company but having to socialize with touchie feelie family was not what he had in mind.

He smiled and inclined his head.

"Wonderful. I will pick you up at the hotel at 5pm then on the 17th? Does the lady know what colour she is likely to be wearing?"Â?
Fiona 18 years ago
Fiona froze for a moment, feeling as if she’d missed part of the conversation. Running through the last few minutes again in her mind, she honestly had no idea what Sorin was referring to. He hadn’t tried to speak to her while she was on the phone, she’d have noticed that surely. While she was pleased he wanted to see her again, she was fairly certain what he’d asked was not what she had agreed to. Or was it? Well, she supposed from his point of view it might be. This bit of miscommunication was a perfect example why she’d never had any desire to marry, even when such a thing was a possibility. How in the world could she tell him what color she’d be wearing when he hadn’t bothered to tell her where he was taking her or what they’d be doing? She had to admire his confidence and suddenly found some humour in the situation. It was becoming rather apparent he was accustomed to getting his way…

“That sounds perfect, though I suppose the color I’m wearing will depend entirely on where we might be going?”

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Sorin 18 years ago
Sorin laughed quietly but replied quickly enough.

“The Mayor's charity dinner, of course. I believe you will find plenty of interesting players to keep you occupied for a while at least.”

It had been all the talk of the local media but then she had just arrived. Perhaps she had not yet checked what local events were going on in the city. He wondered if she would have somehow managed to find a way to be there if he had not asked her to go. It might have been difficult to achieve on such short notice but he would expect that she would have managed to make her presence known by the time of the next important occasion and then every one there after.

“ I would tell you that it is a trifle tedious but truly you never know how they will be until you arrive. Sometimes these little affairs hold amazing potential. It is a game after all and sometimes the other gamers turn out to be spectacular players as well.”

It was something she obviously knew very well already and it would be interesting to watch her play in that formal setting that came so naturally to them and in which they would far out shine the crowd.

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Fiona 18 years ago
Oh, of course, she thought. Sighing to herself, she realized she had been even luckier than she had thought, to have met up with Sorin. Fiona’s mind positively whirled at the thought of attending an event like that. He was quite right that it could be tedious, but she’d need those contacts for the future. And she was certain that Sorin would be filled with little tidbits about each of the players. The Fates were most definitely smiling on her tonight, to provide such an opportunity and with such a gentleman. While she held no standings here as yet, she had no doubt he had already figured out how to use her to some advantage, even if it was simply for her own charms. It wouldn’t be the first time she had been used in such a manner to attract the attention of other powerful men present and it was an aspect of the game she actually rather enjoyed.

She took a sip of wine while mentally reviewing what was currently in her wardrobe. Since she had been unsure how long she would be staying, the choices were more limited than she’d prefer, but surely there was something… had she brought the new gown she’d bought a few weeks ago? She was fairly certain she had, but if not, she always carried at least one appropriate gown for an evening out. And she did know that her jewel case was here. She never went traveling without that.

“In that case, I’d have to say I’d be wearing black. I can’t imagine a better way to see who’s who. Merci, Sorin.”

It occurred to her that the Clan Leaders would probably be there, but that suited her fine. It would be much better to meet them on neutral ground. The thought of conducting an initial interview in the middle of their own territory was unsettling to say the least. This was a much better alternative.
Sorin 18 years ago
Sorin smiled at her choice of colours. He need not worry about the style; everything about Fiona suggested she knew what to wear to such an event and how to wear it. Quite well as a matter of fact. It would make things easier on him for certain and they would look stunning.

"Excellent choice. I am sure we will look fabulous. Well really, there is no doubt, is there?"

Their meal and entertainment was over here in Club Eternity so it had lost its appeal. Time to go elsewhere to continue the evening. He slid out of the booth, turning back and pulling out his wallet. Leaving plenty of money on the table, he held out his arm to her.

"Shall we go see what else the night has in store for us? I am feeling rather inspired by the night."Â?

Sorin turned towards her and gave her a genuinely warm smile, all flirting and charm aside. Leaning down to her, he quietly said something that rarely came sincerely from his lips.

"Thank you."Â?

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Fiona 18 years ago
Fiona returned his smile, having no doubt he would look fabulous. There were few things more appealing then an attractive man in a tux.

"Of course there isn't."Â? Her smile turned mischievous. "But to be safe I shall try extra hard not to disappoint you."Â?

Setting her glass down, she accepted his help to slide out of the booth, gracefully standing beside him. "I would like nothing better at the moment."Â?

Her eyes widened slightly at the change in his expression as he looked down at her. There was nothing of the Sorin she had spent the last few hours with, the man full of confidence, charm and power. This Sorin was not the player, but what she suspected was behind the mask he chose to wear. She felt strangely honored by that glimpse, hoping that she earned the right to know this man as well one day. Unsettled slightly by that thought, she dropped her own mask for the moment. She reached up to brush a lock of his hair back, smiling gently. When she responded, her voice was low, almost intimate.

"You are most welcome, mon cher."Â?

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