Immersion (Open)

Alec was going crosseyed. The new retinal scanners were excellent...he'd have to give props to Carol and her techies for their work. On the other side of the coin, he was getting somewhat frustrated. The optical read series was almost too fast to posture against. He could do it, but not reliably. He already had two solutions, and one in the works that would very reliably overcome the systems, but the solutions both required grievous bodily harm to a gatekeeper, and the other still required access to both a keeper and imperfect technology. Flopping back out of his backless posture chair onto the floor of his workspace, he said some untoward things about God and rolled back into a standing position over his own shoulder.

Sighing, he surveyed his workspace. All of the world's best mechanical locks were in various states of disarray, having been opened, compromised, overcome or destroyed within acceptable operating parameters. DNA scanners...the same. But this new damn retinal was just too fast. Of course, there were mechanical weaknesses, but the scanner itself had a failsafe that made it difficult to overcome and time consuming, which was an irritation. Time would flow, the operative could be put in jeopardy. There had to be a faster way.

Running oily hands through his hair, Alec stripped as he walked to the bathroom. After a quick shower, he dressed in his standard bad-mood fare. Charcoal turtleneck, black slacks tucked in to his black plated tanker boots. Frowning, unsure what to do, he decided he may as well get out of the Domicile. It obviously wasn't helping him overcome the problem. Slipping on his photosensitive goggles, black leather trenchcoat, dropping a couple of chains into his pocket along with some of his...distractions...Alec scooped up his phone right after slipping on his weighted gloves. Walking out of his workspace, he left a message fro Ginnie letting her know he'd be "praying for guidance at the Abby."

Walking past the bouncers, Alec walked directly into the building and to the far side of the dance floor. The music was loud and penetrating, the crowd enraptured and writhing to the law of the sound. Though inspiration could come from unlikely places, he figured tonight would just be an unplugging session. Work was taking over his brain, and that was no way to live.

Letting the beat seep up through the architecture and into his body, Alec let the vibratory state of the building slowly in to his system. His irritation slowly unwound and was replaced with the tapestry of sound and blood that was the Abattoir.

Mathias 17 years ago
While Alec's speed surprised Mathias, it took the one sneaking up completely off guard. His target thus exposed, Mathias flung the bottle of vodka at him,wide end first. Silently mourning the waste,Mathias paid attention long enough to see the impact.

This melee was rapidly spiraling into a general brawl. While not an unusual occurrence at The Abattoir, Mathias generally was neither an instigator nor participant. However,ever since the events at the Hillman compound he had found himself if not growing more violent,becoming more comfortable sharing it.

His moment of reflection was rewarded with a *CRUNCH* and a gasp as the air was forced from his lungs. Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, one of the youths had attempting to smack Mathias with a chair. While not invulnerable,one of the tricks Mathias had learned was an increased resistance to damage. Beyond a loss of breath,there would be no ill effects beyond a bruise or two. Unfortunately the same could not be said for his opponent. A series of jabs left him dazed, followed by a judo flip whose result was a position on the floor and a feral grinning Mathias above him.

He wrenched the arm,rewarded with a crunch as the shoulder dislocated

"I wanted"
He kicked the ribs,moving the punk with each kick

"was a damned drink!!"
Still holding onto the arm,Mathias grasped the now unconscious vampire by his belt. Hoisting him up, Mathias shoved him into two vampires whose third member had been taken out by one of the Domiciles mechanics.

A quick glance showed Alec to be holding his own, several opponents in various states of beat up. Moving, Mathias stood back-to-back with the smaller man.
Looking around at the general state of chaos surrounding them, Mathias let out a chuckle.

"I think you are a bad influence on me."
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Laughing, Alec replied

I'M the bad influence? I notice that you're doing fine over there...something tells me you've been in hundreds, perhaps thousands more of these than I have. You'll have to show me that toss trick, though, that was pretty smooth.

All of their initial opponents engaged or out, Alec smirked. The chaos had spread, and would rapidly be beyond sides and into a "last man standing" type of arena. That didn't appeal too much to him.

Well, our work here is done! Booze, mayhem, conversation and punishment to those who waste alkyholl. I'm ready to head back and pick the glass out of my back, I think. Next time I'll wear a coat. Let's pummel our way to the exit.

As someone he didn't recognize backed into him, Alec punched him in the temple. "Shit, that hurts. Goddamn ribs." Yup. This was getting much more random.

((Alec fighting toward exit since climbing with bad ribs is no kind of fun))
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Grabbing a nearby chair, Alec started swinging wildly, creating the room necessary for the pair to move out. Sidling, swinging and occasionally kicking, he cleared a path to the main artery of people fleeing the floor, trying not to hit anyone he knew. At the edge of the crowd surge, he dropped the chair and looked back into the crowd to make sure Mathias had worked his way out. Feeling hands on him from behind, he was swept up int the swell of bodies pushing for the exit, being pulled along, elbows and hands smacking painfully into his injuries. He thought he saw Mathias where he had been standing, but he couldn't reach to pull him along, and his goggles were a bit smeared with blood. Shouting over the crowd,

Shit! Mathias! Ow! I'll catch you at the ball, if not sooner! Sorry! Ow, getoff!

((ooc: Alec out with the press of bodies))
Mathias 17 years ago
Mathias wanted to laugh,but that hurt from various bruises and cracked ribs so he held up his hands in mock protest.

"I just wanted a drink, you had to go and throw furniture!"

Honestly though,this was precisely what he needed to get his mind off of Shay and what she was going through. A little stress relieving mindless it gave me a chance to hang out with Alec. Mathias liked the smaller,younger vampire and hoped they would continue the friendship. He had a more immediate perspective that Mathias sorely needed.

Thinking of Shay reminded him that she would be returning from New York rather quickly. Nodding at Alec, he made his way out another exit,weaving as best possible. Damn,that hurt he winced as someone kicked him in the knee.

"Yes, we will see you and Ginnie at the Ball!"

((OOC _ Mathias out ))